Is Your Body Ready To Lose Weight?


We all get times when we want to burn more fat and lose weight quickly.

You know, when you’ve got a holiday coming up, or a party where you want/need to look amazing and make people want to ask “hey, you look great. What’s your secret?”

The question is… has this ever actually worked for you?



If it has then well done to you! You’re one of the elite in this world that can eat better and lose weight on demand.

Quick question – how long did it take to lose the weight?

Did you have to starve yourself, fight off cravings and strictly count calories for 4-6 weeks before the big event?

Yes? Thought so.

That meant you had to really work to get the body to burn fat and lose weight. The reason you had to work at it for so long is quite simply your body wasn’t ready to lose weight.

The problem lies with today’s modern society.

• We breathe air full of pollution.

• We eat far too much processed food.

• We get bombarded with adverts for fast food.

• Every shop you go into has shelves stacked up with fizzy drinks.

• We’re led to believe that if something’s got fruit in the name, or says it’s low calorie then we should eat more & more of it.

Sadly this isn’t good for the body. All of the above are full of toxins that we pump into the body daily without a second thought.

When these toxins get into the body they stay in the body.

Now pay attention for “the science bit” to explain what happens next.

Each cell in the body (and we’re made of about 50 trillion of them) has a small layer of fat around it to protect it from harmful chemicals in the body.

When these toxins enter the body each cell simply thinks “I don’t want that to affect me, I’ll wrap it up in fat and protect myself”, and that’s exactly what it does. The toxins that get near to the cell get coated in fat to bind them and maintain the cellular health.

Now think of this – what happens when all the cells in the body coat toxins in fat to stop them harming the body, what happens?

I’ll tell you – the cells get a little bigger (and so do we) and eventually the fat-wrapped toxins break away and get stored as fat.

“Where does this happen?” I hear you ask.

• Your stomach

• Your arms

• Your legs

• Your butt

• Anywhere from your nose to your toes & everywhere in between! So as you can see our lifestyle makes us bigger & fatter! Now with this in mind we need to think of why you struggle to lose weight.

If you are filling your body with toxins, and all of your cells are surrounded by fat-wrapped toxins, these cells can’t perform their normal activities. These include using calories for energy, cleaning up infection and of course breathing. When this happens your metabolism slows down at a cellular level.

A slow metabolism while you still eat plenty will do one thing – make you fatter!

“Ok Simon, I think I get it. I need to cut these toxins out then, yeah?”

YES! Exactly. To allow the body to work as you want it to, and to get it ready to lose weight, you need to eliminate the toxins in the body.

Sounds easy, right? Just don’t eat processed foods, drink sugary drinks, don’t believe the hype about low calorie foods, oh yeah and from the list above – don’t breathe!

Hm… that may be difficult. Not breathing again so you don’t fill up with toxins again.

There must be an easier way (at least we hope so!)

The answer is to cleanse the body. To sum it up in another word – detox.

Now I’m not talking about rushing out to Boots for an over the counter detox kit as, to be honest, a lot of high street detox kits simply don’t work. Instead you are going to work through a controlled diet and combine this with a supplementation programme that will literally force the toxins out of your body, leaving you feeling fresher, healthier and lighter as it pushes the fat out of your body too!

The detox is made up of 2 components: diet and supplementation

The diet solution is something known as “The Elimination Diet”, created by UK personal trainer Dax Moy. This is a strict method that needs 100% effort, but if you commit 100% effort Dax guarantees you will lose weight and see results. From my own experience with my own clients I have used this with I can confirm this is right. You will lose weight.

The aim of the elimination diet is to restore the health of your digestive & intestinal tracts, so that you can make the most of the nutrition from the foods you eat. This in turn will allow the nutritional and biochemical status quo of the human body to be re-established.

As you follow the diet plan you’ll notice several things:

You will lose a rather large amount of ‘stubborn fat’ and excess water in a relatively short period of time.

This is because the human body, when overwhelmed with toxins, will ‘dump’ many toxic substances within the adipose tissue stores (fat) in order to reduce their circulation throughout the body. When there are no longer toxins entering the body, those toxins will then be processed and expelled along with the fat (and a lot of

excess water) that is storing them. Of course, the downside of this is that temporarily you may feel a little off-colour as those toxins ‘hit’ you.

Your food cravings and non-physiological (emotional) hunger will reduce or go away entirely

When your body no longer has to produce chemical reactions against a background of toxic ‘static’ you will find that you are able to extract a greater amount of nutrients from the foods you eat. Because of this you will notice that your hunger will reduce substantially.

After all, if you’re getting all of the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that your cells need, then why would you be sent ‘eat’ signals, right? A body that is getting the correct quality and quantity of nutrients self regulates,

giving you ‘feed me’ signals when nutrients are low and ‘stop’ signals when they are topped up. Just as nature intended!

Your health and your general vitality will improve

After the stored toxins have said goodbye and you’re no longer adding others, you’ll notice that many ailments will either reduce or go away entirely. For similar reasons to reducing appetite and emotional hunger, you will find that once your body is getting everything it needs to ‘build’ good health that you’ll be repairing yourself more effectively and your aches and pains will fade away.

But not just that!

You’ll notice that hair, skin and fingernails are healthier and stronger and that your energy levels are at a higher level than they have been in ages. In addition you may find that if you are on medication that your doctor may need to reduce the dosages and that you may be able to come off the meds altogether.

Not bad for a diet that doesn’t ask you to count a single calorie or weigh and measure your foods is it?

In fact, during this eating plan you may even find that you’re eating more calories than before and yet still find that you’re dropping weight as a result of the elimination process.

Though I’d love to claim that all of this is fat, the truth is that much of it will be water. This is because a toxic system holds more water in order to ‘dilute’ the toxins it contains and, once they’re gone, the water goes with it.

You will lose fat though…lots of it!

Many of those that have used this eating plan have found that, on average, they lose 7-10lbs in 2 weeks.

But whilst both weight and fat loss are desirable outcomes for many people that’s not the real point to this eating plan.

This whole system is about improving your health, your wellness and your vitality and if you follow the method of the elimination diet to the letter then you will definitely see results fast.

Put very simply, all you have to do is cut out the following from your diet for 30 days:

All Caffeine containing products – Coffee, Tea, Hot chocolate fizzy drinks

Sugar – Including sucrose, glucose or fructose, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup

Processed Food – The list is almost endless but pretty much anything tinned, baked or pre-packed or if it has numbers or unpronounceable words on the packet

Wheat Products – Bread, biscuits, cakes, pies and breakfast cereals

Dairy – Milk and cheese (only in part one of programme)

Alcohol – All of it, even your ‘diet vodka’

Red Meat – Tastes nice, but takes a long time to digest & puts a lot of stress on the body in the process.

Let me guess, now you’re thinking there’s no food or drink actually allowed and it’s a starvation diet, yes?

Well…it’s not that bad!

Search the internet for The Elimination Diet and see exactly what is entailed (it’s so detailed that it’s a whole other article on it’s own. The best one is by Dax Moy).

Don’t forget part 2 of the formula – the supplementation.

Yes “The Elimination Diet” is powerful and will lose you weight on it’s own, but I’m here to give you a boost to both your results & your health.

The supplements will cleanse your body of the harmful toxins that we discussed in part 1 of this series. To do this I recommend the Healthy Starter Pack from Nature’s Sunshine as a basic set, or if you want more of health boost and want to ensure that your whole body performs as well as it was designed (remember the engine analogy?) then go for the Healthy Starter Programme from Nature’s Sunshine.

“Yeah, thanks, but what’s the difference, what do they do, and why should I take them?”

Healthy Starter Pack +

Toxins are stored in many parts of the body therefore it is important to use a detox that cleanses the entire body. The Healthy Starter Pack is a unique ten day herbal detox designed to clean the whole body of cellular waste.

The Healthy Starter Pack+ Contains –

Black Walnut

Black Walnut is a rich source of the trace mineral chromium and is also high in iodine. Its inner bark, leaves, fruit and unripe husk are used in herbology. The tree grows widely in the western U.S. and Canada and is native to the hardwood forests of the Central Mississippi Valley and the Appalachian region of North America. It is a large tree and can sometimes reach a height of 100 feet and 4-5 feet in diameter. The earliest known reference to the walnut tells that Alexander the Great introduced it to Greece from the Middle East. In fact, in almost every part of the world, the walnut is part of local herbal nutrition.

Herbalists have traditionally used the husks as a nutritional aid for the intestinal system. It has long been considered one of America’s most valuable native cathartics. It is also called an astringent because it is rich in tannin, a toning substance. It’s properties also make an excellent vermicide, sudorific, antiseptic, and febrifuge.

There are benefits from the rich supply of organic iodine and tannins which contain antiseptic properties. It also has oxygenating abilities that help to burn up excess toxins and fatty materials. It aids in regulating blood sugar levels, and has been used for herpes, impetigo, athlete’s foot, ringworm and counteracts hemorrhoidal bleeding in the colon.

It’s excellent properties enable Black Walnut’s to aid many body systems, such as:

Weakened Immune System Weakened Skin System Weakened Intestinal System Weakened Glandular System

It has neither a strong taste or odor and is considered a mild enough herb to try for many disorders by those who are afraid of stronger herbs. For this reason it is very well tolerated by children.


Burdock is a common weed with giant leaves, and seeds (burrs) that cling tenaciously to clothing.

Burdock supports the urinary system in a variety of ways, including helping to remove excess fluid from the body. This may be the result of its tannin content. It also soothes the digestive tract and promotes appetite.

Burdock seeds are crushed to make a popular tincture used to purify the blood, to treat gout and ulcers, arthritis, rheumatism, and cure skin diseases such as acne and psoriasis.

In India and Russia, the root is a popular anti-cancer remedy, and in China it is believed to be an effective aphrodisiac, useful in treating impotence and sterility.

The volatile oils of burdock seed are said to be an effective diaphoretic, used to inducing sweating as an aid in neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body.

This activity is widely utilized by herbal practitioner’s in the treatment of liver problems, gallstones, flu, and to support the kidneys in filtering acids from the blood stream.

Studies of burdock show that it is high in minerals, being a good source of iron. Data also indicates that the root is a good source of the carbohydrate inulin which can account for 45% of the plant mass.

Burdock is also a good source of essential oils and other compounds that exhibit bacteriostatic and anitfungal activity.

Burdock is an effective diuretic, and is considered a very safe herb and food product.

Psyllium Hulls

Psyllium is perhaps the most efficient soluble fiber that exists. Soluble fiber absorbs water, and when it does, it generally absorbs toxic or other unwanted substances in the colon with it. In fact, psyllium hulls typically absorb anywhere from 8-14 times their weight in water! This is far more than any other known fiber–including oat bran. Oat bran does well to absorb 15% of the water that psyllium hulls will. Psyllium is also used to help add bulk to the stool, regulate constipation, and shorten transit time of food in the colon.Many, many studies have been done about psyllium over the years. In one particular study, psyllium given to senior citizens reduced food transit time from about 53 hours to 30 hours–a significant difference. Other similar studies with different groups show similar results.

Cascara & Buckthorn

Cascara & Buckthorn Combination. This herbal laxative supports proper waste elimination and encourages a clean colon. The herbs in this popular combination are a source of calcium, crude fibre, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium. It contains, cascara sagrada bark, buckthorn bark, licorice root, capsicum fruit, ginger root, oregon grape, turkey rhubarb root, couch grass herb and red clover tops.

Gentian & Cascara

Gentian & Cascara Combination Contains 17 herbs that support proper digestion and waste elimination. The formula is a natural source of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, silicon and zinc. It contains, gentian root, Irish moss plant, cascara sagrada bark, fenugreek seeds, golden seal root, slippery elm bark, safflower flower, black walnut hulls, myrrh gum, parthenium root, yellow dock root, dandelion root, oregon grape root, uva ursi leaves, chickweed herb, catnip herb and cyani flowers.

Peony & Cinnamon

Peony & Cinnamon Combination is a Chinese combination of 12 herbs designed to support the needs of a stressed wood constitution The Chinese call this formula tiao he, which means ‘harmonising’. This formula supports both the digestive and nervous systems, optimising liver health and reducing stress. Its primary herbs; scute, peony, bupleurum and atractylodes; help normalise the nervous system during mental agitation and normalise the upper digestive system during tension and distress. It contains, bupleurum root, peony root, pinellia rhizome, cinnamon twig, dang gui root, fushen plant, scute root, zhishi fruit, atractylodes rhizome, panax ginseng root, ginger rhizome and licorice root.

Between them, these 6 products cleanse the stomach, the digestive tract, the intestines and many other internal organs, flushing the toxins out to allow the body to return to a natural level of performance.

NB – The detox programme is not recommended for children, women who are pregnant or nursing, or people experiencing ill health. Please note: If Diarrhoea occurs during the cleanse the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill may be compromised.

The Healthy Starter Programme

This has the same core content as the Healthy Starter Pack, but it also has 2 extra ingredients:

Liquid Chlorophyll is a great tasting ‘minty drink’ which the whole family can enjoy throughout the day. Chlorophyll is the substance responsible for a plant’s green colour. Among its many benefits, Chlorophyll is a good natural cleanser and it helps eliminate body odour. Add Liquid Chlorophyll to water for a great tasting drink that has effective cleansing properties, making it a valued addition to your cleanse programme. Liquid Chlorophyll has a virtually identical chemical make-up to haemoglobin (red blood cells) allowing this to synergistically transport more oxygen around your body as it cleanses you too!

Bifidophilus-Flora Force is a milk-free probiotic supplement, providing important strains of friendly flora which naturally inhabit the intestinal tract. These aid the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and help to maintain a healthy immune function. Bifidophilus Flora Force provides billions of beneficial intestinal micro-organisms that offer a whole range of health benefits. It contains 3.5 billion friendly micro-organisms, including lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium longum. Nature’s Sunshine’s Bifidophilus capsules are enteric coated which means they release the friendly bacteria in the intestines where it is needed and not in the stomach.

The benefits of these bacteria would take an entire other blog post on their own. In a short version simply think that they will put the good bacteria back into the areas of the digestive & intestinal systems that have been cleansed of the bad, harmful bacteria, allowing you to absorb maximum amounts of the healthy nutrition the elimination diet will provide you with.

Ok, you’ve survived.

Do you now know why you can’t just try and lose weight and make it happen? Simply put your body is full of toxic waste that it needs to get rid of before it can burn fat. But what happens to the body when you remove this toxic waste……

If you want me to help you and advise you in getting started just get in and we’ll get your fat moving asap!

Yours in fitness,

Simon Caddy

Source by Simon Caddy