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Tips on how to cease getting most cancers and reverse your prognosis

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The most important and most related problem dealing with individuals who have been identified with most cancers and even those that have not been identified is, “How do I cease doing this?” “How can I cease getting this most cancers?”

Clearly, since one in two males and one in two and a half girls in america will develop most cancers of their lifetime, if the most cancers had been genetic, most of our grandparents would have grown up and will presumably be. – have died of most cancers. this isn’t what has occurred and due to this fact we have to change our perspective of inquiry.


About each six weeks now we have new pores and skin; each third day now we have new cells lining our colon; each different day now we have new rods and cones in our retinas; each 4 to 6 months now we have new livers; and so each ten to 12 months now we have a brand new physique. Subsequently, if we had most cancers a yr in the past and now we have most cancers right now, it’s as a result of we proceed to provide it.


If you happen to put an enormous scratch in a Rolls Royce, it can finally rust and corrode. If you’re sliced ​​on the arm by a pointy knife, it bleeds, then a scab types and at last, it heals! Wow! Clearly, this mixture of biomechanical earth (physique) that we dwell our lives in is much better designed and manufactured than the costly Rolls Royce. And but, will we “change the oil, regulate it, or rotate the tires?” NO! However we count on excessive efficiency and are baffled once we get sick.

The human physique is in perpetual renewal. It is by no means static. Billions of latest cells are produced each minute. Billions of previous cells, metabolic waste and poisons from meals, drink, air, pores and skin and lungs additionally should be eradicated each minute. When these processes are thwarted, signs (the physique tries to appropriate) seem and finally, if not corrected, all processes stop.


It does not matter how efficient somebody is at eliminating most cancers if the individual continues to have it. It isn’t at all times troublesome to rid the physique of most cancers; the issue is to not do it!

Right here is the formulation to cease getting most cancers:

1) Eat in accordance with your organic wants fairly than in accordance with your appetites. Understand that we’re primates, not canine or felines or cattle or pigs. Contemplate what gorillas eat and ask your self if they’re robust and wholesome. Do not forget that daylight is destroyed by hearth, radiation, and microwaves. As well as, freezing destroys many vitamins. Natural, ripe, recent and unaltered are the qualities of the meals most appropriate with well being.

2) Sleep early and get up early.

3) Begin your day with meditation and / or prayer and embrace Tai Chi or Ji Gong or Yoga.

4) Examine well being and therapeutic of physique and thoughts and spirit … do not examine illness. (at the least half-hour).

5) Do cardio train for at the least 20 minutes (presumably 45) and embrace resistance workouts for muscle tone and power.

6) Eat solely after train, however keep in mind that you do not have to eat within the morning and the longer the time period between meals the more healthy you develop into.

7) Cleanse your colon. Understand that the colon is about 1.5 to 2 meters or about 5 toes in size, so take into account how a lot waste you’re eliminating every day. If it is not about 5 toes, you must do an enema or have a colon. Every day enema or colic 2-3 occasions every week, if potential, or a mixture of the 2. One colon and three enemas per week are an instance.

8) Espresso retention enemas are an effective way to cleanse your liver, and wheatgrass juice or different recent juice retention enemas are one other approach to get vitamins into your physique.

9) Relaxation for a noon, meditate and / or pray, take off your footwear and scent the earth barefoot and let the solar heat your pores and skin, if potential for about half-hour relying on the place you reside.

10) Eat your night meal at the least 3 hours earlier than mattress. It is rather vital for therapeutic to go to sleep with an empty abdomen and intestines.

11) Meditate and / or pray earlier than having your night meal.

12) Watch out to not lie. Being dishonest produces dangerous psycho-emotional and religious results.

13) Chuckle … stomach chuckle, if potential a number of occasions a day.

14) Be good … in case you are indignant, go sit down and take a deep breath or if essential go someplace and shout and hit a stick, then go take a deep and sluggish breath and meditate for five minutes.

15) Spend the final half-hour earlier than mattress studying and / or praying or meditating.

16) Sleep along with your head north to south or south to north, if potential.

17) Ensure that the room you sleep in is quiet, darkish, and freed from digital gear.

18) Quick from 10 to 14 days 4 occasions a yr on the two solstices and equinoxes. So March 21, June 21, September 21, and December 21. Fasting ought to be 10-14 consecutive, together with the twenty first of these months.

19) The order of significance for a nutritious diet: quantity, frequency and high quality. Subsequently, don’t eat till you’re full. Eat, at most, twice a day and skip someday as soon as every week. The standard meals is natural, recent and ripe.

20) Discover somebody to like.



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