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Within the twenty-first century, the idea of peace has proven that United Nations battle decision theories are incapable of placing an finish to the repetition of the horrific cruelties of the final century, inflicted as soon as once more on defenseless residents. The encompassing of huge numbers of ravenous households, when meals couldn’t be delivered to them because of the tribal passions of the battle, displays the brutal survival of the fittest way of thinking, which prevailed through the Nazi holocaust. Lengthy-term acceptance of this example breeds the final feeling that eliminating the idea of overpopulation is an inevitable and unlucky scientific reality. United Nations battle decision can’t be sustainable till this idea of the science of loss of life is rationally questionable and could be proven to be based mostly on illogical mathematical science. The ensuing omni-scientific options of quantum biology for world peace can then develop into seen.

Some individuals really feel pressured to knowingly speed up the chaos by introducing math viruses into computer systems. Mainstream science is compelled to do the very same factor, however on a a lot bigger scale. Trendy science is dominated by the entropic perception that the last word objective of a finite universe is the extinction of all life. This way of thinking is psychologically rooted. Nearly all of distinguished entropic-minded scientists immediately manifest emotional aggression towards them scientific.

Trendy science is mistakenly satisfied that Isaac Newton’s worldview portrayed the universe as a big completed clockwork machine. This imaginary common machine, pushed by common warmth, should finally stop to operate when all of its warmth is misplaced in chilly house, ensuing within the extinction of all life. This legislation, referred to as the second legislation of thermodynamics, is the legislation governing all warmth engines. Einstein referred to as it the supreme legislation of all science and it grew to become the idea of twentieth century quantum mechanics. Nonetheless, individuals are not steam engines as a result of they emit energies which intermingle with mechanical energies in an effort to evolve consciousness. The 1937 Nobel Prize winner in medication, Szent-Gyorgyi, wrote that the lack to know this was related to psychological most cancers, belonging to scientists he referred to as “mad apes.”

Charles Darwin’s survival of essentially the most acceptable theories was based mostly on this Steam Engine Regulation, an idea derived from the financial theories of East India Firm director Thomas Malthus. The ensuing world financial rationalism now imprints huge quantities of imaginary cash given the possession of motion throughout the planet. This imaginary idea, related to an emotional cult of worldwide inventory market logic, could be demonstrated as an obsessive schizophrenic phenomenon, in step with the persistent imaginary idea of Sir Isaac Newton’s idea of gravity.

A really apparent and really significant issue emerges. Isaac Newton actually didn’t think about the universe to be finite. His Infinite Universe was based mostly on historic Greek mathematical logic which we now consult with as Infinite Fractal Logic and he used this logic to explain gravitational pressure as a non-mechanical pressure transferring in emotional consciousness. That is clearly acknowledged in his twenty eighth dialogue of the motions. Even when Newton was unsuitable, Western scientific, political and financial tradition was constructed on a worldview that believed the alternative to be factual, constituting a basically imaginary world of science. The concept that the forces of gravity are answerable for the evolution of emotion is inconceivable in mainstream science. Nonetheless, fashionable scientific science has been developed on an imaginary scientific speculation that regularly brings into existence apocalyptic weapons of battle.

The extraordinary emotional hostility of scientists to even ponder the stability of their science, purchased an try to stop the Science-Artwork Analysis Heart of Australia from acquiring its government-approved analysis standing in 1975. Mathematical theories of The important power of the Heart, on this yr sense, had been reprinted by the world’s largest technological analysis institute, as one of many nice optical mathematical discoveries of this century. The Australian College’s argument was so vitriolic and ignorant that it needed to be overturned by Federal Science Minister Simon Crean as incompetent. Even after Harvard College in 2002 defined why the Centre’s findings had been invisible to English-speaking scientists, hostility continued unabated.

The schizophrenic factor is that twenty first century quantum biology, utilizing nanotechnology, has proven that the emotion molecule employs infinite fractal logic in an effort to evolve as Newton predicted. Trendy science, forbidding this reality, has been systematically programmed to stay in an unreal world, by which all life should be extinguished. This carcinogenic mathematical obsession with harmful thermodynamic energies, which dominates twentieth century quantum mechanics, is now a severe psychological well being downside.

Makes an attempt to scientifically focus on the thought of ​​a mathematical virus within the thoughts stopping people from transmitting endlessly, have lengthy been unimaginable. Georg Cantor, 1845-1918, essentially the most well-known mathematician in historical past, can be essentially the most vilified in historical past. He was condemned for insisting {that a} mathematically induced “myopic concern of infinity” got here to inhabit the scientific thoughts. So long as the dwelling course of can’t be linked to infinite fractal logic, the UN stays unable to arrange discussions on biologically rational battle decision. In gentle of twenty first century quantum biology utilizing nanotechnology to unlock the secrets and techniques of how the emotion molecule works, Cantor’s mathematical virus could be proven to be a lethal type of schitzophrenic most cancers of the thoughts.

Within the twenty first century, Shannon’s entropic data most cancers analysis power has been proven to exist alongside entropic energies, belonging to the legislation of loss of life by entropic warmth. In quantum biology, the 2 energies intertwine to supply data to information the evolutionary objective. This query deserves crucial dialogue past the restricted logic of conventional imaginary scientific logic, which calls for human extinction. If this downside shouldn’t be resolved, carbonaceous life kinds will develop into extinct lengthy earlier than the imaginary occasion of common warmth loss of life. Cantor’s mathematical most cancers virus is now coming into a a lot worse malignant state of existence than the early twenty first century atomic warfare depicted.

World financial rationalism is now actively selling the acceleration of analysis and growth in unbalanced entropic nanotechnology. Invisible atomic weaponry, giving a nano-bot the power to comply with its major directive to convey life kinds to extinction, is now turning into possible. British Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees has warned that twenty first century civilization has a 50% likelihood of being destroyed inside days by a mutating self-replicating nanobot, devouring the biosphere. Somewhat than mutating, these nanobots might merely evolve in accordance with the primordial carcinogenic directive logic, which we’ve programmed into synthetic intelligence. The emotion molecule doesn’t obey the common legislation of loss of life by warmth. The trauma of a seamless mind battle within the thoughts that makes an attempt to intuitively use infinite fractal logic, in defiance of mainstream entropic science, is carcinogenic. That is the character of Cantor’s mathematical virus that inhabits the human thoughts.

Mathematical mentalities in historic civilizations are related to what Einstein referred to as mythological mathematical instinct. The New York College Science Library in 1957 printed the e-book, Babylonian fantasy and fashionable science, by which Einstein derived his idea of relativity from Babylonian mechanistic arithmetic. This gave rise to the warrior equation E = Mc squared. Mythology on this case was related to the cult of Ishtar, the goddess of prostitution and battle. In historic Egypt nonetheless, the arithmetic belonging to Ma’at, the goddess of mercy, justice and compassion, was not based mostly on a mechanical imaginative and prescient of phrases, however on a imaginative and prescient to stop civilization from returning. to the identical state of affairs represented by E = Mc squared.

The traditional Egyptians merged their mathematical mindset into the political legislation that Pythagoras went to check in Egypt. This data contributed to the invention of political science by students implementing the Platonic custom of Greek philosophy within the third century BC. The renaissance of this mathematical science in quantum biology is now recognized internationally because the twenty first Century Renaissance.

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