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Plyometry for the lengthy bounce

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What’s plyometrics?

Plyometrics is any train the place the muscle is contracted eccentrically, after which instantly, concentrically. All because of this the muscle is stretched [loaded] earlier than it’s contracted.


Plyometrics must be used properly with a fundamental understanding of the biomechanical and physiological ideas that govern coaching. Coaches have to know these fundamental rules that govern the event of the form of energy jumpers want.


Plyometric coaching develops that explosive, elastic and reactive drive that ALL jumpers have to “get off the bottom”.

The phrase PLYOMETRIC is derived from the Greek phrase “pleythein” that means to extend or from the Greek roots “plio and metric” that means “extra and to measure”.

PLYOMETRY is a sophisticated coaching method geared toward linking drive with the pace of motion to supply POWER. By stretching a muscle and contracting rapidly, it permits a muscle to succeed in its most energy in as quick a time as attainable. With plyometric coaching we search to coach the quick twitch fibers of the physique [type IIa and IIb] in order that they’ll cost [stretch] quicker, and in flip discharge quicker to supply extra energy.

When it comes to fundamental muscle physiology, a pre-stretched or loaded muscle is ready to generate extra drive than an unstretched muscle. Plyometric workout routines “prepare” the muscular tissues to reply rapidly and powerfully.

Plyometrics is likely one of the finest, if not the most effective, methods to enhance POWER OUTPUT. Energy is much like energy, besides that you’re “including” the time issue. Due to this fact, energy is the connection between energy and pace, which the jumper is in search of. Think about {that a} takeoff lengthy jumper has their takeoff foot in touch with the board for about 0.12 to 0.15 of a second, then reactive pace is a prerequisite. A selected plyometric coaching permits the jumper to method at excessive speeds whereas with the ability to produce an environment friendly takeoff with restricted time.


However it’s figuring out WHAT workout routines to pick out, what depth and what number of contacts. It’s the utility of plyometric rules that may decide the effectiveness of the coaching program.

So what we’re taking a look at is just not solely the muscle contraction, however how briskly it’s going to contract. It has been proven {that a} muscle contracts the quickest when loaded. So while you prepare utilizing plyometric rules, the aim is to duplicate landings and takeoffs with the right muscle flexion and extension as a way to develop that elastic drive / pace.

Analysis and research over the previous 20 years have proven that plyometric coaching REDUCES the time it takes for muscular tissues to contract, leading to extra energy. Due to this fact, this kind of coaching refers to very quick explosive workout routines to enhance the ability and neuronal activation of muscular tissues – the flexibility of a muscle to contract rapidly.

Principally, plyometry depends on a component of physiology known as the stretch-shorten cycle. This stretch-shortening cycle signifies that the muscle is rapidly stretched after which contracted, which will increase the drive utilized to the muscle.

Backside Line: Plyometric workout routines use the drive of gravity to retailer power within the muscular tissues, then instantly launch the power in the wrong way.



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