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Leg Ache – Dietary and Ayurvedic Remedy, Residence Treatments

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Leg ache could also be on account of joint ache or muscle cramps. Joint ache is often seen in arthritis, a situation that units in as an individual will get older. In arthritis, the joint of the bones steadily wears down over time, inflicting ache each time they work. That is referred to as Aama Vata in Ayurvedic language.

Muscle cramps often have an effect on the muscle groups within the leg. It is called Khali Vata in Ayurveda. There’s a particular time period for muscle cramps that solely impacts the calf muscle groups, and that’s Pindikoveshtana. From an Ayurvedic perspective, nearly all ache is because of the invasion of dosha vata. Particularly in leg ache on account of muscle cramps, Vyana vata is stale. It’s a sub-dosha of vata that controls the involuntary muscle groups of the physique.


Ache happens when there’s a buildup of ama within the physique. Ama is the title given to poisonous supplies brought on by poor digestion which can’t be expelled from the physique. Such ama causes a number of issues, together with ache within the legs. Ama is constructed because of the excessive agni, that’s, the digestive fireplace, which is dominated by the pitta dosha. Due to this fact, there may be additionally a pitta relationship with leg ache.


(1) Herbs Useful in Treating Leg Ache

1. Clove (Syzygium aromaticum)

Clove oil is utilized to the affected leg muscle as a poultice. It gives instant aid from ache, particularly if it is because of muscle cramps.

2. Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Ginger has great ache relieving properties. It needs to be included within the every day eating regimen if muscle ache within the legs is a power downside.

3. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Licorice may be very efficient in relieving muscle ache. An infusion of its roots needs to be ready in water and saved in a single day. It helps in nearly every kind of muscle issues.

4. Madhuca (Madhuca indica)

Madhuca has optimistic results on leg ache, particularly if it is because of rheumatism. Its oil is utilized domestically to the affected areas.

5. Pepper (Piper nigrum)

Pepper helps to dilate the superficial blood vessels, thus contributing to good blood circulation. It additionally has analgesic properties and can be utilized as a liniment in muscle issues.

(2) Weight loss plan remedies for leg ache

Since poor digestion could cause leg ache, care needs to be taken to not eat something that may trigger digestive issues. Don’t eat constipating meals; maintain your eating regimen easy. Eat loads of inexperienced and leafy greens that include fiber. Vitamin C obtained from amalaki, oranges and tomatoes can be good for digestion. After each meal, make it a behavior to eat a plantain as a substitute of a high-calorie dessert like ice cream. Plantain is a meals extraordinarily wealthy within the minerals potassium, magnesium and calcium. Therefore, this can be very useful for correct metabolism within the leg space. Keep away from espresso and chocolate when you’ve got persistent leg ache points.


The significance of getting the correct amount of fluids can’t be overstated. Dehydration is without doubt one of the primary causes of leg ache. Proceed to drink a glass of water each waking hour to keep away from dehydration.

(3) Ayurvedic remedies for leg ache

There are some good oils in Ayurveda that are used for exterior software on affected legs. If the muscle ache got here on all of a sudden, it’s in all probability cramping. In such instances, Mahanarayana tailam or Praharini tailam are utilized to get aid. Warming up the oils a bit after which making use of has higher results.

For inside administration, Sinhanaada Guggulu is prescribed. This remedy can be a light laxative. Thus, it can additionally right any digestive points that will come up with the system. Different generally pharmaceuticals are Laxmivilasa rasa and Pratapa Lankeshwara rasa.

(4) Residence treatments for leg ache

1 If you happen to recurrently complain of leg ache, there are some easy workout routines you are able to do to alleviate it. A few of them are described: –

a) Lie in your again on a agency mattress. Put on loose-fitting clothes, similar to shorts or pajamas. Progressively elevate your legs within the air, so far as potential. The heels ought to level to the sky. Maintain the legs on this stretched place for about ten seconds after which deliver them again. Do that 5 occasions per session and repeat the train 3 times per day.

b) Alternatively, you’ll be able to stand dealing with a wall an arm’s size away from it. Prolong your arms and contact the wall along with your open palms. Then slowly pull your self ahead (in the direction of the wall). Really feel the stretching strain construct up in your legs. Maintain your self on this stretched place for about ten seconds after which let go. Do that 5 occasions per session and repeat the train 3 times per day.

c) Even yoga gives a number of leg stretching workout routines that can be utilized with nice optimistic results. These workout routines are Uttanpadasana, Janusandhi and Gomukhasana.

2 If the cramps happen throughout train or bodily exercise, drink a glass of lemon water with a pinch of salt.

3 When you have joint ache in your legs on account of arthritis, crush two to a few cloves of garlic and add them to a glass of diluted milk. Boil it at 1 / 4 of its amount and drink it simply earlier than bedtime.

4 Making use of a heat compress or fomenting the leg with steam helps enhance circulation within the leg and relieves ache. Even making use of chilly compresses helps. It will scale back blood stream to the leg space and assist the muscle loosen up.

5 Put one a part of camphor in twenty components of mustard oil. Hold it within the solar till the time the camphor dissolves correctly within the oil. Use this oil to therapeutic massage the leg every day.

6 When you have a sudden sprain in your leg, put together a paste of turmeric with lime and salt and apply it to the affected half.



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