The rules and practices of the normal Ashtanga Yoga curriculum of sage Patanjali are a terrific contribution to the event of human assets based mostly on the synchronization of the energies of thoughts and physique. The second member of this method is known as Niyama or the non-public observances. These practices are very efficient in growing traits of nice will, vigorous mind, and steady feelings for the dynamic character. These practices are useful in harnessing the inside power of yoga practitioners for larger stamina and competence within the journey on the yoga path.


1) Soucha is a apply of cleanliness for each the thoughts and the physique. This precept is beneficial for the purification of impurities of a psychosomatic nature. The thoughts usually affected by psychological toxins like anger, greed, lust, delusion, pleasure and jealousy. These impurities within the thoughts create plenty of psychological instability affecting focus in addition to calm. Potty practices are of nice assist in growing psychological serenity, the peasant situation of thoughts, focus, and the power to regulate our senses so as to obtain larger effectivity for productive life.

2) Santosha is the apply of contentment which is a necessary high quality for inside peace and concord. This apply brings nice pleasure and inside satisfaction.

3) Tapas is the apply of austerity during which the physique, thoughts and senses are educated to develop larger endurance and capability. The event of the desire is the results of the extraordinary apply of this precept. The apply of tapas additionally contributes to the sturdy dedication to any of our endeavors in life with the sense of potentiality and the energetic feeling on a regular basis.

4) Swadhyaya is the apply of self-study which is a method of fixed growth of the mind. For a dynamic character, sharp mind is a necessary attribute so as to develop the capability for the suitable discriminating knowledge which is at all times helpful for good decision-making capability.

5) IshwarPranidhana is the apply of devotion to the divine nature. It is without doubt one of the handiest methods to take care of the steadiness of feelings. This precept is beneficial in bringing concord with our thoughts and its interactions with feelings.

In a nutshell, the common apply of non-public observances of a yoga coaching program as described in Patanjali Yoga Sutras additionally helps to type the idea of moral dwelling and the event of the balanced character with dynamism to take pleasure in a productive and fruitful life.


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