Earlier than having bariatric surgical procedure for weight reduction, it is onerous to think about that we might ultimately develop into one of many “these individuals” who acquire weight after dropping it with surgical procedure. Sadly, sooner or later, most sufferers who’ve gastric surgical procedure as a final hope for weight reduction find yourself gaining weight. It could actually occur rapidly and with out fanfare. Listed here are three warning indicators to be careful for that may result in weight acquire:

  1. Snack on mushy carbohydrates. Over the previous 10 years, numerous bariatric sufferers have informed me: “It appeared innocent at first to eat just a few pretzels (crackers, chips, cookies, and many others.) however very quickly I ate all of them day and the load began to return again. It is a frequent mistake made by sufferers who’ve undergone weight reduction surgical procedure that in the end results in regaining weight beforehand misplaced with weight reduction surgical procedure. We flip to mushy carbohydrates as a result of most often they’re snug within the abdomen pouch, they style good, and they’re available. Sadly, mushy carbohydrates destroy the perform of the gastric pouch. Once we eat a meal of lean protein and plant carbohydrates, the meals stays in our abdomen pouch and we expertise a sense of fullness or tightness that indicators us to cease consuming. Smooth carbs, however, rapidly cross via the pocket and the sensation of fullness is just not achieved, so we will eat mushy carbs apparently all day. The primary rule of weight reduction surgical procedure is “Protein First” and rule quantity three is “No Snacking”. Remembering these guidelines will assist us chorus from snacking on processed, sugary carbohydrates, a behavior that may result in weight acquire for bariatric sufferers.
  2. Drink fluids with meals. Typically talking, bariatric sufferers ought to cease consuming fluids half-hour earlier than and half-hour after consuming. As well as, they’re informed to not drink drinks throughout meals. Fluid restrictions are supposed to maintain meals targeted on a excessive protein eating regimen of lean animal, dairy and plant protein. Meals wealthy in protein fills the gastric pouch and helps satiety greatest within the absence of fluid. Once we devour drinks with our lean protein meal, the meals is washed via the abdomen pouch earlier than it’s absolutely digested. Vitamins are misplaced as meals is taken away and starvation returns quicker. As we transfer on after weight reduction surgical procedure, we are likely to chill out fluid restrictions as it’s uncomfortable to eat meals with out liquid and dinner dialog is troublesome with dry mouth. . An occasional sip of water with meals could also be acceptable and is unlikely to trigger weight acquire. Nonetheless, returning to full alcohol consumption with meals virtually all the time results in a plateau in weight reduction or ultimately to weight acquire.
  3. Keep away from the ladder. Within the first weeks and months after weight reduction surgical procedure, sufferers weigh regularly as a result of it’s thrilling to measure our weight reduction on the dimensions. Actually, for some sufferers within the section of weight reduction, the connection with the dimensions turns into a digital obsession. Sadly, like lifelong dieters, weight reduction sufferers intuitively know when the pendulum has shifted from shedding weight to gaining weight. Avoiding the dimensions is an audible warning that weight acquire is imminent. It is comprehensible, we have labored onerous to shed weight and avoiding the dimensions permits us to disclaim or ignore what we already know: we’re gaining weight. Sufferers who set up a weekly weighing ritual on the identical day of every week on the identical time and in the identical place are typically extra answerable for weight acquire and extra more likely to right behaviors resulting in early weight acquire . Sufferers who discover that they’re avoiding the dimensions themselves are inspired to interact in a self-assessment to determine the reason for the load acquire and rapidly right behaviors.

Earlier than weight reduction surgical procedure, we’re informed that gastric bypass surgical procedure, adjustable gastric band (band) or gastric sleeve procedures are only a device for weight reduction. We’re instructed to undertake a life-style that features modifications in eating regimen and bodily exercise. This new lifestyle have to be adopted for the remainder of our life to be able to preserve weight reduction and enhance well being. As a lot as surgical procedure is a device, we’re additionally topic to the ups and downs that we name life. Crimson flags are additionally instruments – warning instruments – which, when noticed, give us the chance to make a correction and transfer ahead in a positive path.


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