Utica Personal Trainer Declares – RIP – 1 on 1 Personal Training is DEAD


The days of 1 on 1 personal training are long gone. In today's economy, it seems only the upper class can afford an $ 80- $ 100 dollar per session personal trainer. Why do people even need a 1 on 1 training session? Olympic and Professional Athletes are trained in groups. Chemotherapy is administered in small groups. So why do we feel that a 30 something hockey mom that is trying to drop 10 lbs. Needs 1 on 1 attention? Two new training programs have emerged to change the face of the personal training industry forever.

Two new types of training have come to the forefront of the fitness industry; Semi-Private Training and Boot Camps. According to the master of semi-private training Alwyn Cosgrove, if your training program is so dangerous that it requires supervision for every single movement, than your program stinks. All across the world semi-private personal training and boot camps are taking over.

Semi-Private Personal Training is done in small groups. Each client gets their own program, and the supervision is usually a 4: 1 client to trainer ratio. Semi-Private Training has been proven to be more fun, more effective, and less expensive than 1 on 1 training. Boot Camps are similar, but involve a higher client to trainer ratio. The Next Level Beach Body Boot Camp has a 20 clients to 1 trainer ratio. It is ladies only, and is based on fat loss. A significant difference between the two is that in boot camp each client does not get their own personalized workout. Boot Camps are popular due to the low cost, fun, and social support.

If you are interested in Semi-Private or Boot Camp Training make sure you research the instructor / trainer carefully. A reputable fitness professional should have a website, good credentials, a 4 year degree in a health related field, and a money back guarantee. If you want great results for a fraction of the cost I highly suggest everyone to join your local boot camp, or semi-private training group.

Source by Steven Krebs