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Your horse’s hamstrings

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Regardless of what individuals imagine, there isn’t a such factor as a hamstring muscle. Hamstrings are the title for a gaggle of muscle tissue within the croup referred to as Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus, and Bicep Femoris. They’re the group that extends the hip, or for higher description, they assist the hind legs to increase backwards. They don’t seem to be as huge as the other muscle group, the hip flexors or the quadriceps, one other group, however that alone makes them vulnerable to harm.

An necessary issue concerning hamstrings is that they contain the motion of three joints. This contains the hip, shank and stifle. Like a pendulum, the leg swings forwards and backwards utilizing the hamstrings and quadriceps muscle tissue in opposing actions. With the drive of the run, these two opposing muscle teams contract and launch in reverse timing, transferring the leg ahead and backward with precision pace. Within the case of hamstrings, if one of many joints concerned is injured, the opposite joints are affected and the injured joint can’t be remoted for relaxation and rehabilitation. Wholesome joints additionally must relaxation. Moreover, if one of many joints is overused attributable to repetitive movement, the others are additionally concerned.


The tensile power of the hamstrings is normally tighter than different muscle tissue within the physique, as they’re concerned in all highly effective actions in sports activities. When a horse is at relaxation, it ought to be contracted to permit the leg joints to lock into place. In consequence, the hamstrings are sometimes overdeveloped and the corresponding joints turn out to be harassed, arthritic, and the encircling fascia adheres. It’s not unusual for a horse to retire prematurely attributable to stiffness points and hind finish accidents.


For my part, each younger horse who’s an athletic perspective ought to begin on a balanced hamstring program early of their coaching. If a yearling learns to endure mild stretching early on, he will be led into an optimum health program as an grownup athlete. Optimum health contains not solely power, however flexibility performs an necessary position in an athlete’s food plan. A well-designed warm-up, cool-down and suppleness program will stability power coaching by probably stopping harm all through the exercise. It will probably considerably lengthen the profession of any athlete. As everyone knows, that is how the perfect human athletes practice.

By together with a stretch and suppleness section within the horse’s health program, you possibly can enhance the mobility of all three hindquarters joints; Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus and Bicep Femoris. Stretching these muscle tissue could also be contraindicated as soon as the joints are severely arthritic, however this recommendation ought to come from the animal’s veterinarian. A protracted warm-up is really useful at first of any train, even earlier than stretching. In contrast to the cowboys within the films, when you hop in your horse and take off whereas its hamstrings are chilly, the protecting nerve receptors within the muscle tissue might break down and refuse to work in any respect. That is the place a sudden harm can happen. I’ve listed some fundamental strategies for holding your horse’s hamstrings wholesome and versatile for a protracted athletic profession.

1. Start any train with a protracted, gradual stroll. This could final no less than 10 to fifteen minutes. As soon as the muscle tissue are heat, take a trot or canter for just a few extra minutes to extend the guts charge. It will make sure that the muscle tissue are heat earlier than including a extra aggressive ahead motion.

2. Go forward and train, so long as you begin over with a very good warm-up each time you quiet down. A roped horse, for instance, would possibly get too chilly whereas ready for a flip, so it is necessary to maintain transferring.

3. Calm down the identical approach you warmed up with a protracted gradual stroll.


4. Touching, (rub the realm down) after coaching.

5. Stretch the hindquarters for no less than 30 seconds in every route earlier than restoration and earlier than bringing the horse to relaxation.

6. If there may be warmth within the joints, or if ache is obvious and the stretch is uncomfortable for the horse, ice the realm to take away warmth and forestall irritation which might result in stiffness.

In the event you want ice, I like to recommend frosting an infected space for 20 minutes, 3 occasions a day. In the event you fill small paper cups with water and freeze them, you possibly can peel off the paper by rubbing the realm in clockwise circles over the affected space. The cup normally melts inside 20 minutes. That is how I do know I am achieved. When the ice melts, use a clear, dry material to stop the realm from turning into a swamp and inflicting a chilly that may contradict your objective. Make sure that the realm is dry earlier than placing the horse to relaxation.

If the hamstrings are wholesome and no irritation is current, I’d stretch them at first of the exercise after the warm-up. This will add substantial flexibility to the muscle tissue permitting for higher vary of movement throughout coaching. Stride size is without doubt one of the most necessary parts of pace, so when you’re seeking to run quick with a very good time, like in barrel races, or deliver the legs very far beneath the physique for a pleasant bounce , thus enhancing the hamstrings will deliver the best effectivity. Lastly, water, water, water! It has been confirmed that many muscle accidents are attributable to dehydration. Muscle tissue can’t be versatile with out a whole lot of blood. Stopping accidents is the important thing to a protracted and wholesome profession in sport.



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