Mentality For Weight Loss


Many individuals struggle to achieve their fitness goals, whether they're just exercising, bodybuilding or actually trying hard to lose weight. How much of their effort is physical and how often do they actually involve their minds in their activities? For the most part losing weight; or becoming fit is almost like trying to quit smoking. If we don't actually put everything into it including our minds the outcome looks bleak. We'll struggle to reach whatever goals we have set for ourselves, but in the end we most likely will only achieve minimal results.

I feel that first off, an individual has to want to lose weight. It can't be fueled by the insults or opinions of others. We have to look at ourselves and want to change. That's the first step, after really deciding on the reason for losing weight or whatever you are after is realized then we can move forward. That step is all mental. After that we plan, we sit down and mentally decide on what type of exercise / weight loss program we want to dive into or what can fit into our lifestyle. (This part is a huge mental struggle)

It is always easier to give up or to make excuses why we can't workout today, that part is easy and one of the biggest mental problems we face. But when it comes down to it, no matter what we tell yourself it's because we're lazy. With TV, video games and any other so called types of entertainment downers we mentally find something easier to do with our time that's not so productive. (All mental)

So when those of us that are not fully on board mentally start a fitness program it becomes a quick failure because we see other possible activities in the back of our minds, which in turn reduces motivation and we start questioning ourselves again. We fail be we are not mentally prepared, we're mental quitters.

Of course this is not always the case some weight issues are truly caused by medical conditions, but even in many of these cases there are options and again we add one more excuse to our play book as to why we cannot carry on with our fitness program . (Lazy and mentally degrading)

We are only as motivated as we mentally prepare ourselves to be and we teach our children that this is OK by zoning out in front of a television. We mentally destroy ourselves and for any of us to achieve any goal or to lose the weight that we want to lose then we have to focus, we have to plan, and we have to prepare ourselves to go that extra mile. We have to mentally push ourselves forward even when we see other options for taking up our time.

Find a friend, a family member and get started on mentally preparing yourselves for a healthier tomorrow.

Source by Joe N Hill


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