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Shaolin Kung Fu Secret Fight Drills: Mushy-Bones Arts

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The 72 Secret and Consumed Arts of the Shaolin Temple, that’s to say its Secret Fight Workout routines or “Kungs”, fall into two fundamental classes: Yang / Gang Exterior Energy Coaching “Laborious” or Vitality Coaching Inner Yin / Rou “Candy”. Mushy Bone Arts alias “Rou Gu Gong” falls into this final class.

Technical evaluation


Rou Gu Gong develops suppleness, suppleness and suppleness of the bones and joints of the physique. Elevated resistance to illness and illness can be famous in those that grasp this Kung. Mushy Bones Artwork is all about stretching and contracting muscle mass to a rare diploma. Comprising 5 key steps, this Kung is an train particularly coaching the waist and legs.



Step 1: Slide the leg

Throughout this stage, college students repeatedly kick straight upwards whereas standing with out transferring different elements of the physique. With the supporting leg held straight, the hanging leg (saved as straight as potential) kicks upward repeatedly, as excessive as potential, 100-200 instances. Every leg is educated alternately and the train is repeated twice a day within the morning and night for about 6 months or till the scholars can kick at head top with ease.

Step 2: Kick within the sky

Once more, have the scholars stand on their supporting leg, raise the opposite leg up and maintain it there for so long as potential. Utilizing the arms to know the thigh, the rod (tibia) is connected to the chest and the only real of the foot factors skyward. This place is then maintained till the coed will get drained when the opposite leg is then exercised in the identical manner.

Step 3: One Row Legs

This step integrates the 2 important dimensions of “fractionation”. One line horizontal legs includes sitting with the legs stretched to the left and proper respectively, ideally in a straight line, with each arms gripping the waist. In One line vertical legs the limbs are stretched forwards and backwards in the identical manner earlier than the train is repeated within the different course.


Step 4: Waist Coaching

With fingers intertwined, palms going through upward and toes collectively stretch your arms above your head. Bend your higher physique ahead till you possibly can place your arms firmly flat on the ground, together with your head and shoulders even. Maintain this place for so long as potential (10 to fifteen minutes is right).

Then, with the arms outstretched, the train is repeated backwards, in reverse till each arms contact the ground. On this manner, the coed achieves an arched bridge place. After sustaining this for some time, the coed makes an attempt to return to the unique upright place with none lack of steadiness.

Step 5: Movable bridge

When the above might be simply carried out, college students observe bending their physique left and proper (vastly bettering waist flexibility). Lastly, utilizing solely the arms and toes (the one elements of the physique allowed to the touch the bottom), the physique is circled clockwise and counterclockwise to the proper and left to additional enhance waist efficiency.


The waist itself is a key bridge connecting the higher and decrease elements of the physique, it additionally acts as a pivot when pushing the fists and toes to transmit extra pressure to the extremities. Steam baths have been famous to assist make the waist extra versatile for Rou Gu Gong.



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