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Koshi wind chimes are greater than only a wind chime.

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There are such a lot of optimistic facets within the 4 elementary settings of the Koshi wind chimes that make them so highly effective and most of all make them a necessary issue if you’re contemplating your general effectively being and steadiness.

Initially, they’re handcrafted by a small group of artisans on the foot of the French Alps. Koshi chimes are constructed utilizing eco-friendly bamboo veneer outer casing (Feng Shiu wooden ingredient), they’ve inner metal element (Feng shui metallic ingredient), they’re set to the 4 components – Earth , Fireplace, Air and Water (three extra Feng shui components). So from a feng shui viewpoint, Koshi chimes are very highly effective energetically.


Every chime has in its bamboo case an internal metal development of eight metal pins (numerologically, quantity 8 is the nice karmic equalizer and foremost quantity 8 is BALANCE).


Every Koshi chord is crafted utilizing a particular vary of harmonic notes distinctive to that chord – Earth notes are – GCEFGCEG, Water notes are – ADFGADFA, Air notes are – ACEABCEB and Fireplace notes are – GBDGBDGA.

These notes have been chosen to offer probably the most lovely round tonal vary wealthy in harmonics. (One of the vital necessary information (now that features you) is about vibration and steadiness. Your physique and all matter exist at totally different charges of vibration and every has its personal resonant frequency. A few of these frequencies have optimistic influences in your lives, others can negatively impression your life. Due to this fact, sound and its corresponding vibrational frequencies play a elementary however important position in our lives, affecting the harmonic steadiness of our bodily well-being. , psychological, emotional and non secular.

To take it additional, if you’re out of steadiness on account of stress, fear, anxiousness, or frustration, then you’re in a state of imbalance or unease. In the long run, these situations are recognized to trigger coronary heart assaults, hypertension, and in additional extreme instances, loss of life.

Now let’s come again to Koshi chimes and their particular harmonic tones. We’ve got seven principal vitality facilities in our bodily physique, these are often known as the seven chakras. Chakra is an historic Hindu time period referring to the particular location the place we now have vitality concentrations. Every of those concentrations has, amongst different issues, a particular harmonic observe and colour.

So ranging from the bottom of our backbone, the primary of those chakras is called – the foundation or base chakra, the second is the navel chakra, the third is the photo voltaic plexus chakra, the fourth is the center chakra, the fifth is the throat chakra, the sixth is the eyebrow or third eye chakra and at last the upper vitality heart is called the crown chakra.

The notes of every of the bottom chakra chakras are – C base, D sacral, E, photo voltaic plexus F, coronary heart chakra G, throat chakra A 3rd eye and B is the crown chakra. Are you able to see the place that is heading. Should you have a look at the notes of every of the Koshi wind chimes and examine them to the notes of the seven chakras, you will notice that they match. Every Koshi wind chime has at the least considered one of these chakra notes, the 4 Koshi chimes have all of them.

The that means of that is that if considered one of your chakras is out of steadiness, for instance not vibrating within the frequency of its particular observe, then you’re in a state of imbalance. It’d sound insignificant, however within the medium to long run, this imbalance can result in bodily and emotional signs. Thus, the mushy and soothing tones of Koshi wind chimes and their harmonic frequencies have a balancing impact on our complete physique, our lives, our emotional, bodily and non secular lives.


One other attention-grabbing consideration – in case you observe your beginning star and its position in forming your horoscope and the course of your life, you’ll be within the relationship between the 4 koshi chords and their related beginning indicators –

FireplaceAries. March 21 – April 20, Leo July 24 – August 23, Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21

EarthTaurus. April 21 – Could 21, Virgin August 24 – September 23, Capricorn – 22 Dec – 20 Jan

AirGemini. Could 22 – June 22, Steadiness Sep 24 – Oct 23, Aquarius January 21 – February 19

The waterMost cancers. June 23 – July 23, Scorpio October 24 – November 22, fish February 20 – March 20.

One other attention-grabbing consideration: our physique produces sure chemical substances fairly naturally relying on our surrounding setting, our state of consciousness or consciousness. After we are in a state of deep rest, relaxation, mild sleep, or meditation, the physique produces particular pheromones. These pheromones journey by our mind and create the Alpha and Theta mind frequencies there.

Conversely, Alpha Theta mind frequencies can be purposefully created by particular harmonic tones. That is one other nice benefit of Koshi wind chimes. The harmonic frequencies of the notes in Koshi chimes create the Alpha Theta mind waves by our unconscious. Right here you possibly can see that we’re consciously selecting to create our personal peaceable and calm actuality just by hanging the Koshi wind chimes in an space the place their soothing and mushy tones may be heard. It has such an impression on our lives and the lives of others who hear them. And all this magic is created naturally by the breeze.

That’s the reason Koshi wind chimes are more and more utilized in and round yoga and meditation facilities, resorts, well being care, little one and aged care, non-public properties, spas, retreats, sound healers, vitality employees and Feng Shui practitioners.



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