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Nate Robinson Dunk or Learn how to Enhance the Vertical Bounce

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You would possibly know Boston Celtics’ little guard Nate Robinson because the human spring. In actual fact, the 5’7 “guard gained the NBA slam dunk contest in 2006 towards prime dunkers like Josh Smith and Andre Igoudala. He additionally gained the competition in 2009 – towards Dwight Howard – and this yr ( 2010) to turn out to be the primary triple NBA Slam Dunk champion!

Nate’s monster block towards 7’6 “Heart Yao Ming is already a YouTube traditional. So it is apparent the man has hoops. He really has a 43.5 inch vertical soar!


“The primary time I touched a panel, I used to be 12 years previous. I hit the rim at 13, and at 14, I used to be lastly in a position to dunk. – Nate Robinson


Though Nate may already dive at this younger age, it took him intensive coaching to achieve his present vertical soar. After leaving college in 2005, he accomplished a particular program

4 days per week, one hour a day of coaching.

His coaching consisted of:

Day 1 (Monday):

o Bounce rope. A wonderful train to extend the pace of the foot. (400 jumps)

o Dash-and-drop. Run the width of a basketball courtroom, drop and do ten push-ups. (10 sprints)

o eight seated. Sit on a stability ball holding a ten-pound medication ball in entrance of you. Your elbows must be tight at your sides. Slowly do a figure-eight movement with the ball, shifting your decrease physique as little as potential. (15 digits eight, then 15 in the other way)


o Leg curl (2 units of 10)

o Inclined chest press (2 units of 10)

o Standing cable gland (2 units of 10)

o Standing Dumbbell Curl Curl one arm, then the opposite, for one rep. (2 units of 10)

o One Arm Triceps Extension From a seated place, with the load behind your head (not behind your shoulder), prolong your arm till it factors upward. (2 units of 10 with every arm)

Day 2 (Tuesday):

o Bounce rope (400 jumps)

o Knee Raised Dash Dash the size of a basketball courtroom, staying on the toes and elevating the knees as excessive as potential. (20 sprints)



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