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The metaphysical surgeon

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Degeneration and leakage methods.

Our our bodies “burn out” and start to malfunction as a result of they “lose very important vitality” in bodily methods. This lack of “vitality” is principally as a result of a number of simultaneous occasions:


1. Inherited genetic programming slows down methods.

2. Way of life Stresses overwork and exhaustion of methods.

3. Trendy environmental pollution, chemical compounds, poisons and toxins.

4. Leaked vitality methods as a result of getting old, harm and poor therapeutic


The Trendy Surgeon.

The Trendy Surgeon is educated with medical data and the scalpel to enter, take away and restore elements of the physique that aren’t functioning correctly. Chopping with a scalpel impacts; tissues, vessels and vitality strains in a adverse method. Whereas surgical procedure is profitable and the physique recovers, such cuts nonetheless depart impaired perform. This turns into evident when making use of metaphysical surgical procedure to the shopper after fashionable surgical procedure. As well as, fashionable surgical procedure is commonly unpredictable and harmful. The our bodies’ “protection mechanisms” are briefly “disabled” and left weak. There are different more practical and “non-invasive” methods to revive well being.

The Metaphysical Surgeon doesn’t compromise the protection of the individual or contradict the conventional functioning of the physique. Quite, influences the physique via clever “pure affect” to result in change by stimulating, redirecting and rebalancing “life vitality”. The metaphysical surgeon restores the well being of the physique by “activating” and stimulating the physique’s personal pure methods.

Wheels that flip.

The Metaphysical Surgeon is like an “vitality plumber”; stimulate, manipulate and redirect vitality within the physique. The aim is to revive correct functioning and stability. Plus, it prevents an entire host of well being issues that construct up as we grow old. By stimulating the “chakras” in a wholesome and balanced method, a lot of the “getting old course of” is “pushed again” and prevented, maybe indefinitely. Picture being 100 with all of your amenities in excellent working order. It’s now a really actual working actuality !.


Vitality channels.

The Metaphysical Surgeon may be very conversant in the “rotating vitality facilities” referred to as Chakras. These “facilities of rotation” are important for drawing into the “bodily methods” the very important vitality of the fourth dimension which “pumps” and sustains all “decrease methods”. This “transformed” vitality flows straight into the Nadis. Nadis will not be nerves however tiny channels of; “Rotating power”, “consciousness” or “delicate consciousness”. The Nadis channel the vitality of prana (chi, qi or Ki) straight into nerve endings, etheric layers and bodily constructions. From the Nadis, vitality travels alongside the nerves to the endocrine system. This can be a important connection. Any blockage of the endocrine system leads to diminished hormone manufacturing. Adjustments in these consecutive physique methods all profit straight from the preliminary chakra stimulation.

Restore, Methods.

The metaphysical surgeons’ strategy to a protracted, wholesome life is then to offer most stimulation to the vitality methods via the chakras and in addition to plug the “leaks” of the system via remedy, schooling and manipulation. The chakras have to be stimulated with; consideration, consideration and competence. It’s a “double edged” sword. The physique could be made stronger with the best stimulation or weakened by the incorrect utility of this data. Coaching, follow and pure perception are the mandatory mixture to provide the metaphysical surgeon the power to revive the well being and vitality of shoppers in want of care.



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