Have you ever ever seen that many convicted felons enter jail as skinny punks however come out with 20-40 lbs of latest muscle?

Have you ever ever questioned how that is doable?

Lately a shopper of mine requested me if I assumed it was doable to construct muscle, burn fats, and have a lean, muscular physique with out lifting weights.

Whereas I considered it … he raised the stakes. He needed to know if anybody may construct a greater physique whereas he was locked in a ten by ten cell.

I considered it a bit extra … then I began to analysis. After I completed my analysis, I informed him that I believed it was doable to construct muscle even inside the limits of a ten by ten cell.

Here is why:

Level # 1: Your muscle tissues are silly. To develop taller, your muscle tissues have to be put underneath stress. In case you elevate a dumbbell, it places pressure in your biceps and again muscle tissues.

However … in case you do a pull-up … it additionally places stress in your again and biceps. Here is the kicker: Your muscle tissues do not know the distinction between the stress exerted by pull-ups or barbell curls.

The necessary factor is that your muscle tissues are labored towards the resistance in every case. So lifting weights could be a handy technique to work your muscle tissues underneath stress … however it’s undoubtedly not the one technique to work your muscle tissues.

Level # 2: Within the late Nineteen Eighties, analysis used electromagnetic imaging to search out out which workouts precipitated the best diploma of activation of muscle fibers. The reasoning is that the extra muscle fibers are activated, the higher the train to construct muscle and power.

Researchers have discovered that the best workouts are these the place your palms and / or toes stay secure and your physique strikes.

Workouts the place your physique remained stationary and your palms or toes moved had been decidedly much less efficient.

Here is an instance: While you press down on a bench, your physique stays stationary and your palms transfer up and down in area.

However once you do push-ups, your palms keep nonetheless and your physique strikes up and down in area.

And one other instance? While you do a seated leg extension, your physique stays stationary and your toes transfer up and down. However once you do a squat, your toes keep nonetheless and your physique strikes up and down in area.

Thus, the push-up prompts extra muscle fibers than the bench press … and a squat recruits extra muscle fibers than a leg extension.

Which means many power coaching workouts really require a larger diploma of muscle fiber activation than many widespread power coaching workouts.

Briefly, body weight workouts can really be simpler at constructing muscle and power.

So … even in case you’re caught in a small jail cell, you may nonetheless construct muscle and power with body weight workouts like push-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats.

In fact, as a way to develop excessive quantities of muscle, you need to transcend fundamental workouts and begin utilizing among the extra superior workouts. These embrace the one-arm push-up, janda sit-up, dips, and variations on the pull-up.

However ultimately, I see no purpose why you could not construct a spectacular, muscular physique inside the tiny confines of a ten-by-ten jail cell.


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