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Sharing my data about Vedanta – Vasanas are residues of previous actions

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Loka -vasana

Vasanas are highly effective residual tendencies of previous actions of ideas and actions of previous lives and / or current life. So long as detrimental vasanas and the considered motion and pleasure prevail in a single, slavery can’t be damaged. Bondage is the reason for the cycle of start and demise.


The Vedantic texts classify vasanas (which impede the data of the Self) into three sorts. These three are collectively known as vasana traya.





The need, want or tendency to stay in a society as a norm set by the neighborhood to realize its appreciation by limiting oneself to false values ​​with undesirable habits known as loka vasana.

Human start is certainly uncommon with a capability to suppose, to resort to ideas, to replicate, to query existence and to decide on the trail of spirituality. The texts say that dwelling an unintelligent life, imitating others with regard to sensual pleasures, with no spirit of inquiry (to know the aim of life) is a waste of life.

The tendency to please others and to anticipate recognition from others is a certain signal of loka-vasana. An exquisite instance is the story of an aged man and his grandson strolling with a donkey. Individuals round you’ll say lots, however you must select your individual path and have enjoyable.


It’s to experience ideas of the Scriptures with out actually dwelling it’s known as sastra-vasana. No quantity of attachment to the sastras will give an individual an expertise of “Self”. The sastras are solely pointers. Simply studying the scriptures, arguing or arguing, and simply mental understanding won’t assist the seeker in any manner.


The physique is a crucial instrument within the strategy of purging our dads (sins). It needs to be seen as a car. Good upkeep is critical (meals, train and health) and it shouldn’t be too indulgent to please the physique. Each physique and thoughts have to be channeled into the expertise of self-knowledge.

Attachment to the physique and keenness for sensual pleasures needs to be acknowledged as Deha-vasana.

The double results of aĵâna

Aĵâna / ignorance is the reason for bondage and has two results:

o Anátmani-atma-Buddhi

o Jagati-satya-Buddhi

Anátmani-atma-Buddhi: (The notion of the Self within the non-self)

It’s the misunderstanding of the character of the Self. The Self is at all times pure, unchanging, indestructible, at all times current, akanda and anithya (everlasting). It has no reference to physique, thoughts and mind besides that they exist with the facility of the Self. The self is completely different from the sthula, suksma and karana sarira. The ego is the straightforward witness of those three states.

Saying “I’m younger / outdated or disabled” is because of identification with the gross physique. Saying “I’m glad / unhappy / indignant” is because of identification with the delicate physique and saying “I slept very properly” is identification with the causal physique.

While you say “my hand”, “I’m glad”, “I slept”, who’s “me”? ‘who’s glad? Who slept? Preserve asking till you discover the reply.

The witness, the Self, is at all times current and is the one one in every of all of this. The character of the Self have to be skilled as a witness and is simply potential when the thoughts is in stillness. Being continuously conscious of the Self will finally develop a detachment from the non-self.

Jagati-satya-Buddhi: (notion of actuality on the earth)

The ignorance of a person behind the world of objects is jagati-satya buddhi. He thinks that the world is actual, that each one shapes and names are actual. It creates the ideas, attachments to worldly objects, eager for worldly issues, feelings like anger and frustration when not possessed resulting in the cycle of start and demise. It appears lots just like the spider internet that the spider is engulfed in and unable to get out of.

Simply as gentle alone can get rid of darkness, data of “Self” alone can get rid of ajana / ignorance.

We must always be capable to see One seem in lots of varieties and names. Until we step out of this duality of the world with our likes and dislikes, we’re caught on this samsara. The mere reality of current with out the notion of a practitioner or an enjoyer and realizing the Paramatman (Brahman) is ONE current in all and completely no duality on this universe, is the final word saram / rasam (the important) of life. Simply mental understanding whereas studying the scriptures won’t assist anybody. You need to observe the thought and expertise it your self.


Allow us to see the function of the scriptures in religious analysis and the way religious research turns into a barrier to religious progress.

The scriptures, in my private expertise, are addictions. When one is directed by the vasana, one enjoys it and intellectually acknowledges that Paramatman is ONE and He alone exists in all. There isn’t a duality in any respect. It is simpler to grasp, however working towards this philosophy is tough, however not unattainable.

The scriptures needs to be used as a pointer. It’s essential to go from the pointer to the path by which it factors. Simply studying, discussing, speaking about it, and preaching won’t get us the place we’re. One ought to start to observe what one has discovered from the scriptures to achieve the vacation spot of self-realization. Self-realization can’t be skilled and can’t be taught.

It takes fixed observe to detach from the that means of the motion and the outcomes of the motion. This doesn’t imply indifference to his obligations. It merely means fulfilling one’s obligations with out dedication to outcomes or taking credit score for what has been achieved. I (Ego) am not the one who acts. I’m solely an instrument to hold out the duties with the help of the facility of Paramatman. With out the facility of Brahman, I’m poojyam !! Zero!! Lifeless meat !!

Have you ever ever heard the assertion, “man proposes and God disposes”? As soon as the vanity (ego) takes over, the particular person is stagnant.

Now let’s check out the “ cycle of ignorance ” and the way it compares to the “ cycle of progress ”

The cycle of ignorance has three tendencies and on three completely different planes.

• Vasana – (tendencies) causally

• Cinta – (wishes and agitations of thought) on the degree of the delicate physique

• Karya (motion) within the uncooked physique aircraft

A cyclical relationship exists between these three. With the larger quantity of vasana, there’s a proportional improve in ideas (need, anger, greed, and so forth.) leading to a rise in actions. When actions improve, ideas multiply an excessive amount of and vasanas multiply proportionately.

Take the instance of an alcoholic.

If an individual is an alcoholic, they are going to have vasanas to drink. These vasanas within the causal physique will create wishes in its delicate physique. These wishes will trigger him to behave within the gross physique to meet the need. This causal relationship is linear however doesn’t cease there.

On every event that he drinks, his corresponding vasana may also improve; this improve in vasana will improve wishes, which is able to intensify its actions. Caught on this cycle, we’re within the cycle of start and demise to purge the vasanas.

Aggravated by vasanas, (tendencies), one is drawn to ideas and wishes which lead him extra to actions. Falling into karya (motion), he now accumulates extra vasana, which in flip triggers his cinta (thought) and karya once more. This cycle known as as anartha-paramapara in Vedanta.

The cycle of progress is simply the alternative of the cycle of ignorance. Within the cycle of ignorance we’ve got seen that it’s completely as much as us to create the cycle. In that case, the creation of the cycle of progress can be in our arms. Let’s check out this now.

As soon as a selected life is over, the bodily physique merges with 5 parts, the delicate physique, with the residual vasanas of the delicate physique (each from latest current life and previous lives, instructions a brand new bodily physique to fill their vasanas). This cycle of start and demise continues seemingly countless, prompted by vasana, cinta and karya.

This cycle appears to be perpetual, the seeker having no manner out and getting misplaced in samsara.

Whereas as soon as we concentrate on our actions avoiding undesirable areas and doing the spiritually directed actions, vasanas relate to the religious path. We can’t suppress the actions of our gross physique; it have to be sublimated by a great understanding by a logical rationalization and keep away from unhealthy actions.

As soon as unhealthy deeds / karya are averted, unhealthy wishes lower; thus detrimental tendencies (vasanas) are lowered. Till the vasanas, cinta, and karya are conquered and managed, there is no such thing as a approach to assault ignorance.

Vivekachudamani Verse 45 of Sankaracharya emphasizes that one should do every part potential to make sure one’s personal good.



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