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What to pack in your purse

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A carry bag is a scorching matter in relation to lengthy distance cruising. All of us agree that it is one thing we should have however by no means wish to use. Not making ready it earlier than you go is a danger most of us do not wish to take. If for some motive you need to abandon ship, not having it prepared and available might be disastrous.

So how do you be sure you have every little thing you want in a small, hermetic container?


I’ve 3 small waterproof containers and some different objects to seize, however there are 4 of us who need to get into the life raft if something have been to occur to our yacht and having kids on board means I am not prepared to depart the boat. dock with no well-stocked set of purses.


You may say that your life raft comes with a packaged life raft package, however remember that a life raft is designed to final 3 days for the variety of individuals the life raft is designed for. So you probably have a 6 individual life raft, there are sufficient 6 individual rations for 3 days inside. By the way in which, are you actually certain what’s in that liferaft bag? Are you certain the water is just not wasted?

With that in thoughts, here is what I believe you must really pack in your private carry bag.


Seize bag 1:

This purse is for the tools. In mine I’ve:

1 x waterproof torch

1 x set of spare torch batteries

1 x diving knife

1 x Set of Hand Fishing Gear [including some thick hand line, a makeshift reel, a pair of good fishing gloves, 3 x lures, 8 x hooks, 4 x sinkers]

1 x Canister Smoke Rocket

4 x pink parachute rockets

4 x handheld smoke weapons

1 x buzzer

1 x police whistle

1 x mirror reflector

1 x transportable compass

1 x transportable GPS

1 x set of spare batteries for GPS

8 x emergency blankets [space blankets – I have 2 per person]

1 x sail tape in roll

1 x bicycle puncture restore package

1 plastic sheet of two mx 2 m [this can function as rain catchment, shade as well as a makeshift sail if necessary.]

1 x Small pocket book package containing: 2 x pencils, 1 x pencil sharpener, 1 x eraser, 1 pocket pocket book

1 x Small primary medical package containing: 10 x Dressings, 1 x 200 ml of disinfectant, 2 x dressings, 1 tube of antibacterial ointment, 1 x ache field, solar lotion, after-sun, anti-motion illness, Immodium[anti diarrhea], 10 x rehydration sachets

Purse n ° 2 & 3

This bag comprises our rations. This listing will rely in your meals preferences however here is the gist:

1 x can opener

1 x spoon or teaspoon for every individual on board

1 x sharp knife

1 x Massive Pack of Excessive Glucose Sweet

2 x Packets of gingerbread cookies [ they help for motion sickness too]

Canned meals

I selected them as follows:

Wealthy in protein:

10 x canned meat. [1 per 4 people per day for 10 days] salted meat or picnic ham works properly.

Baked beans would work too, however my choosy household would not contact them anyway!

5 x canned tuna [1 per 4 people per day for 5 days]

5 x canned hen [1 per 4 people per day for 5 days]

5 x canned Viennese [1 per 4 people per day for 5 days]


10 x bins of candy corn [1 per 4 people per day for 10 days]

5 x tins of peas [1 per 4 people per day for 5 days]

Greens are packaged in a liquid that may complement consuming water shortages


5 x bins of peaches [1 per 4 people for 5 days] The syrup during which they’re saved can be utilized as a glucose additive in water or by itself if water turns into an issue.

2 x cream bins [this is also glucose rich and can substitute liquids]

These bins match completely, with just a little packing ability, into waterproof 2 x 10 kg buckets.

Different issues able to go and stacked subsequent to the purses are 2 x 5L water bottles and a double motion hand pump.

Keep in mind that the 1 merchandise you wish to gather from contained in the boat if all goes unsuitable is your satellite tv for pc telephone you probably have one!

On our method out to sea, we connect all of these things together with our liferaft to our dinghy / dinghy which is well deployable from the davit system on the rear of the cockpit. This fashion we now have our canoe, full with 2 units of oars [unfortunately no motor], a spare little rope, and the above objects to hopefully hold us going till we’re rescued or discover a method to anchor.



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