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Swasthavritta – Preventive remedy in Ayurveda and its relevance within the current day

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The phrase swastha means calm or unfazed by diseases or feelings. Vrtha means observance of the foundations. Swastavrtha is subsequently the observance of the foundations for a wholesome life.

Every scientific self-discipline has its solely objective and its strategies. The science of Ayurveda is a science that goals to provide directions to guard and protect ayu or life. However it can’t be seen merely as an instrument that offers directions for remedy alone.


Broadly talking, Ayurveda has two sections – swasthavrtha (eating regimen for wholesome residing) and athuravrtha (on the examine of illnesses and remedy). It’s Ayurveda that locations extra emphasis on the significance of illness prevention – on prophylaxis. Swasthavrtha is the part which exposes the respect essential to protect a wholesome life. Athuravrtha is a piece that presents corrective measures when diseases bind us.


Since at the moment we’re confronted with the issue of encountering so many new illnesses, the necessity to awaken individuals to pay attention to their very own lifestyle, is greater than that. Due to this fact, the Ayurvedic guideline offered within the type of directions on swasthavrtha could be very helpful and subsequently extra related for the time.

Now now we have earlier than us the Alma-ata declarations of the World Well being Group (WHO); the essence of which is the insistence on the cooperative exercise of varied medical programs as a way to benefit from the amenities of all in line with the comfort of time and place. Since at the moment’s well being issues are so assorted and sophisticated that they can’t be solved by the efforts of 1 system, irrespective of how superior.

If we’re to develop this plan for such use, we will need to have a transparent information of the basic method of every of those programs, their functions and which means, and the strategies of their remedy strategies. We should additionally try to enhance them by modernizing them, however with out giving the potential for eliminating their elementary qualities within the gentle of latest information promoted by superior programs. Now, it’s to be famous that the present ongoing analysis in superior fields of contemporary science has confirmed to be a justification of the approaches of outdated medical programs and geared toward growing new perceptions and new strategies of investigation, analysis and of analysis. remedy strategies.

Usually, the time period sastra in Sanskrit is translated as science in Western vocabulary. However the objective of the outdated sasthra’s method to males and the universe, and the motivation of the brand new sciences which have taken form and flourished with the developments of the commercial age are oriented in direction of two points. After all, they aren’t opposed to one another. The sastras symbolize particular directions on what we should always and mustn’t do in selling our progress within the materials and non secular realms as a way to be free from illness and a secure lifetime of happiness. The phrase sastra implies that which is commanded. Right here, the subject of debate considerations the connection between man and the universe. How the acts of males and adjustments in nature are interrelated and what must be finished to right the objectives and means (strategies) of our actions to make them orderly.

Right here, on this method, information of the fundamental construction and adjustments of the universe is crucial. However this examine should rely primarily on the character of the reactions to actions. The science that superior within the industrial age had tried to review and promote science with the curiosity and perspective of a shopper. The examine of nature by evaluation was finished with the intention of inspecting them structurally. Thus, the fabric particulars drawn from them can be utilized to supply merchandise that may enhance materials pleasures and pleasures and for an opulent life. The time period Exploration of nature had subsequently develop into in vogue.

However the views of historic medical programs as hypocatic drugs from Europe (fats), conventional medical programs from Egypt, India, China, and so forth. are all based mostly and developed with the outdated look. Whereas the European drugs which superior later progressed with the later views (industrial look) in fact. By adopting such a perspective, they might additionally make a significant breakthrough. As a result of this science has offered immense assist in enhancing the quantity and high quality of medicine for remedy in addition to devices, location and their atmosphere. The successes achieved in controlling and conquering the epidemic of infectious illnesses are undoubtedly an excellent boon to the world. The advances in surgical procedure are additionally spectacular. However some severe omissions and weaknesses had been additionally famous.

It’s true that the developments within the branches of science like physics, chemistry and others (inert sciences) have helped to supply objects and facilities for the luxurious enjoyment searching for the life of individuals. However the examine of the person who’s to make use of these objects of enjoyment has not been inspired. The principle causes for the unprecedented unfold of great and even deadly illnesses, reminiscent of degenerative illnesses, diseases resulting from psychological stress and different stresses, are realized as as a result of failure of science to assist residents on the necessity to lead life with out being alienated from nature. and society.


Realizing this, fashionable Western scientists at the moment are additionally on the street to proofreading; perceive the significance of the traditional gaze of the sasthras which supplies weight to the significance of man’s relationship with the universe. So additionally they know the way to conduct analysis actions, giving such an outdated view.

In line with Ayurveda, physique and thoughts are an inseparable complete, linked and responding to the atmosphere, psychological diseases additionally have an effect on the physique and bodily diseases the thoughts as properly. The thoughts and the physique are subsequently solely thought of as two websites of illness as a result of the purity of the physique makes the thoughts additionally pure. So the person with a pure thoughts is wholesome, that is additionally true.

Since Ayurvedic ideas are based mostly on features, he insists that sustaining a wholesome thoughts and physique is just potential if we understand that it primarily will depend on our way of life. It’s what doesn’t reply correctly to the atmosphere that turns into the reason for the illness. After we converse of atmosphere, we imply two varieties of atmosphere, nature is continually altering as a result of the day will be distinguished as three intervals so additionally the evening. The day has daybreak at midday and the night in three intervals. Evening time additionally consists of twilight, the nighttime, and the late evening interval. These diurnal adjustments have influenced our physique and thoughts. Our bodily actions and our psychological moods too.

Likewise, age phases reminiscent of childhood, youth and outdated age additionally create variations within the nature of our responses. Once you take meals, the reactions contained in the physique, within the early stage of digestion, within the center stage and within the remaining stage, are completely different, when the season adjustments. There are additionally corresponding adjustments within the physique’s responses. Our inner circumstances and performance additionally bear adjustments after we are affected by feelings of happiness, grief, anger, and so forth. We all know that the meals absorbed, when it’s accepted by the passions, just isn’t simply and accurately digested. So if we do not embrace our life, our life may even tune in with the altering pure atmosphere.

The irreconcilable circumstances additionally disrupt the inner stability of the physique. Then the pure actions of the physique supposed for diet, removing of undesirable waste, and so forth., which had been as soon as self-protective in nature, are disrupted. Underneath these circumstances of elevated waste and impurities within the physique, impairing inner features, create illnesses. Thus, as a way to keep away from the onset of illness, major consideration should be given to a vital examination of finding out our surroundings and our lack of life to right abnormalities ourselves. All Ayurvedic texts start with recommendation on following a course of life in concord with nature, put along with a very good understanding of nature and the society during which we reside. What are the steps of safety or the duties to be carried out day by day and in line with the completely different climates adjustments within the options to be finished within the menu and different routine, the responsibility of precaution to be carried out to keep away from illnesses and related topics are privileged in these texts. However right here what deserves particular consideration is the insistence on the success of ethical duties, which is taken into account completely important for a harmonious and reconciled life with the society during which we reside. These are directions for a disciplined life ruled by guidelines of self-control. For the affliction of illnesses can solely be prevented if we train self-control. Being conscious of the altering circumstances of the occasions and guided by guidelines to harmonize the actions of our sense and motor organs and our thoughts with self-control and understanding.

Right here, the emphasis is on the significance of illness prevention. It’s wiser than treating an sickness after you let it occur. The reason for any sickness is the violation of those guidelines of conduct.

How we’re to handle life correctly within the altering occasions is probably the most ordered matter mentioned by Ayurvedic preceptors what’s offered in Ashtangahrdaya of Vaghbata is the one which deserves our fundamental consideration.

Ailments by no means have an effect on anybody who’s cautious in issues of eating regimen and habits and carries out a managed and considerate motion by nature, possesses a thoughts that doesn’t develop into a slave to ardour, one who cherishes a beneficiant and selfless nature, truthfulness , persistence and steadfast knowledge. Such an individual just isn’t affected by any illness.



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