Swine Flu Vaccine – Live Virus Accidentally Infected Vaccines Distributed Worldwide


The swine flu vaccine is getting a lot of coverage these days to try to push it on everyone but how does the most important news event of the entire year somehow get brushed under the carpet. I'm talking about something that was in the news less than a year ago that I consider some of the biggest news of the decade but was quickly covered up.

Baxter International did what?

Baxter International of Deerfield Illinois was caught shipping live avian flu virus mixed in their vaccine materials to 18 countries. This live avian flu virus somehow found its way into the vaccine samples they sent out and was then shipped worldwide. This should have been setting off alarm bells because current biosafety laws make it impossible for this to happen. Cross contamination of materials should never happen and this could have caused a world wide avian flu epidemic. These samples were not for the swine flu vaccine as this happened last December prior to swine flu finding its way into our lives. This was for regular seasonal flu shot development.

Baxter Internationals lab in Austria somehow did the impossible and not only mixed vaccine and live avian flu virus, they shipped it to 19 countries. Here we are thinking that these billion dollar companies are so careful and they could have created a worldwide pandemic that would have reduced the population.

Luckily one of the labs that received the vaccine samples tested them on ferrets. The ferrets died and they immediately knew that something was wrong. A potential catastrophe was averted. Or was it?

Baxter to the Rescue?

It was only three days after the announcement of swine flu back in May that a company was sent samples to start mass producing a swine flu vaccine. That company was Baxter International. The same guys that almost created a catastrophe are now being asked to rush a new swine flu vaccine to market. Sorry, but this is a bit unsettling to me as they already have a poor track record in my book. Some people get three strikes before they are out but in this case I would prefer 1 strike and you are out for good.

If you find this information hard to believe then do your own research on it and you will find out all the details. There is a lawsuit going on as well but somehow the billion dollar drug companies are getting a free pass these days on their swine flu vaccine. European countries and the United States are offering the swine flu vaccine producers indemnity against lawsuits related to the vaccine causing harm. This is their incentive to hurry up the production. So if the swine flu vaccine kills you or gives you Guilliam Bares syndrome like the vaccine did in 1976 you will not be able to file a lawsuit against them.

Protect Yourselves

It seems to me that the government should be trying to protect us and not be so worried about the drug companies losing money from their mistakes. Baxter International has already proved they make huge mistakes. I think I'll take a pass on their swine flu vaccine. Start beefing up your immune systems now while you decide on whether or not you are going to take the shot.

Source by Rick Porter