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Masturbation Quiz: Separating Reality from Fiction

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Masturbating is arguably most males’s favourite solo exercise, and it additionally has penile well being advantages: masturbating the penis helps hold the manhood in good working order. However what does the common man learn about masturbation? Why not take the next quiz and see.



1. True or false. Guys who usually have intercourse with their companions usually tend to masturbate than guys who don’t usually have intercourse with their companions.


True. It isn’t clear precisely why that is so, however it might be associated to the truth that intercourse produces extra testosterone, which in flip will increase libido.

2. True or false. Some males by no means masturbate.

True – no less than based on analysis. No professional survey has ever discovered that 100% of respondents admitted to masturbating. (And this may be to some extent resulting from confusion as to what constitutes masturbation or if a query refers to common masturbation.) Nonetheless, it is possible that the majority males masturbate in some unspecified time in the future of their life. life.

3. When is Nationwide Masturbation Month (within the US)?

A. January

B. Could

C. July

D. November

B. Could is designated because the month for celebrating oneself sexually – however that should not cease a person from indulging for the opposite eleven months!

4. The present world document for the longest masturbation session is:

A. 2 hours, quarter-hour

B. 3 hours, 51 minutes

C. 7 hours, 10 minutes

D. 9 hours, 58 minutes


D. 9 hours, 58 minutes. This masturbation-a-thon document was set by Masanobu Sato of Japan in 2009 – breaking his personal previous document of 9 hours and 33 minutes. (No phrase on what number of days her wrist wanted to get better.)

Hugo Lopez from Argentina holds a special document, that of most ejaculations in a 24 hour interval. He put it on in 2013 when he masturbated to exit 83 instances in in the future.

5. True or false. Masturbation is rarely talked about within the Bible.

False. Or perhaps true. Whereas the phrase masturbation is rarely used, there are a number of passages that some interpret to confer with masturbation. For instance, Genesis speaks of a person named Onan who “sheds his seed”. Many consider that this refers particularly to masturbation (and due to this fact the origin of “onanism” as a synonym for masturbation). Nonetheless, many additionally consider that it refers to Onan pulling his penis out of the vagina earlier than ejaculating, so as to follow contraception.

6. True or false. Some research point out that masturbation may help cut back the danger of prostate most cancers in males later in life.

True. It nonetheless has to do with the “use it or lose it” that applies to so many issues. The extra lively the penis, the more healthy the prostate, resulting from its function within the creation of sperm by way of prostatic fluid. Train retains the prostate more healthy, in different phrases.

7. One estimate places the common variety of Individuals masturbating at any minute of the day at 797,151 individuals. It is extra individuals than:

A. Can enter Yankee Stadium for 10 video games.

B. Participated within the New York Metropolis Marathon in 2016.

C. Reside all through the state of Alaska.

All of the foregoing.

E. Not one of the above.

All of the foregoing. Fairly spectacular for an exercise that most individuals hate to confess they love.

This quiz solely scratches the floor of the information about masturbation. Right here is one other one: masturbation is much more pleasant when the penis is wholesome, so utilizing a first-class penis health cream (healthcare professionals suggest Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically confirmed to be light and protected for the pores and skin) is inspired. Since tough or over-enthusiastic masturbation can rub the penis uncooked, a cream with a mixture of moisturizers – akin to premium emollient shea butter and pure moisturizing vitamin E – can hydrate and soothe broken pores and skin. This tough manipulation may also trigger desensitization of the virility, so it is usually advisable to make use of a cream with a neuroprotective ingredient like acetyl L carnitine.



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