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Is bee pollen vegan? It is a powerful selection!

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May bee pollen be vegan?

Any respectable vegan is aware of that honey isn’t vegan as a result of exploitation of bees within the strategy of “ making ” honey, however is pollen vegan?


Effectively, there isn’t any easy, simple reply right here, as it’s a private selection, based mostly on the way you deal with and expertise your veganism. Some vegans are extra strict than others, whereas some are fairly relaxed about how they select to behave as vegans.


On this article, we’ll check out the details on why pollen could or might not be vegan, and why some vegans will use pollen and others will not contact it with a tall pole.

Let’s first outline what a vegan is for non-vegans studying:

“Veganism is a lifestyle that excludes all types of exploitation and cruelty to the animal kingdom, and consists of respect for all times. It applies to the follow of residing off the merchandise of the plant kingdom to the exclusion of flesh, fish, poultry, eggs, honey, animal milk and its derivatives, and encourages using substitute merchandise. for all merchandise derived in complete or partially from animals. “

Donald Watson, 1944

The arguments for and towards bee pollen being vegan

As you possibly can see, being vegan includes boycotting all types of animal exploitation, however you continue to must ask your self if pollen is vegan. Since figuring out whether or not harvesting or pollen could possibly be labeled as a type of exploitation?

On the one hand, it’s because bees are usually saved strictly for the aim of fertilizing fruit orchards and are sometimes employed to fertilize flowers. Thus, humanity harnesses the talents of the honey bee, and as such, it makes the pollen non-vegan.


But alternatively, this pollen is waste, the bees haven’t collected it for their very own use, nor have they inspired or exploited them as people to gather the pollen. As well as, not all apiaries are meant for human wants; some apiaries are developed for the advantage of the atmosphere. In areas of the world the place bees are minimal, apiaries are set as much as encourage native flora to develop and flourish, and the pollen from these companies is incidental and never manufactured.

Finally, it is a private selection

Each of the above causes are legitimate; it’s definitely a private selection in relation to deciding whether or not the pollen is vegan or not?

Nevertheless, for many who are solely vegans for the dietary advantages over moral dilemmas, then pollen can most positively be thought-about vegan in your state of affairs.

This is because of its minimal impact in your calorie consumption, particularly since pollen is loaded with all of these pure enzymes, nutritional vitamins, and minerals that will likely be lacking out of your weight-reduction plan because you grew to become a vegan. By taking in pollen, you will discover all of these minerals and nutritional vitamins that you simply misplaced whenever you minimize meat, eggs, and dairy out of your weight-reduction plan.

All in all, I need to, as soon as once more, repeat that the reply to “is bee pollen vegan?” Is a call based mostly in your rigor as a vegan and adherence to the quote above. Nevertheless, in case you personally determine that pollen isn’t vegan, you’ll lose the chance to take a pure each day complement that has extra pizzazz than an vitality drink and multivitamins mixed!

With such a restricted weight-reduction plan, taking a complement as highly effective as pollen is a clever transfer, for vegans seeking to keep as lively as attainable whereas avoiding high-energy, non-vegan meals.



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