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Yoga – An elixir for the thoughts and physique

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The Kundalini Jagran methodology

Kundalini Jagran (launch of dormant vitality) is achieved by means of bodily and psychological train. Bodily kind is achieved by means of Yoga Asanas. It’s a sequence of postures for exercising and stretching the physique. Psychological stability is achieved by means of Pranayama (respiration train) and Dhyana (meditation). Kundalini Jagran is simply the method in the direction of the aim of self-enlightenment. The Bhagwad Gita, the traditional e-book of data and spirituality, defines yoga as a method of attaining union with oneself. When the state of union with the self is reached, the thoughts frees itself from all wishes and turns into absorbed in itself. It helps to know the true nature of life and the atmosphere round it.


Yoga – A lifestyle


Yoga is mostly linked to the Hindu faith and yogis however it’s not. In truth, it’s a lifestyle with the aim of a wholesome thoughts and physique. In response to yogic texts, man is a mixture of bodily self, psychological self and religious self and the observe of yoga is a method of growing all three elements. Different workouts are just for the physique and haven’t any reference to the religious side of life.

Yogic practices, then again, assist regulate bodily, psychological and religious well-being. Listed below are among the benefits of this historical method:

• Promotes stability and concord of thoughts, physique and spirit.

• Helps the physique to heal itself. There have been many cases the place a sick particular person recovers with out consuming any exterior medicine, simply following yoga-asanas and different practices.

• Detoxifies the physique by eliminating toxins and the thoughts by suppressing adverse ideas.

• Empowers the person and the vitality may be felt from inside.


• Lowering stress in life is among the many advantages of practising yoga.

• Self-awareness is reached, which might help to comprehend true potential.

3 myths associated to yoga

1. You should be capable of observe yogic poses – Individuals typically consider that they can not observe yoga-asana as a result of they’re very complicated. This fantasy arose from seeing superior yogis in excessive yogic positions. However unfit individuals can observe it and the asana may be modulated as wanted.

2. Weekly train is good – In truth, historical texts prescribe that yoga be practiced every day, even when it’s only 20 minutes.

3. Yoga is a faith – Yoga will not be a faith, however a philosophy that helps us to dwell a greater and accountable life.



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