Professionals within the health trade are used to heated debates. We’re used to listening to researchers argue between dynamic and static stretching. We have heard a whole lot of opinions on the very best methods to construct muscle: low weight, excessive reps or heavy weights, low reps. And the debates proceed. One among these controversies entails using specific weight machines frequent to many gyms. Are these machines a very good use of your time and power? Can any of those machines truly hurt your well being and health?

Leg extension machines are a controversial weight machine. These machines have a seat and a padded bar that relaxation on the junction of the leg and foot. As you lean again within the seat, you elevate the legs till they’re virtually straight, then slowly let the legs come down. The quantity of weight your legs elevate could be adjusted.

If you happen to use this sort of machine, you focus your lifting efforts in your quadriceps (the big muscular tissues within the entrance thigh space), specifically the vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, vastus intermedius, and rectus femoris. Curiously, this machine permits the hamstrings to totally loosen up whereas the quads do all of the work. Many avid weightlifters are drawn to this specific machine as a result of they really feel that this isolation actually helps them spotlight every of the 4 muscular tissues within the quadriceps. And naturally, if you happen to’re judged in your physique whereas posing, you need main muscle definition. They’re proper about this isolation, however are leg extension machines a very good weightlifting alternative for the common individual?

I don’t assume so. After all, as you’d anticipate with any controversy or debate, there are completely different colleges of thought relating to leg extensions. Some say these machines are powerful on the knees. Others say the machine has a typical rehabilitation technique for knee accidents or knee surgical procedure is the leg extension machine. How can each be true? I’d recommend that utilizing leg extensions in a rehab ambiance works as a result of lightness is used to right muscle imbalances. But when we’re speaking in regards to the typical individual doing leg extensions on the machine in my health club, they do not elevate 5 or 10 kilos. Quite the opposite, they elevate much more weight. Such a distinction in weight makes an enormous distinction with regards to how the knee is affected.

Different frequent opinions of the leg extension machine:

A situation often called Chondrolmalcia Patella could be introduced on by the leg extension machine. This painful situation causes the usually fluid and easy arc of movement of the kneecap to twist and misalign it.

A 1988 examine discovered that pressure on the anterior cruciate ligament happens when weightlifters absolutely lengthen their legs in the course of the leg extension train. This rigidity may in the end trigger a tear. Tears typically require surgical procedure.

Many individuals have muscle imbalances as a result of they’re out of stability by way of hamstring energy versus quadriceps energy. This muscle imbalance can result in a bunch of knee issues.

However you could be pondering, “What can I do rather than the leg extension machine?” Squats, when accomplished appropriately, are the very best train for strengthening the legs. Squats are the king of leg workouts. Do not isolate your self by ignoring different muscular tissues. Squats are additionally a useful train. Which means that they mimic the pure actions that individuals use all through their day by day lives.

Use your health club time properly. Work all of these leg muscular tissues without delay whereas doing squats. Go away the leg extension machines to skilled bodybuilders.


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