The origin of tea was China. The Zhuo (1034-246 BCE) Qin (361-296 BCE) and Han (206 BCE-226 CE) dynasties all embodied heavy tea ingesting. The usage of tea for the medicinal functions of vitamin, well being, health and longevity is set via the “ Wuxing ” college system or 5 components that underpins Conventional Chinese language Drugs (TCM), the acupuncture, therapeutic massage, well being Qigong, Feng Shui, health upkeep, Wu-Shu Kung Fu, use of Chinese language herbs and extra.

Chinese language tea, bought in packing containers of sachets or in scrumptious crystallized blocks entails an unbelievable variety of types of tastes, textures, natural and dietary substances. Functions together with well being, youth and longevity are assured by the lengthy historical past of TCM. The historical past of the 5 components or “Wuxing” is even longer.

Consuming at house or at work, Chinese language tea is scrumptious. Consumed in tea homes as “Up Tea!” Positioned in Little Newport Avenue is London’s Chinatown, ingesting tea is usually a scrumptious expertise.

Tea, well being and Wuxing

The ‘Wuxing’ 5 Factor College connects every of the 5 main inner organs of the physique (and way more) to the weather as follows: spleen (Earth) lungs (steel) kidneys (water) liver (wooden) and coronary heart (hearth) . Wuxing is a confirmed inner and exterior balanced well being system. Many teas contain cures to treatment or stop frequent complaints, or to encourage optimum well being, youthfulness, and longevity from the 5-element system nonetheless in well-liked and official use as we speak.


This chrysanthemum tea accommodates 45% dried flower extract crystallized on 55% cane sugar. Chrysanthemum tea treats irritation and irritation of the lungs, nasal passages, and throat with its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It additionally promotes higher imaginative and prescient and particularly helps cleanse the liver.

Wuxing college students learn the way the eyes and the liver are interconnected, correspond to the wooden factor, and each may be naturally nourished by ju hua cha. In addition they apply 5 Qigong routines with comparable results.

TIEN-CHI (Heaven Power) GINSENG FLOWER TEA (ren shen cha)

Southwest China’s Tien-chi Ginseng (Panax pseudoginseng) tea selection is especially cultivated in Yunnan and Guangxi provinces. Tien-chi plant root is used as a well being product to manage blood circulation. The flower works as an herb that cleanses away warmth and toxins to cut back irritation, feverish sensations, rashes, and sore throats.


Inexperienced tea particularly stimulates the center, facilitates digestion and banishes fatigue. Encouraging the physique to metabolize extra fats and subsequently extensively utilized in weight-reduction plan and weight reduction, inexperienced tea additionally promotes longevity and normal physique cleansing.

Nevertheless, because it barely inhibits the absorption of iron from meals, inexperienced tea must be averted by folks with anemia and ladies throughout their interval.

JASMINE FLOWER TEA (mo li hua cha)

There are a number of kinds of jasmine tea, together with inexperienced, jade, or black. Good for oral hygiene and cleaning of the palate (earlier than after or throughout meals) The soothing extremely fragrant nature of jasmine tea additionally stimulates digestion, promotes rest and helps stop insomnia.


Ginger tea stimulates and balances the exercise of the center, lungs and spleen specifically and helps within the balanced functioning of the 5 main inner organs as a system in a tonic method. Its antibacterial properties additionally make it a preferred treatment for colds and flu.


Luo Han Guo (luohanguo) aka “ Monk Fruit ” (one of many many hyperlinks of longevity) is a member of the squash plant household and a fruit well-known for its candy style. Luo han cha. Additionally it is well-known in medication to deal with coughs and sore throats and likewise to advertise longevity. Luohanguo was extra not too long ago developed right into a low calorie sweetener.

As soon as ready, this tea, darkish brown and with a caramel taste, may be drunk sizzling or chilly.

5 FLOWER CHONG JI TEA (wu hua cha)

This mix of 5 Chinese language medicinal herbs eliminates inner warmth, encourages diuresis and cleansing. It may also be used to deal with sore eyes, sore throats, dysentery, and constipation. Delivered focused on cane sugar crystals, it has a nice caramel style


Consuming Chinese language tea in accordance with the idea of components improves well being, youthfulness and longevity in some ways. 5 Components Qigong gives inner respiratory and exterior therapeutic massage routines for a similar goal.

The above manufacturers and sorts of tea are available at your native Chinese language supermarkets. Chinese language names of teas seem in parentheses. They’re all cheap, nice worth, are the true factor, and ship the true “swill thrill”!

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