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Study essentially the most highly effective triceps exercise to construct monster arms!

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FACT: To have large arms, you want to work your triceps HARD.
FACT: I am going to stroll you thru easy methods to work the HARD and SMART triceps.

For those who’ve ever learn articles on arm coaching, you have in all probability realized that the triceps muscle makes up about 2/3 of the overall arm mass. The biceps, whereas being an amazing “present” muscle, are literally comparatively small!


That is nice, and doing blind triceps workouts with out a plan can get you outcomes, however to actually maximize your triceps (like I discussed above) it’s a must to work them SMART.


So for those who actually wish to stretch your t-shirt sleeves to the max, do that exercise. It accommodates three of essentially the most highly effective triceps workouts I’ve ever used. Plus, these workouts are strategically organized to actually pressure the activation of many extra muscle fibers within the triceps leading to quicker muscle progress and energy!

The most effective half is that this exercise requires little or no specialised gear!

Within the subsequent part, I am going to inform you about all three workouts, then stroll you thru how the workouts work collectively that will help you blast your triceps subsequent week!

EXERCISE # 1 – Body weight Triceps Extensions – 2 units of 8 to 12 reps

EXERCISE # 2 – Superset in sequence of prolonged triceps extensions and closed-grip bench press – 3 units of 6 to eight reps

EXERCISE # 3 – Bench Dips – 2 units of 10 to 12+ repetitions

Take 90 seconds of relaxation between every set.

The best way to Carry out Train # 1 – Body weight Triceps Extensions

2 units of 8 to 12 repetitions

For this train, you will want a horizontal bar about 2 ft from the bottom. You should utilize a Smith machine bar, common bench handles, a railing, the sting of a chair or desk, and even an Olympic bar put in within the energy rack with the security rails a couple of ft off the bottom. .

Primarily, any horizontal bar that’s 1 to 2 ft off the bottom will do. There must be a little bit of area beneath so you may have a spot to place your head.

– Stand in entrance of the bar, a couple of foot again. Place your arms about 6 inches aside with a (faux) thumbless grip.
-Step again a couple of ft, letting your physique straighten up as you accomplish that.
-Preserve your abs tight so your physique stays supported
-Now decrease your entire physique ahead, bending solely your elbows, in order that your head is tilting beneath the barbell as if you’re attempting to do an overhead tricep stretch.
-Preserve your elbows bent all the best way.
-Preserve your entire physique tense and stiff. The one motion ought to happen on the elbows.
– Lengthen the save utilizing your triceps.

This train will strengthen the lengthy head of the triceps (which runs alongside the underside of the arm) and provides your triceps a great stretch.

The best way to Carry out Train # 2 – Sequence Superset of Elongated Triceps Extensions and Closed Grip Bench Press

3 units of 6 to eight repetitions

Word: One repetition of every train (1 extension and 1 strain) counts as one full repetition for our functions right here.

This can be a distinctive sort of Superset the place you primarily group two totally different workouts into one set – ideally an isolation train and a compound train.

For this Superset we shall be utilizing the EZ Bar and Shut Grip Bench Press elongated tricep extensions (with the identical EZ bar). Use a weight that you’d usually be capable to do about 12 reps for the lengthened extensions on their very own.

In a nutshell, you may be doing one repetitions of extensions after which one repetition of close-grip presses, alternating the reps till you possibly can now not do reps of the extensions. At this level, you end with as many reps as doable for the close-grip presses. It is a very intense approach!

This sort of Superset maximizes the depth of the exercise and permits you to work a number of totally different features of the muscle on the identical time, tremendously growing the effectivity of the exercise.

It’s best to do that train mendacity on the ground (particularly if you’re coaching alone) quite than on a bench. If in case you have a spotter to place the burden again on you at the beginning and take it for you while you’re accomplished, you are able to do this on a flat bench.


Start with one repetition of the Mendacity Triceps Extension. Decrease the bar right down to your brow, then prolong it upward. Now do a single repetition of the Shut Grip Press, reducing the bar to the decrease space of ​​your rib cage, then pushing upward. Now do one other extension, then one other press. Repeat till you possibly can now not do extensions with fine condition. Now end with as many presses as you possibly can with good type. It’s a set !

The best way to Carry out Train # 3 – Bench Dips

2 units of 10 to 12+ repetitions
(the variety of reps you may get will depend upon the physique place you utilize for the train)

You should utilize a bench (or perhaps a common chair) for this one. Begin by sitting on the bench. Place your arms on the bench proper subsequent to your glutes along with your fingers wrapped across the entrance edge. You’ll virtually really feel like you might be sitting in your arms.

The place you place your ft will have an effect on the problem of this train. The best place is to have your ft flat on the ground a foot or two from the bench. Your knees shall be bent.

To make this train tougher, transfer your ft away from the bench (you possibly can straighten your legs). This forces your triceps to realize extra physique weight. Your subsequent place after that is along with your ft on a bench along with your legs straight. You possibly can even attempt along with your ft on a bench larger than the one you may have your arms on.

However for those who’re REALLY searching for a problem, transfer your bench in order that it is dealing with a wall (about 2-3 ft). As an alternative of placing your ft on the ground or on a bench, place your ft flat ON the wall.

This manner the one factor holding you again is your legs pushing HARD immediately in opposition to your triceps as you do the train. The contraction you’ll really feel in your triceps shall be so robust and painful that it’s virtually merciless!

To start out the train, transfer your buttocks to the entrance of the bench a couple of inches. Now plunge your higher physique down as if to scratch your again alongside the entrance fringe of the bench. Pull your self up, squeezing your triceps laborious.

Why this exercise is so efficient:

Like I stated above, the important thing to constructing triceps is to work them laborious AND good.

We begin the exercise with an train that places the triceps in a stretched place. The stretch place has two important benefits – the primary is what’s referred to as the myotatic reflex (aka stretch reflex).

When the muscle is put beneath stress within the stretched place, a speedy change in route causes the activation of extra muscle fibers than regular. This variation of route ought to NOT be a bounce however virtually a tic.

So while you unravel the body weight triceps extension stretch your triceps after which change instructions rapidly (however do not bounce!)

The second good thing about the stretch place is to assist stretch the fascia surrounding the muscle. The fascia is mainly a “pillowcase” of connective tissue that holds a muscle in place. The fascia is tough and restricts muscle progress. Stretching helps loosen the fascia and make room for muscular tissues to develop.

Now let’s transfer on to the second train (s). The Superset In-Set combines two actions in a single train. The extensions present one other stretch place train for the triceps (this stretch place shouldn’t be as full because the overhead place of the primary train, nevertheless) and the press provides you a compound train that enables the shoulders and chest to assist push the triceps tougher.

Finishing every set with a burnout on the presses will actually mild up your triceps.

Now let’s transfer on to the ultimate blow: the Bench Dip. With this train, we’re searching for most contraction. The place your arms are in (behind your physique) is the place the place ALL of the muscle fibers within the triceps are within the optimum place for max contraction.

Simply hold your arms straight and attempt to contact your arms behind your again to show this.

After the stretch place motion and the double drawback of the In-Set Superset, you hit the triceps with the toughest contraction they’re anatomically able to attaining.

Let me inform you proper now … for those who’ve by no means felt your triceps bulge like balloons earlier than, this mix of workouts will! And, you’ll get enormous positive factors within the improvement of triceps muscular tissues in a short time!



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