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Is It Time To Swap To Low Carb?

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I’ve spent years finding out weight reduction, weight acquire, weight problems, human biology, psychology, habits change, drugs, and illness prevention. Nevertheless, I can admit that I don’t method the topic of weight reduction with a very open thoughts. In all of my weight reduction research, I’ve ignored a low-carb food plan.

Low carbohydrate diets


I ignored low carb diets as a result of:


> I assumed they weren’t based mostly on science

> I assumed they have been troublesome to take care of

> I assumed I could not keep my muscle tissue

> I assumed I might all the time be drained

> I assumed they have been too excessive in “dangerous” fat, and finally as a result of

> I like carbohydrates

I can admit that as a physician and scientist I ought to have been extra open-minded. I ought to have accomplished extra analysis. All of my earlier analysis was based mostly on logic and dogma reasonably than pure proof and information.

Good energy, dangerous energy

I’ve been a proponent of low glycemic load consuming since studying The Glucose Revolution: The Authoritative Information to the Glycemic Index-The Groundbreaking Medical Discovery, and the research the e-book refers to. Nevertheless, I have not researched low carb consumption in the identical method.

After studying Jimmy Moore’s Livin ‘La Vida Low-Carb (TM) weblog and Muata Kamdibe’s Mr. Low Physique Fats weblog for a couple of months and chatting with Jimmy personally, I made a decision to do some in depth ingesting analysis. of carbohydrates. I am going to begin with a e-book Jimmy beneficial to me referred to as Good Energy, Dangerous Energy by Gary Taubes.

11 Vital conclusions

Based on Random Home, the 11 crucial conclusions of excellent energy, dangerous energy are:

1. Dietary fats, whether or not saturated or not, doesn’t trigger coronary heart illness.


2. Carbohydrates do, due to their impact on the hormone insulin. The extra simply digestible and refined the carbohydrates and the extra fructose they comprise, the higher the impact on our well being, weight and well-being.

3. Sugars – sucrose (desk sugar) and excessive fructose corn syrup are particularly dangerous. The glucose in these sugars will increase insulin ranges; the fructose they comprise overloads the liver.

4. Refined carbohydrates, starches and sugars are additionally the most certainly dietary causes of most cancers, Alzheimer’s illness and different widespread power ailments of contemporary occasions.

5. Weight problems is a dysfunction of extreme fats accumulation, not overeating and never sedentary habits.

6. Consuming extra energy doesn’t make us fats any greater than it causes a baby to develop taller.

7. Train doesn’t make us lose extra fats; it makes us hungry.

8. We acquire weight due to an imbalance – an imbalance – within the hormonal regulation of adipose tissue and fats metabolism. Extra fats is saved in adipose tissue than is mobilized and used as gasoline. We get leaner when hormonal regulation of fats tissue reverses this imbalance.

9. Insulin is the primary regulator of fats storage. When insulin ranges are excessive, we retailer energy as fats. When insulin ranges drop, we launch fats from our adipose tissue and burn it for gasoline.

10. By stimulating insulin secretion, carbohydrates make you fats and finally result in weight problems. By selling the buildup of fats, carbohydrates additionally enhance starvation and reduce the quantity of vitality we spend in metabolism and bodily exercise.

11. The much less carbohydrates we devour, the leaner we will probably be.

The proper food plan

There isn’t any such factor as an ideal food plan or dietary plan, however a low-carb food plan could be a viable possibility for a lot of, together with myself. So I’ll spend the following few weeks dissecting this e-book and its references. I am going to allow you to all know what I discover.

** Please seek the advice of your doctor, registered dietitian or licensed health skilled earlier than beginning or modifying your food plan or train program. **



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