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Knee ache – Thigh ache – Crouching or squatting

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Knee or hip ache after squatting or squatting is frequent in folks with tense decrease again, hip, and knee muscle tissue. Most of us who sit all day have tight muscle tissue in our decrease again and decrease limbs. So once we carry out squatting or squatting actions, whether or not executed for a chronic interval or repetitively, you might expertise weak point, discomfort or ache within the hips, groins, entrance of the thighs in addition to alongside the facet of the thigh. internal thighs and possibly even ache within the knees. . This could inform you that the muscle tissue in these areas have been abused by the squatting or squatting positions.

The muscle chargeable for the discomfort or ache within the entrance of the thighs or ache within the entrance of the knees is the rectus femoris muscle and the muscle on the internal facet of the thigh and knee that has been used is the adductor magnus muscle.

If the ache is on the skin of the knees, it’s doubtless that the ache is from stress to the tensor muscle of the fascia lata, and if the ache is to the again of the knees, the ache is from the hamstrings.

Though the opposite quadriceps muscle tissue are vital in producing anterior thigh and knee ache, they don’t seem to be the primary muscle tissue to be injured as a result of the opposite quadriceps solely move by one joint, specifically the knee joint, whereas the rectus femoris (which can be a quadriceps muscle), the tensor fascia lata, and the hamstrings cross each the hip and knee joints and are due to this fact extra prone to be abused by squatting or crouching. squatting.


Initially, anterior thigh and knee ache is extra frequent than posterior thigh ache. As a consequence of our sedentary positions involving extended sitting, the muscle tissue on the entrance of the hip such because the rectus femoris, tensor fascia lata, and psoas main could also be chronically shortened whereas the muscle tissue in the back of the hip. , gluteus maximus (gluteus muscle), hamstrings and adductors are chronically stretched and weakened.


On the stage of the knee joint, the sitting place locations the knees in a bent place, due to this fact the rectus femoris and the tensor fascia lata whose capabilities are to increase the knee are too stretched and weakened whereas the hamstring muscle tissue whose the operate is to bend the knee grow to be brief and tense as a result of imbalance of muscle energy as within the precept of the swing.

Whereas squatting or squatting, the sitting place is exaggerated with extreme flexion of the hips and knees. Consequently, the rectus femoris and tensor fascia lata muscle tissue grow to be shorter and tighter on the hip and longer and stretched on the knee. Extreme shortening flexion (flexion) contraction on the hip and extreme straightening lengthening (extension) contraction on the knee injures each the rectus femoris and the tensor muscle tissue of the fascia lata.

To maintain the particular person in a squatting or squatting place, the muscle tissue at the back of the hip should bear an extreme lengthening contraction along with an extreme shortening contraction on the knee. For the reason that muscle tissue in the back of the hip that are to bear an elongation contraction such because the gluteus maximus and the adductor majora are large and really sturdy, the hamstrings which additionally do the identical motion on the stage of the hip can now have extra concentrated energy to bend the knee. The stronger the pull of the hamstring muscle tissue to actively bend the knee, the extra energy the rectus femoris and tensor fascia lata muscle tissue should exert to counter this drive.


Subsequently, whenever you attempt to get up after crouching or squatting, the primary weak point, discomfort or ache shall be felt within the entrance of the thigh and within the entrance of the knee inflicting ache within the again. thigh and knee.

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