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Why the lexical useful resource is so necessary within the IELTS check

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For these unfamiliar with the time period “lexical useful resource”, it’s merely a group of phrases and phrases with the information the place it suits correctly. In IELTS checks, 25% of a pupil’s grades come from their “lexical useful resource”. After all, the ‘LR’ is of immense significance to a pupil. The lexical useful resource is without doubt one of the 4 scoring standards for the 4 forms of IELTS checks.

Let me make a discursive dialogue on ‘LR’.


For the IELTS checks, you could have a variety of vocabulary. Since you aren’t speculated to repeat the identical phrases time and again on checks and lose factors this fashion, your vocabulary needs to be wealthy in synonymous phrases. There’s a hidden hazard in utilizing synonymous phrases, as a result of in some instances a “synonymous phrase” can have totally different meanings, so it’s good to select the right and applicable synonym for every phrase you utilize. The much less widespread phrases you utilize the higher to your rating, however writing much less widespread phrases doesn’t suggest you might be writing “lengthy and laborious to know phrases.”


A quite common mistake: College students or candidates are sometimes seen as making a standard mistake, repeating the identical phrase all through writing or talking (in talking check), as a substitute of utilizing applicable ‘synonyms’ ( this occurs as a consequence of a lack of expertise). Thus, candidates are suggested, in the event that they make the identical mistake of repeating a phrase time and again, to right it by checking the handwriting.

One other large mistake is: With a purpose to execute their vocabulary, they guess and write an inappropriate phrase and are penalized. When writing an essay, candidates typically contact on well-known subjects corresponding to well being, training, setting, globalization, and so on. Thus, a genuinely ready candidate, with a superb information of widespread subjects, ought to have a variety of vocabulary on these subjects.

Weak spelling: The weak spot of the spelling is as a result of lack of apply. Even a candidate with a robust vocabulary however poor spelling scores decrease. Whereas if one makes uncommon or occasional misspellings it may possibly nonetheless make it ‘Band 7’. However there are not any directions on how uncommon / occasional errors are allowed. So, to be on the protected facet, enhance your vocabulary with correct spelling and pronunciation.

Collocation: It is part of ‘LR’, it simply means, a grouping of phrases in sentences, it is a ‘crucial idea’ for any language learner. Provided that your “Phrase Mixture” is correct in a single sentence, then your vocabulary will probably be counted. We frequently see that by making an attempt to execute vocabulary, candidates make a multitude and lose factors. On the identical time, candidates must know the right preposition that follows a phrase, typically they’re seen as making errors in ‘Collocation’. A candidate with an enormous vocabulary however lack of ‘Collocation’, won’t win any reward for his overwhelming efforts to cram hundreds of phrases. Utilizing phrases within the flawed context is penalizing as a result of it modifications the that means of the entire context. So, once more a couple of examples: Should you write: I made / made a critical mistake. Sure, after all, this can be a large mistake. You need to have written: I made / dedicated a critical mistake.

Errors in the usage of prepositions: His portray consists of a lot of montages OR As a substitute in the event you write: His work consists of of a variety of assemblies. You used the phrases the proper method, adopted by the preposition “of”. However as a substitute, if a candidate writes: His work incorporates of a sure variety of montages … flawed, it needs to be: his work incorporates a sure variety of montages. (simply take away the preposition of and all is effectively). Thus, vocabulary enrichment shouldn’t be doable by stuffing dictionaries, you could reasonably know the right use of every phrase of your vocabulary. Likewise, in the event you write: A serious disadvantage of the system is … or A serious disadvantage of the system is … Both method, you might be proper. However, if somebody writes: A serious draw back / draw back at or in the system is … incorrect makes use of of a preposition, higher repeat a phrase a couple of times however do not make such errors.


Writing, making a mistake or making a mistake is ok, however by no means write, make a mistake or make a mistake … Each are flawed. Should you write … This man dedicated against the law … you additionally dedicated one, effectively not against the law however a mistake. You need to be proper: this man dedicated against the law (to be good). In such instances, “Commit” is the right phrase. for instance the boy jumped at the pond or in the purpose … each are flawed. The right approach to write this: The boy jumped into the pond.

One other level to elucidate the significance of the lexical useful resource: Already talked about, no must stuff the dictionaries to complement your ‘LR’. Naturally, the query involves thoughts, ‘Why?’. By including a brand new phrase to your LR, you could know its types, noun, adjective or adverbial type and so on. : Should you write: These two pens are totally different … It is okay, you wrote the adjective type. However, if somebody writes: These two pens are totally different … Unsuitable. If you wish to use the phrase “distinction” right here, you could write: These two pens have variations OR There are variations between the 2 pens. (Distinction is a noun and totally different is an adjective). So figuring out the totally different types of every phrase is of immense significance.

Nonetheless, the time period “lexical useful resource” as a substitute of “vocabulary” could not but be clear to some non-native audio system. Once you get to know the that means of a sure phrase, it’s in your “Vocabulary”, however not essentially in your LR. In response to the dictionary, the that means of the phrase “lexical useful resource” is “out there supply of wealth associated to phrases”. Thus, this clearly explains why “LR” isn’t just your vocabulary, it’s the in-depth information of the right and exact use of phrases based on the context. Once you write to your IELTS checks and are requested to write down on a given matter, you will see that that various phrases would require repetition. Your potential to keep away from “repeated phrases” by changing them with synonymous phrases is known as your “lexical useful resource”. Hold it engraved in your thoughts, your “robust lexical useful resource” will get you a better band rating as a result of it’s nonetheless chargeable for 25% of your rating.

Connotation: A wealthy ‘Lexical Useful resource’ is linked to a number of issues, other than collocation, there’s ‘Connotation’. That is a particularly necessary half associated to ‘LR’. What’s it truly? There are plenty of phrases, that are utilized in each a constructive and a unfavourable sense. Should you write: ‘She is skinny’. It means you admire the lady. However as a substitute, in the event you write, “She’s skinny.” Does that imply in any respect that “you take pleasure in?” No, you criticize the lady and point out that she is just too skinny and appears skinny. However the phrase slim and the phrase skinny are virtually the identical phrase based on the dictionary (virtually, not precisely). So you should utilize the phrase “have an effect on” in each senses, examples: his speech affected the boys in such a method that they grew to become motivated. (It’s written in a constructive sense). However, in the event you write ‘His speech affected the younger minds of the boys’. He, after all, wrote in a unfavourable sense.

Due to this fact, it’s good to have collocation experience which implies it’s good to write with clear understanding and never stay as readers maintain guessing. The significance of the “lexical useful resource” is due to this fact hopefully understood. I present beneath some widespread “collocations”. The verb ‘to have’ and associated nouns or expressions are like: they to have left for the USA. They to have their breakfast. It’s Make his homeworks. He will probably be maintain his promise. It is 4pm, which will not you go and play? Simply see, the makes use of of the phrases have, doing, maintain / preserving are utilized in such a method that you could name them household of phrases.



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