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What sumo wrestlers can educate you about weight reduction

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There is just one sport the place athletes attempt to achieve weight and achieve as a lot physique fats as potential: sumo. Top is a definite benefit for sumo wrestlers, in order that they do no matter they will to realize weight.

We thought it could be fascinating to check out a number of the issues sumo wrestlers do to GET fats, so you’ll be able to see how doing the other will assist you to LOSE fats.


1. Skip breakfast. Depriving their our bodies of meals after eight hours of fasting whereas sleeping retains their metabolism at half pace, as if they’re nonetheless asleep, in order that they burn fewer energy in the course of the day.


What you’ll be able to study from it: In case you are attempting to drop some weight, eat breakfast as quickly as you get up. Consuming “wakes up” your metabolism and fuels your physique’s fats burning engine.

2. Train on an empty abdomen. With out meals for gas, a sumo wrestler’s metabolic charge stays LOW in order that they burn fewer energy whereas coaching. Doing any kind of train can rapidly deplete out there sugar (your physique’s power supply) in your bloodstream. When your blood sugar ranges drop, your physique thinks you’re ravenous and tries to preserve fats by shutting down your metabolism.

What you’ll be able to study from it: In the event you’re attempting to drop some weight, it is vital that you simply eat earlier than and after resistance coaching. All the time eat a meal or a great snack 30 to 60 minutes earlier than you train, after which once more inside an hour of coaching to keep away from a drop in blood sugar.

3. Eat only some meals a day. A well-known sumo wrestler is alleged to have eaten 10 bowls of stew, eight bowls of rice, 130 items of sushi, and 25 servings of BBQ beef … Since their our bodies can solely course of a restricted quantity of meals at a time, the rest is saved as FAT.


What You Can Get From It: If you put all your energy in just a few massive meals, you placed on weight. In the event you’re attempting to drop some weight, a a lot smarter strategy is to distribute your energy all through the day by consuming three or 4 meals and snacking in between. This prevents drops and spikes in blood sugar, retains your metabolism in excessive gear, and retains you from getting so hungry you will overeat.

4. Take a nap or sleep after consuming. Sumo wrestlers at all times lie down for an extended nap or an extended evening’s sleep after their “massive” meal of the day. It is because when a sumo wrestler’s physique is in sleep mode, all of their capabilities, together with their metabolism, decelerate. So all that meals that’s in her stomach is saved as fats.

What you’ll be able to study from it: In case you are attempting to drop some weight, wait no less than an hour after consuming earlier than going to mattress.

5. Drink extra alcohol. To achieve weight, some sumo wrestlers drink beer in instances, usually consuming 50 or extra bottles at a time. This causes their adrenal glands to launch a hormone referred to as cortisol into their bloodstream. Cortisol works to gradual metabolism and improve fats storage.

What you’ll be able to study from it: In case you are attempting to drop some weight, reasonable your alcohol consumption. If you begin to really feel a “buzz”, you have had sufficient.



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