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Taekwondo Kicks – Is Rest The Key To Your Success?

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* Taekwondo masters loosen up when kicking

Have you ever ever watched the very best taekwondo gamers kick? I at all times discover how relaxed they’re. Their shoulders are down and again. Their arms are unfastened. And their legs appear to perform completely impartial of their physique. Plainly the very best masters make no effort to feed thick planks. And the very best fighters appear to be strolling across the park!


* Are you able to loosen up in taekwondo when you’re beginning out?


After all, it is rather tough for learners to not tense up. The very last thing you are feeling as a martial arts white belt is relaxed! All the things is new. The methods are tough and overseas to you. And there is a good likelihood you are not completely robust, coordinated, and versatile at this level. So in fact you are feeling tense!

* And what does pressure do to your taekwondo kicks?

If you’re tense in your taekwondo class, your physique produces extra adrenaline. That is your fight-flight hormone. That is helpful in case you are in bodily hazard. However at school, that solely burns your muscle power. And you might be exhausted and drained. Your kicks get sluggish and heavy.


The stress additionally makes your muscle groups stiff. And stiff muscle groups can’t perform correctly. You progress extra like a robotic than an individual. Your methods can’t work correctly. Your kicks turn out to be sluggish and weak. And you might be extra liable to harm.

* However over time your taekwondo hitting approach improves.

As you progress up by the belt system … you observe your hitting approach and turn out to be stronger and extra balanced. Your physique begins to recollect what to do and taekwondo is extra computerized. Your coordination improves. You turn out to be stronger and extra versatile. And hastily you begin to really feel a bit of higher.

* Now could be the time to work on rest

So now your approach is sweet … you must begin studying to belief it. In any case taekwondo kicks work if the approach is appropriate. And your kicks will work in the event you allow them to sink. So discover methods to loosen up in Dojang. Drop your shoulders after they really feel tense. Breathe in and shake your legs in case you are nervous. Stand again and smile in the event you really feel like kicking the bag.

When you’re not used to stress-free, it takes work. It’s essential to proceed to remind your self that it’s okay to let go. However when you begin to belief your taekwondo kicks, your outcomes might be unbelievable!



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