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The risks of refined sugar and its influence on health

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Sugar: is it meals or poison?

Refined sugar is ubiquitous in our tradition. By merely visiting an area grocery store, we’re satisfied that the most typical ingredient in our meals at present is refined sugar. Omitting the plain sources like sweets and sodas (which usually occupy 2-3 islands), sugar is hidden in nearly all processed meals within the type of evaporated cane juice, excessive fructose corn syrup, and molasses. However how unhealthy is sugar? Is it solely its excessive caloric content material that induces weight problems and all its related illnesses? Or is the sugar rather more dangerous than the energy it provides?


As a private coach, I typically advise my purchasers to keep away from refined sugar. Lots of those that are energetic nonetheless imagine that so long as they’re energetic, sugar has no influence on their well being. From the analysis I’ve carried out, this can be a misrepresentation. In reality, refined sugar can critically weaken your health efforts.


First, sugar just isn’t actual meals! Refined sugar is stripped of all its dietary worth. Subsequently, refined sugar can’t be used effectively by the physique, and if it isn’t used for instant vitality, it is going to be saved within the liver. The liver’s sugar capability is restricted. Every day consumption of refined sugar may cause the liver to launch sugar into the bloodstream within the type of fatty acids. This typically leads to unhealthy weight acquire which may result in weight problems and presumably different issues like coronary heart illness.

Refined sugar doesn’t comprise nutritional vitamins or minerals. Nonetheless, the actual risks of refined sugar are its metabolites; purvic acid and irregular sugar containing 5 atoms. In keeping with Dr. William Coda Martin, a poison is any substance that may induce illness. Based mostly on this normal definition, refined sugar might be simply labeled as a poison. These metabolites are toxins for the physique primarily as a result of they intervene with cell respiration. If the cells don’t obtain their oxygen, they are going to ultimately die. It could possibly take time for these cells to die. Subsequently, each day consumption of sugar can result in degenerative illness like most cancers, diabetes, osteoarthritis and plenty of others.

Results of Sugar on Well being and Health. Sugar has been linked to poor well being and weight problems for a number of many years. The next checklist explains how sugar can influence your well being and intervene together with your health targets.

o Refined sugar wastes your physique’s retailer of nutritional vitamins and minerals. Depletion of those vitamins impedes the method of tissue rebuilding, which impairs the response to train.

o Refined sugar will increase the acidity of the physique. To neutralize this acidic state, the physique attracts calcium from bones and enamel, making them weaker and extra vulnerable to degeneration.

o Extra sugar is saved within the liver. When liver capability is impaired, extra sugar is launched into the bloodstream as fatty acid. The sugar, it’s then saved as fats on very important organs (presumably inflicting them to malfunction) and within the least metabolically energetic space (i.e. the stomach).

o Refined sugar invades the lymphatic system (illness preventing system). This results in a rise within the manufacturing of white blood cells and consequently, the reconstruction of the tissues slows down. The response to strengthening coaching decreases as a result of the physique can’t rebuild itself as effectively.

o Since sugar has an impact on the lymphatic system, the immune system is much less resistant. We’re subsequently extra delicate to assaults on the physique (that’s to say to the widespread chilly).

It’s clear that sugar is extra dangerous to well being than the mere energy it may possibly add to the weight loss plan. Watch out when selecting meals that will comprise refined sugar and take a look at changing them with pure sweets like fruit, maple syrup, stevia, or uncooked unfiltered honey.

Cease Sugar Crash and get your vitality again


What Occurs What vitality fluctuates all through the day? Does refined sugar have something to do with this?

There’s a good likelihood that those that devour refined sugar typically expertise a sugar crash. Individuals devour about 175 kilos of refined sugar per yr. Sugar is ubiquitous in our weight loss plan for 2 causes. It is low cost to provide. Nearly all the extremely processed meals within the grocery store comprise corn syrup or different sugars. Corn grows simply within the Midwest and is comparatively low cost to reap. Second, processed sugary meals like protein bars are simply saved and change REAL meals for many individuals.

Lastly, many individuals devour sugar as a result of it provides them just a little increase of vitality. Sugar just isn’t digested within the abdomen however enters the decrease gut and from there into the bloodstream shortly. This results in speedy insulin secretion which causes the sugar to be absorbed by the tissue at an accelerated fee. That is why we really feel awake after consuming sugar. Ultimately, nonetheless, blood sugar ranges drop and most really feel drained, irritated, and torpid.

The physique learns shortly. So the extra sugar we devour, the extra we crave it. The metabolism turns into depending on refined sugar, so most of us really feel the urge to devour it. Subsequently, to keep away from the sugar crash, most devour sugar all through the day in an effort to keep targeted and energized to get by means of the day.

Listed below are some tricks to keep away from the sugar crash:

o Eat a wholesome, sugar-free breakfast (i.e. eggs, bacon, and oatmeal)

o Restrict sweets to twice every week

o Steer clear of white flour for lunch and eat a lot of greens

o Eat 4 to five metabolically balanced meals per day (protein, fats, carbohydrates)

o Eat sweets solely after a big and balanced meal (with lots of protein)

o Eat a lot of complicated carbohydrates all through the day (greens and entire grains)

o Do not eat sugar earlier than sleeping



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