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Mantra for digestion

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Probably the greatest antidotes for digestive issues is our personal saliva as a result of this substance is very alkaline which neutralizes abdomen acid. The primary cause for digestive issues is hasty heating the place not solely inadequate saliva goes to the abdomen, however massive particles of meals additionally enter this organ. And the abdomen has to wrestle long and hard to pulp the meals in the appropriate space, secreting an increasing number of acid. So chew your meals properly.

For excellent digestion, observe these steps:


1 Eat together with your fingers as a result of the prana that escapes from the fingers will energize the meals and also will be reabsorbed into the system.


2 Communicate positively throughout a meal, as gossip leads to the discharge of dangerous chemical compounds and impedes correct digestion.

3 Eat in a cross-legged place and sit in vajarasana for 10 to twenty minutes after meals.

In each of those asanas, blood collects close to the abdomen to help digestion. To reinforce the impact, you possibly can visualize the solar sitting within the vajarasana.

5 Apply manipura shudhi, a type of meditation.


Manipura chakra is an power middle, positioned within the backbone close to the photo voltaic plexus. Completely functioning manipulation generates warmth often called jatharagni in Ayurveda, i.e. digestive fireplace, which is extinguished by chilly food and drinks, and overeating. Because the chakra turns into snapping from stress, we keep our stress within the stomach space. Manipura shuddhi relieves stress and stimulates the manipura chakra into motion.


1 Shut your eyes and deal with elevating and reducing your stomach button for two/3 minutes.

Think about that you’re respiratory out of your navel. With inhalation, your breath enters the navel, goes on to the backbone, and touches the chakra manipura.

3 With the exhale, it comes out once more by way of the navel Add the mantra bija of this chakra-Rum to your breath, that’s, when you inhale, repeat the rum mentally.



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