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Sports activities damage prevention methods

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Definition of damage

“Unintentional or intentional bodily injury ensuing from acute publicity to thermal, mechanical, electrical or chemical vitality, or from the absence of important components resembling warmth or oxygen. “


Elements inflicting sports activities accidents:


Intrinsic elements



Physique dimension

Historical past of accidents

Health stage

Muscle power / Flexibility

Competence stage

Psychological state

Extrinsic elements



Sort of exercise

Packaging errors

What’s damage prevention?

Harm is preventable by altering the atmosphere, particular person habits, merchandise, social norms, laws, and authorities and institutional insurance policies to cut back or get rid of dangers and enhance protecting elements.

Main and secondary prevention:

Main prevention is the prevention of the prevalence of accidents

Secondary prevention is the prevention of the recurrence of an damage

There are a selection of things accountable for stopping damage. They’re:

1. Heat-up, 2. Stretching, 3. Taping & bracing, 4. Protecting gear, 5. Right biomechanics, 6. Applicable gear, 7. Applicable surfaces, 8. Applicable coaching, 9. Applicable restoration, 10. Psychology

11. Meals

1. Heat up:

The literary that means of warming up is to extend the core physique temperature. The nice and cozy-up is additional categorized as normal and sports-specific warm-ups.

The advantages of warming up embrace:

1. Elevated blood circulation to the muscle mass

2. Lowered muscle viscosity leading to easy muscle contractions

3. Enchancment of the mechanical effectivity of the muscle

4. Favorable neuro-myo conductance

5. Favorable modifications in muscle receptors that lower muscle sensitivity to stretching.

6. Improved cardiovascular compatibility

7. Elevated psychological focus for sports activities actions

How warming up helps forestall damage:

1. Improve glow ROM

2. Lower the stiffness of the connective tissue – this additional ends in the higher forces and size of stretch required for a tear to happen.

2. Stretch:

The power to maneuver joints easily all through a full ROM is a vital a part of good well being.

The fundamental rules of stretching are:

1. Heat up earlier than you stretch

2. Stretch earlier than and after train / sport

3. Stretch gently and slowly

4. Stretch to the purpose of stress however to not the purpose of ache

How stretching helps forestall damage:

There may be appreciable analysis proof to say;

Elevated flexibility assisted by stretching seems to cut back the incidence of musculoskeletal accidents, decrease and relieve muscle ache. Extra stretching can enhance athletic efficiency.

3. Tape and bracing:

Adhesive tape and bracing are used to limit unrestricted and doubtlessly harmful motion and permit desired motion. There are two fundamental indicators of using bands and orthodontic home equipment:

1. prevention – in keeping with these two procedures, duct tape is used as a safety measure for prime danger actions. For instance, the taping on the ankles of basketball gamers.

2. rehabilitation – taping is used as a protecting mechanism throughout the therapeutic and rehabilitation part.

4. Protecting gear:

Protecting gear protects numerous very important components of the physique from damage. An important factor is that protecting gear shouldn’t intrude with sporting actions.

5. Right the biomechanics:

Right biomechanics are an vital consider reaching most effectivity in motion and in stopping damage. Faulty biomechanics may result from static (anatomical) or dynamic (useful) abnormalities.


Static abnormalities: LLD, Genu valgum, pronounced calcanium

Dynamic abnormalities: operating with extreme anterior pelvic tilt.

What occurs when the biomechanics are altered?

Unhealthy strategies are the results of inappropriate biomechanics. This poor method not solely results in damage, but additionally to decreased efficiency.

6. Applicable gear:

Tools can vary from easy to complicated.

Sports activities sneakers are an instance of straightforward gear.

Examples of complicated gear are; snowshoes, poles, bicycles, motor autos, and many others.

In response to Khan & Brukner, the highest three producers of accidents are sneakers, snowshoes and bikes.


Components of a sports activities shoe: heel counter, toe, midsole.

Racquet components: deal with, deal with and racquet head

Essential components of a bicycle from a sporting viewpoint: seat top, saddle place, deal with place. The pedaling method is among the most vital elements the place accidents could be averted.

7. Appropriate floor:

Throughout strolling and operating, the physique is subjected to repetitive and short-lived forces, which will increase the susceptibility to damage. The utmost affect forces throughout strolling, operating and leaping have been proven to method 2 instances, 3-4 instances and 5-12 instances, respectively.

Surfaces change the utmost pressure the physique is subjected to throughout exercise. Most affect forces are a lot larger on onerous surfaces than on tender surfaces. Subsequently, softer surfaces scale back the danger of sports activities accidents.

8. Applicable coaching:

Coaching errors are the most typical predisposing issue within the improvement of sports activities accidents.

Coaching is a continuing steadiness between performing sufficient high quality and amount of labor to maximise efficiency, however to not the purpose of inflicting damage.

A full clarification of the coaching is past the scope of this dialogue.

In abstract:

The coaching rules are:





Totally different coaching strategies contain:

1.cardio coaching or endurance coaching

2.cardio coaching or lactate coaching

3.power and energy coaching

4.flexibility coaching

5.velocity and agility coaching

7.coaching in particular abilities

8.cross coaching

9. Sufficient restoration:

Sufficient restoration is crucial if one is to attain the complete impact of coaching and stop damage.

“Over-reaching”: Insufficient restoration results in impaired efficiency and related signs resembling fatigue and lethargy known as “Over-reaching”. If from this level if the coaching continues, damage could happen. Nonetheless, athletes often reply to the above signs with elevated coaching as a result of they understand it as “lack of health”. This leads to what’s known as the “overtraining syndrome”. It’s due to this fact vital that the coach fastidiously displays the coaching program.

Sufficient restoration contains:

1. warm-up

2.Sizzling tubs and spa

3. therapeutic massage

4.relaxation and sleep

5.psychological & dietary recommendation

10. Psychology and damage prevention:

Extreme pleasure:

The detrimental impact of extreme psychological arousal is a widely known entity. Extreme psychological arousal predisposes the athlete to damage.

Extreme arousal results in altered muscle stress. This additional results in an alteration of the positive steadiness between agonist and antagonist, which is the hallmark of high quality efficiency. As soon as this synergy is misplaced between the agonist and the antagonist; a modified method relatively than the pure method is used. There may be additionally “Lack of rhythm”. This issue predisposes to damage.

Extreme arousal additionally results in lack of psychological focus. Consequently, the toes and physique will not be positioned accurately on the sports activities discipline. Consequently, the participant finds himself in a biomechanically poor place to play return pictures. This predisposes to damage.

Extreme arousal results in “slim attentional focus”; due to this fact, it fails to learn the half. This will trigger them to be simply approached or struck from the “blind aspect”.

“White Line Fever” is one other instance of extreme arousal. Right here, the athlete loses all notion of hazard when coming into the sphere. Subsequently, he locations his physique in positions weak to damage.

Overly excited gamers enter a contest with out correct diet. This moreover leads the person to sports activities accidents.

Awake: much less frequent selection. Trial matches or decrease stage of competitors happen.

The under-excited athlete exhibits the next:

1. Impaired studying of visible cues.

2. Gradual resolution making.

3. Don’t take the suitable avoidance measures.

4. Makes technical errors.

These above factors are accountable for sports activities accidents in under-excited athletes.

11. Vitamin and damage prevention:

1. Sufficient diet can not directly result in damage by means of its impact on the restoration course of.

2. Attributable to intense and steady coaching; labile muscle proteins are channeled into gluconeogenesis to provide vitality. Subsequently, a deficiency of dietary protein can result in injury to the muscle tender tissues.

3. Insufficient hydration has an instantaneous and acute affect on athletic efficiency, particularly train below thermal problem.

4. Minerals resembling calcium have an important function to play within the physiology of muscle contraction. The elevated train attracts on the physique’s calcium shops. Not getting sufficient calcium weakens the bone and may result in fractures. Electrolyte steadiness; moreover, the inner atmosphere is maintained by sodium and potassium. Deficiency of those minerals results in critical metabolic issues. They’ll even trigger loss of life.

5. A low calorie weight loss plan could cause the fats proportion to drop to such an extent that females lose their month-to-month interval. This additional results in osteoporosis and fractures.



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