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Pores and skin: The third lung

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“Because the interface between our interior and outer world, the Lung manages outer safety. Typically known as the ‘third lung’, the pores and skin is the outermost floor of the self, offering an elastic envelope that comprises us, defending us from hurt. intrusions. The Lung sweats via the dermal layer: via perspiration, by opening and shutting the pores, it continually adjusts the humidity and temperature of the physique. Like a display screen with variable porosity, the Lung tightens and thickens the pores and skin to push back undesirable influences and seal it in. worthwhile inner assets, or it loosens and slims the pores and skin to launch undesirable inner substances or emotions and permit fascinating influences to penetrate. “ – Beinfield, Harriet and Efrem Korngold. Between Heaven and Earth: A Information to Chinese language Medication. New York: Ballantine, 1992. Print.

In Conventional Chinese language Medication (TCM), the pores and skin is considered with nice respect. It’s greater than a barrier between the within of the physique and the exterior setting. It’s associated to the natural perform of the Lung (that’s to say a respiratory / eliminating perform) and due to this fact to the vitality of the factor Steel.


However there’s extra: your pores and skin is particularly essential as a result of it is a reflective organ that gives essential telltale indicators of what is going on on in your physique. Any recurring pores and skin drawback in the identical space is an indicator of your well being. Your pores and skin’s function as a supplier of pure warning indicators might help you keep or enhance your well-being.


Everyone knows that smoking could be very unhealthy for our well being, however few notice the significantly horrible cumulative impact of smoking on the well being and high quality of the pores and skin. It is because the lungs and pores and skin have very particular and direct connections and for this reason Conventional Chinese language Medication (TCM) refers back to the pores and skin because the third lung.

For most individuals, twenty to thirty minutes of speedy respiration thrice per week is greater than sufficient for the well being of their pores and skin and physique. Throughout these classes, respiration needs to be deep sufficient to fully empty the lungs after which fully renew the oxygen content material of the lungs. Lack of frequent and deep respiration causes elements of the lungs and a big a part of the air socket to stay sagging.

Specialists emphasize the necessity to breathe via the stomach and never simply via the highest of the lungs. This motion promotes motion of the diaphragm, the most important muscle within the physique that acts as a significant pump for the motion of lymph and water all through the physique.

The lungs (together with the pores and skin, kidneys, and colon) are one of many 4 main organs for eliminating physique waste (fuel, fluids, and solids). Poor lung vitality is manifested by problems of the pores and skin and mucous membranes in addition to poor venous and lymphatic circulation. The lungs and huge gut are chargeable for separation, distillation and elimination.


The reflex zone for the lungs is discovered on the face, i.e. on the cheeks prolonged from the nook of the mouth, alongside the jaw to the ear, on either side.

The lungs are related to the massive gut in TCM (lungs: yin and huge gut: yang). They belong to Steel factor / Fall season. The lungs are the place the interior vitality from vitamins within the blood mixes with exterior vitality from the air to offer important vitality.

The pores and skin is named the third lung in TCM as a result of it’s the boundary between the interior and the exterior. For that reason, the pores and skin is regulated by the vitality of Steel. Respiratory (lungs) impacts the motion of life vitality via the physique.

It’s mentioned, “The place the chi goes, the vitality flows. Thoughts-body workout routines corresponding to yoga show how intention and the breath can direct vitality with the ensuing therapeutic advantages.



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