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Parallel Bar Dips – The Higher Physique Squat

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The bench press is mostly known as the king of higher physique workouts, however that is simply not true. Sure, it is an awesome compound motion that works a lot of the muscle mass in your higher physique, nevertheless it does not actually do the job. Dumbbell squats are known as the king of decrease physique workouts and that is true whereas the leg press can also be practiced. Why? For a similar purpose, the bench press takes priority over parallel bar dips.

What makes parallel bar dips superior? First off, parallel bar dips are a steadiness train with solely your palms supporting you, very similar to barbell squats with solely your ft supporting you.


Second, the whole higher physique ought to work collectively to stabilize because the arms transfer from the outstretched arm to the totally flexed arm and are available up very similar to barbell squats, besides that barbell squats power the entire physique. physique in movement, which makes it superior on this regard. .


Third, the acute vary of movement potential with parallel bar dips can’t be matched by the bench press, even the dumbbell model which carries the next threat of damage from making an attempt to regulate two heavy dumbbells once you begin to pull your self up. tire and lose management of two unbiased weights. . Parallel dips mimic barbell squats of their vertical trajectory, excessive extension ensuing within the highest diploma of stretch potential with the best potential for full growth throughout the vary of movement. It is a essential facet when selecting an train, stretching being as vital as contraction.

Fourth, parallel bar dips are one of many few multi-joint workouts that hold pressure on the muscle mass concerned within the motion from extension to lockout, sure I mentioned lockout. Like locking barbell squats, the higher and decrease arm bones lock just like the higher and decrease leg bones, however not like the knee joint in which you’ll be able to lock and maintain the burden even whereas resting for just a few extra reps, the triceps muscle mass can’t relaxation when the arms are locked in the course of the parallel bar dips as they’ll in the course of the bench press.

Because of the physique hanging over the palms and the ahead pull from this place, the triceps must battle to maintain the elbows locked. Additionally, not like the bench press, the pecs are by no means allowed to relaxation, even when locked, they hardly contract to maintain you from falling ahead. Entrance and aspect deltoid heads function full vary and lockout. The quantity of muscle fiber stimulation, steady pressure, time below pressure, the totality of muscle teams concerned, excessive amplitude, and excessive stretch make parallel bars the king of higher physique workouts, a worthy match for. barbell squats.

To interrupt down the mechanics of parallel dips and evaluate it to barbell squats, the triceps act as quads, biceps act as hamstrings, forearms act as calves, pecs act as buttocks, deltoids act as hips, trapezius act as decrease again, abs and spinal erectors act as stabilizers to maintain physique nonetheless and keep place and latissimus acts as a stable base for higher arms to push, whereas working with the triceps to maneuver the arms to an outstretched arm place and serving to the triceps information the physique into the down place, performing as a spring that tightens.

The trapezius, latissimus, and triceps work collectively to tug the physique out of the outlet and because the physique rises, the deltoids and pecs tackle bigger roles, with the pecs and trapezius working in unison with the latissimus supporting the muscle mass. deltoids and triceps as they transfer in the direction of locking. A really highly effective motion.

The energy potential potential with parallel bar dips is appreciable, I personally have used nicely over 100 further kilos tied to me for the reps. My brother on the excessive finish of the chance has a dipped parallel bar for 5 full reps with entrance delts touching the palms all the way down to the correct arm lockout with 2 hundred and 5 kilos of additional weight strapped to him at a body weight. of 100 and ninety kilos, fairly a sight to see.

As with every train, good kind is important to keep away from damage and guarantee full growth, particularly with train like parallel bar dips. Consider me, you possibly can’t faux heavy dips, they’re going to kick your ass and rapidly present you who’s boss. It’s a actual energy train and one which ought to be revered, you need to have full focus on a regular basis, there isn’t a room for daydreaming or sloppy kind, falling right into a low place and if you’ll do partial reps, staying close to the highest of the motion in an effort to deal with heavy weights, you’re losing your time and missed the purpose in doing this motion.

Let’s rapidly go over the execution of the motion, beginning with the locked arms, supporting your weight, along with your palms gripping two bars about two ft aside and at such a top that your bent knees won’t are available in contact with them. the ground on the backside of the motion, completely concentrate on staying nonetheless and reducing your self by bending your arms in a gradual and managed method, conserving them near your sides, feeling your muscle mass tighten like a spring till ” coming to a delicate cease along with your palms involved along with your entrance deltoids along with your arms bent so far as they’ll bend, feeling the stretch in your pecs after which staying tight, begin pushing your self in the direction of up, with out bouncing off the underside and conserving your physique as nonetheless as potential to lock the correct arm.


Do not let the elbows shut when locking or surrender the lock on the downward a part of the motion, if you happen to do that you’re utilizing an excessive amount of further weight and never having weight management.

Moreover, you’ll have heard that there are two methods to do parallel bar dips, leaning ahead for the pecs and holding the physique as vertical as potential for the triceps. It’s best to do parallel bar dips in a pure impartial place that’s snug and straightforward to take care of.

Making parallel dips with an extreme ahead tilt places adverse stress on the elbows and entrance deltoids in addition to the rotor wrists.

Dips on the parallel bars with a straight up and down place is tough to take care of because the repetitions turn out to be tougher, in addition to the truth that the muscle mass have sufficient to handle to maintain you balanced in your palms if you are on the transfer. .

If you wish to goal the triceps greater than the pecs, bench dips are a far superior alternative as they really place your higher physique in entrance of your arms, shift extra stress to your triceps, make it simpler to carry the place in an effort to focus your full consideration on the triceps motion whereas having fun with the advantages of maximum vary of movement, superior stretching of the triceps and pecs has improved mobility of the shoulder joint at the- past even common parallel bar troughs and steady pressure, whereas making the lock simpler to carry, eliminating the necessity to dwell on the lock

Parallel bar dips match completely anyplace in a routine, used early on, you possibly can do so much worse than parallel bar dips and cross barbell pullovers in constructing dimension and energy in your pecs, deltoids and triceps in a easy fundamental mass format.

Carried out on the finish of the chest portion of your exercise, parallel bar dips can push your chest and deltoids exhausting when utilizing extra remoted workouts beforehand.

Executed on the finish of the triceps portion of your exercise, your chest, shoulders, lats, and traps can push your triceps to a much bigger dimension and growth.

If I may solely do two higher physique workouts I might select shoulder width below the grip chins and parallel bar dips, higher physique squat.



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