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Protocel is a non-toxic different most cancers remedy. It really works just a little in a different way from different different therapies in that it would not work by attempting to construct up the immune system in order that your pure immune system can struggle your most cancers. Protocel works straight on most cancers cells by depriving them of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which permits wholesome cells and most cancers cells to acquire their electrical vitality.

Most non-toxic different most cancers therapies require strict dietary adjustments to strengthen the immune system. A few of these dietary adjustments embody switching to an alkaline food regimen, going vegetarian, and limiting excessive glycemic index meals. Some of these diets will even work with Protocel, however that is not the primary concern. The primary dietary concern when utilizing Protocel is limiting the consumption of meals that really intervene with Protocel and may make it ineffective.


The three most important meals considerations are:


Vitamin C


Vitamin E

First, vitamin C, Protocel consultants say to devour not more than 100 mg. per day. Don’t devour citrus fruits or juices. You possibly can merely do an Web search to search out out the vitamin C content material of the vegetables and fruit that you just prefer to eat. It sounds fairly simple. Attempt to eat vegetables and fruit day-after-day. Yet one more factor, you’ll be able to eat cooked greens as a result of cooking your greens just about destroys vitamin C.

Issues are rather less clear in relation to vitamin E and selenium. Though vitamin E and selenium are recognized to intervene with Protocel, consultants are usually not positive precisely how a lot is protected to devour. I will listing the ten meals highest in vitamin E and selenium, after which I will make some suggestions based mostly alone experiences.

Prime 10 meals wealthy in selenium

1. Brazil nuts

2. Shellfish, oysters, mussels and whelks

3. Liver

4. Fish, together with canned tuna

5. Sunflower seeds

6. Bran, wheat, rice and oats, together with wheat germ

7. Caviar

8. Bacon and pork chops

9. Lobster and crab

10. Shrimps

I need to offer you some pointers on Selenium based mostly alone analysis and experiences. To begin with, Brazil nuts are simply off the charts in selenium content material, so I’d suggest staying away from consuming Brazil nuts altogether. Every little thing else on the listing might be consumed carefully. Let me outline what I imply by “carefully”. Not more than twice per week, and solely in modest quantities. For instance, canned tuna, not more than ½ cup. When consuming any sort of bran, not more than ½ cup. Any sort of fish, shrimp or pork chops, a fist-sized serving or a deck of playing cards is an effective rule of thumb, however once more, not more than twice per week.

Prime 10 meals wealthy in vitamin E

1. Wheat germ oil

2. Sunflower seeds

3. Almond butter

4. Almonds

5. Sunflower oil

6. Safflower oil

7. Hazelnuts


8. Peanut butter

9. Peanuts

10. Cooked Spinach

The rules for vitamin E are much like these for selenium. Wheat germ oil is just about off the shelf, so I’d keep away from that fully (and wheat germ on the whole for that matter.) Every little thing else might be eaten carefully. I feel the essential factor right here is to eat small parts. Many of the gadgets listed are nuts and seeds so I’d say not more than an oz or about 2 tablespoons after which not more than as soon as a day. Personally, I select the meals on the backside of the listing and I keep away from the meals on the high of this listing. For instance, for Protocel customers, peanut butter is best than almond butter as a result of it comprises much less vitamin E.

Now I need to let you know about my very own food regimen that I take advantage of whereas taking Protocel to deal with my breast most cancers. I am unsure I’ve figured it out but, and I am nonetheless studying, so I will provide the finest info I can.

To begin with, it’s essential to keep away from all refined sugar. You must also keep away from white flour, white rice, and pasta (you’ll be able to have entire grain pasta or brown rice.) It is because most cancers cells prefer to feed on sugar. Thankfully, changing sugar with a wholesome substitute like Stevia makes the sacrifice of sugar pretty straightforward to do.

For breakfast, I normally eat a buckwheat pancake with contemporary fruit on a sliced ​​banana or raspberries. That is as a result of that is precisely what I like to eat, however the potentialities are limitless. You possibly can have entire grain eggs and toast, oatmeal, entire grain bagels and cream cheese, buckwheat or entire grain pancakes, absolutely anything you want so long as you observe the rules I’ve listed.

For lunch, I virtually at all times eat hormone-free rooster or beef. Once more, there may be tons of flexibility with what you’ll be able to have with it. I will listing just a few of the alternatives that I like, however so long as you follow the rules, you’ll be able to just about get pleasure from your favourite meals. You could simply have to tweak them a bit to make them a bit more healthy, comparable to changing sugar with Stevia and entire wheat flour with white flour. Right here is:

1. A sandwich made with Ezekiel 4: 9 bread or entire grain bread

2. A salad with iceberg lettuce, a handful of cashews or almonds, grapes, goat cheese and a sugar-free dressing.

3. Do-it-yourself vegetable or chili soup

4. Tacos, tostadas or burrito made out of tortillas Ezekiel 4: 9.

5. Hamburger with a complete grain bagel with out sugar.

6. Most cooked greens (I not often eat contemporary or cooked broccoli or cooked candy potatoes as they’re comparatively excessive in vitamin C, though generally in small quantities, that is okay. say 1/2 cup.)

For dinner, I stay primarily vegetarian, however not at all times. I am huge on completely different sorts of legumes. I make killer lentil soup, black beans and fava beans. I really prefer to eat wholesome meals, however in the event you’re not a well being fanatic like me that is okay, there actually is quite a lot of flexibility so you’ll be able to nonetheless get pleasure from most of your life. favourite meals. Simply observe the overall pointers that I’ve listed. Here’s a listing of among the issues I eat for supper:

1. Lentil soup, cut up pea soup or vegetable soup (my vegetable soup comprises meat.)

2. Pizza made with an Ezekiel 4: 9 tortilla, pizza sauce and mozzarella.

3. Entire grain spaghetti with mushrooms and greens sautéed within the sauce.

4. A tough-boiled egg, an apple, a plain yogurt blended with vanilla and stevia and a home made muffin (made with entire wheat flour and stevia).

5. Black beans and brown rice, with a fruit low in vitamin C (peach, pear or apple.)

6. Ezekiel 4: 9 toast with pure peanut butter with out sugar.

7. Millet, (a grain much like rice however more healthy.) And floor beans and marinated rooster.

I do not at all times have the self-discipline to eat the right Protocel food regimen. I drink 2 cups of espresso a day, 1 cup within the morning and 1 cup within the afternoon. Espresso doesn’t intervene with Protocel, however most most cancers diets strictly prohibit espresso. It is also tough to be good while you eat in a restaurant and generally I wrap 2 or 3 items of pizza. I’ve additionally been recognized to go head first within the basket of fries at Mexican eating places. I additionally sometimes share Weight-reduction plan Pepsi with my son. Sweets do not tempt me that a lot however generally I eat sugar-free Splenda ice cream, or perhaps a few bites of cake or cookie. Nevertheless, I actually attempt to preserve this type of blatant dishonest to a minimal and normally solely cheat a couple of times per week.

One factor I am fairly disciplined about is ensuring I take my Protocel on an empty abdomen. I at all times take Protocel a minimum of ½ hour or ideally 45 minutes earlier than and after a meal. I additionally drink tons of pure water.

So you’ll be able to see that there’s a lot of flexibility in your food regimen when you are taking Protocel, and that there’s loads of room to get pleasure from your favourite meals with just some changes like switching to Stevia as a substitute of sugar and entire wheat flour as a substitute of white flour. I’ve discovered that these little adjustments in my food regimen are fairly painless and I do not really feel disadvantaged of consuming my favourite meals. That is only a basic guideline and I do not declare to know all of the solutions, however needed to share the data I discovered to try to provide the finest probability at success whereas utilizing Protocel.



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