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Knee deep within the Holy Spirit

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At this time we’re going to examine Ezekiel’s Imaginative and prescient as described in verses 47: 1-4). On this imaginative and prescient, he had a information to guide him by means of it. This imaginative and prescient prophesies the start of the Church after the Resurrection of Christ and explains the function of the Holy Spirit within the lifetime of the Christian who will decide our religious progress and our relationship with our Heavenly Father. I see anxious new Christians every single day – even desperate to develop and obtain all of God’s blessings. – If that is you, or in case you have misplaced what you as soon as had, hearken to what I’ve to say subsequent.

The Holy Spirit settles inside each believer as they’re reborn. The method of progress is drastically accelerated when a believer consciously surrenders himself to Christ and the filling and management of the Holy Spirit. A believer who’s empowered by the Holy Spirit and who’s a devoted pupil of the Phrase of God, who has discovered to belief and obey God, can undergo the assorted levels of religious progress and grow to be a mature Christian in not a lot time. – Some Spirit-filled Christians reveal extra of the fruit of the Spirit in a 12 months than others who haven’t been educated or have been unengaged believers for 50 years.


Ezekiel 47: 1. – “Then he introduced me again to the door of the home (the temple – the church); and, behold, waters got here out from below the edge of the home in the direction of the east: for the entrance of the home stood in the direction of the east, and the waters got here down from under on the proper aspect of the home, on the south aspect of the altar. “- The waters referred to listed below are Eau Vive – or the Holy Thoughts.


We grow to be extra crammed with the Holy Spirit as we be taught and give up to the Phrase of God. These waters got here from God by means of the church and into the world. It’s from Him that these residing waters move.

Ezekiel 47: 3 – “And when the person that had the road in his hand went east, he measured a thousand cubits, and introduced me by means of the waters; the waters had been on the ankles.” – The water apparently emerged from below the japanese gate like a small stream that flowed a thousand cubits, slightly below a 3rd of a mile. Ezekiel then data: “The person … made me cross the waters” and declares that it was as much as the ankles. (This symbolizes the realm the place the brand new convert or the Christian child is strolling)

Ezekiel 47: 4 Once more he measured a thousand, and introduced me by means of the waters; the waters had been at their knees. He once more measured a thousand and made me cross; the waters had been to the kidneys. (This symbolizes religious progress and maturity as we stroll deeper with the Holy Spirit).

The extra this water flowed, the deeper it turned. Amongst different issues, it symbolizes our continued stroll with the Lord for, as we stroll by means of the Dwelling Water, experiencing extra of the Holy Spirit, we understand that his provide of grace and love is ample and limitless. .

THE ANKLE DEEP CHRISTIAN – That is the realm the place we construct our basis. That is additionally why my church is operating a particular 13 week course that teaches new converts the basics of the Christian life. (Construct a company basis).

On the time of salvation, we obtain the abode of the Holy Spirit. Nonetheless, it’s as much as every particular person to find out how a lot of the Holy Spirit we wish to fill our lives.

Ezekiel 47: 3 symbolizes a brand new Christian getting into the ankle-deep residing water. However it’s a must to stroll frequently, and downstream, by means of this ankle deep water when you plan to develop to maturity. You’ll discover in verse 4 that as you stroll downstream the water will get deeper.

Nonetheless, we see many Christians, new and outdated, crossing the river moderately than downstream. They arrive on Sunday morning, go away the shores of the world within the water, then return to the shores of the world leaving the church. We’ve some well-meaning individuals beginning our enterprise foundations course, however they do not attend it frequently. Some individuals by no means come to a Sunday College class – and solely come to the Sunday morning service – do not pray or learn their Bibles – after which surprise why their lives are a multitude, or not all of them. blessings from God. These individuals do not even have an ankle – they barely put a toe within the water. To develop they need to stroll downstream – search under the floor.

We enable our trivial tribulations to grow to be main issues by means of our “self-centeredness” and our lack of religion within the Phrase of God,

We enable a “easy disagreement” to turn into a serious confrontation that results in damaged friendships and even damaged houses. – But when we had walked within the Spirit and had a great relationship with God – It could have been only a “easy disagreement”.

Our religion grows as we stroll within the Spirit and obtain the Phrase. However how many people even open our Bibles for a couple of minutes a day to obtain His glory?


We will have as a lot of the Holy Ghost as we would like. All we have now to do is stroll within the water and proceed down the stream.

The feed is accessible to every of us. It’s your resolution or your option to go in after which have the knowledge and need to go downstream. Typically it will require sacrifices.

Religious maturity is at all times decided by our willingness to sacrifice our personal needs for the sake of the Kingdom of God, or for the nice of others.

DEEP CHRISTIAN KNEE – Ezekiel 47: 4 – “Once more he measured a thousand, and introduced me by means of the waters; the waters had been as much as the knees. Once more he measured a thousand, and introduced me by means of; the waters had been as much as the knees. to the kidneys. ”(This symbolizes religious progress and maturity as we stroll deeper with the Holy Spirit).

That is what the Holy Spirit does within the lives of those that give in to Him. We start to expertise His gracious provide like slightly stream flowing from Christ – the Fountain, and it continues to achieve in worth as we stroll downstream day by day within the mild of His Phrase.

Ezekiel 47: 7 “Now, once I was again, behold, by the river there have been very many timber on one aspect and on the opposite.”

When Ezekiel emerged from the waist deep waters, he was shocked to see either side of the river lined with sturdy, wholesome timber laden with wealthy fruit. (This symbolizes the lots of mature Christians within the Church who had been educating the Phrase and bearing new fruit.) That is the place the Church shall be sooner or later earlier than the approaching of Christ.

Galatians 5: 22,23 “However when the Holy Spirit takes management of our lives, he’ll produce in us this type of fruit: love, pleasure, peace, persistence, goodness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and self-control”.

After we develop these fruits as mature Christians – damaged marriages are mended – forgiveness is simple – speaking to others about Jesus is a pleasure (an obsession) – we have now acquired the persistence to face nonetheless and let God work our approach. lives, – the love of God is manifested by means of us by means of our good deeds, – our self-control is strengthened in order that we obtain the facility to withstand temptation, – we have now a need to serve God for his glory, – and we have now the energy to expertise pleasure, peace and contentment it doesn’t matter what our circumstances. (How significantly better might life get?)

However to obtain this stuff, we have now to step into that river of “Dwelling Water” that Ezekiel noticed in his imaginative and prescient, and stroll frequently till all of those fruits bloom in our lives. When the Holy Spirit controls our lives, we yearn for the information accessible to us by means of the Phrase of God. We elevate our palms and voices in reward as we sing to him in our Church providers. We’ve a need to grow to be extra like Jesus.

In case you are a Christian and your life is uncontrolled, burdened, tempted. Or you might be below an habit that you just can’t break. In case you do not feel the enjoyment and the peace then possibly you bought out of the water and wish to return. Or possibly it is solely ankle deep, (a few of you might need been there all of your life), and the fruits cannot bloom. Then ask God to provide the energy to maneuver on. We should carry on strolling till we obtain sufficient of the Holy Ghost and the Phrase to develop these fruits. We will have as a lot of the Holy Ghost as we would like. All we have now to do is preserve strolling downstream.

Ezekiel 47: 7 symbolizes the lots of mature Christians who taught the Phrase and bore new fruit. Hundreds are starting to deliver others to Christ by means of “Bridge Ministries”.



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