Quantum Mind Therapeutic can use many nutritional vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs to deal with epilepsy. There are various further different therapies in quantum mind therapeutic used to deal with epilepsy, together with reflexology.

Reflexology is predicated on the precept that the anatomy of the physique is mirrored in miniature reflex zones on the pinnacle, ears, palms and ft. The foot is the commonest kind of reflexology therapy the place stress is utilized to the foot to heal the physique. Reflexology promotes leisure and reduces stress. Each ft are labored throughout a full session.

The reflexologist will gently therapeutic massage your ft and apply stress to the reflex factors that correspond to your well being issues. In epilepsy, stress is claimed to be exerted on the areas of the pinnacle, mind, brainstem, pituitary gland, pineal / hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. This idea is just like the idea of acupressure. Reflexologists will deal with one foot at a time. Some reflexologists apply stress with their fingers whereas others use small devices.

Individuals with foot issues reminiscent of calluses or extreme corns ought to see a podiatrist for therapy earlier than reflexology therapy. Classes sometimes final sixty minutes. Epilepsy is usually a continual illness and would require many remedies. Many reflexologists imagine that manipulating the ft reduces the buildup of lactic acid within the tissues and releases tiny crystals of calcium that construct up within the nerve endings of the ft. One other option to improve this motion on the ft is to buy an infrared foot massager. Ionizing foot detox can even assist take away calcium and lactic acid build-up out of your ft.

Reflexology restores qi or the free circulation of vitality from the ft to the corresponding organs. Different reflexologists imagine that stress on the reflex factors can set off the discharge of hormones, together with endorphins, chemical compounds within the mind that naturally block ache. Reflexology creates leisure and improves circulation. Reflexology will increase the speed at which detoxing happens. Reflexology might assist management seizures in some sufferers, however there aren’t any main medical analysis trials to confirm the effectiveness of reflexology. Reflexology ought to be used along with different therapies. There are various herbs and natural formulation that may enhance epilepsy. Acupuncture can be very efficient in treating epilepsy triggered by falls and head trauma.

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