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Learn how to correctly clear a wig

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Clear your wigs correctly. It isn’t as exhausting as you may think

You’ve got spent some huge cash in your new wig, so let’s make it final. If you need your lovely wig to proceed to look contemporary and offer you long-term pleasure, then like anything, that you must deal with it. For these of you scuffling with most cancers or different well being associated remedy, I do know that sustaining a wig could also be the very last thing you need to do. Nonetheless, I imagine that for a lot of girls, sustaining the routine and glamor of their outward look could make all of the distinction on the earth to avoiding despair. Something you are able to do to help the therapeutic course of might be a constructive step throughout this important time and for a few of us meaning being attentive to these magnificence rituals and that space of ​​our life that permits us to return out of it. the home by feeling us reunited. .


After 9 years of recurrently helping girls on the hospital bedside who face one situation or one other and expertise hair loss, I’ve really seen miracles occur when a girl places on a brand new wig, appears to be like at herself within the mirror and abruptly feels lovely once more and will get her “mojo” again. It offers her that additional effort that she wanted to work more durable to beat her situation. Keep in mind, human hair wigs, various hair, created hair – no matter time period you resonate with – is hair that does not breathe; it has no pure oils, so it wants hydration and regeneration.


Okay, let’s discuss Artificial hair wigs first.

Since artificial hair is constructed from kanekalon, a nylon hair, it requires totally different merchandise after which is used on human hair. Artificial hair is available in silky or curly types and may be very cheap. The silky kanekalon is skinny and straight, some are made with a built-in physique.

There are a number of forms of artificial hair ranging in worth and high quality. The best high quality artificial hair sort known as monofilament, monofiber, or “mono” for brief, which appears to be like loads like human hair.

The aim of cleansing artificial hair is to take away oils from the scalp that may construct up over time. Additionally, if you happen to use a whole lot of styling merchandise, this build-up could make the hair look boring and also can promote tangles. I counsel my shoppers who put on their artificial items recurrently to scrub them as soon as each ten to 12 occasions they put on them. In the event that they use a whole lot of styling merchandise, it’s best to scrub their hair as soon as each 5 or 6 garments. It is very important remember the fact that washing artificial hair will certainly shorten its lifespan, as nylon will lose its elasticity and shine with washing, so attempt to not use extreme quantities of the product. Apply simply sufficient product to do what you want for the look you are attempting to attain and solely wash off when wanted.

When brushing:

Brushing artificial hair will assist keep away from tangles and knots. An everyday hairbrush shouldn’t be used on artificial hair as it can trigger the tricks to break and frizz. Purchase a particular artificial hair comb or brush at any magnificence provide retailer. Utilizing a brush with rubber tips about the bristles can be utilized for artificial and human hair in addition to to stop hair fibers from splitting.

Brush hair earlier than washing to take away tangles. Wig “detangling” spray could be utilized to assist separate strands if wanted and clean out knots.

Place the piece on a wig head. They arrive in polystyrene or canvas. Both can be utilized. Place small T-pins on the temples, brow and alongside the again of the neck to carry the hair in place. It is going to additionally stop inversion (when the hair goes by the within of the wig).

For artificial hair, some individuals will use dwelling merchandise so simple as laundry detergent adopted by wig conditioner. Others use particular artificial wig care merchandise that may be bought on-line and at most magnificence provide shops and specialty wig shops.

It is very important use applicable styling merchandise on artificial hair. There are lots of merchandise out there at magnificence shops, together with hairspray, leave-in conditioner, shine spray, mousse, and shaping cream.

Go away-in conditioner could be sprayed on damp artificial hair, then rubbed gently together with your fingers. Okay, it is time to wash your “little girl”.

This course of is tremendous simple and should not take greater than 5 minutes. Fill a bucket or sink with cool water. Don’t use sizzling water; in case your wig, hairpiece or extensions have any sort of wave or curl, sizzling water will chill out it. Scorching water additionally tends to convey out the colour.

Combine about two capfuls of artificial wig shampoo within the water, gently place the wig head within the soapy water, and transfer the hair forwards and backwards within the water for about 3 minutes. Don’t rotate the pinnacle of the wig, as this can more than likely trigger the hair to tangle.


Take away the wig head from the soapy water and maintain it beneath the faucet with chilly, clear water moving into the identical course because the hair, rinsing it till no extra foam stays. cleaning soap. Repeat with 2 capfuls of conditioner, then repeat the rinse process.

Fastidiously take away the pins from the pinnacle of the wig and set them apart. By no means brush an artificial wig when it’s moist. This may trigger stretching and breakage of the hair. To dry the wig, place it on a towel and blot the wig constantly, amassing water from the half. Don’t twist or twist the hair. There’s a great product known as a No-Scrub Towel which has similarities to a chamois which when used for blotting extracts water from a wig 3 times quicker. Then place the wig on a wig stand or dry wig head till it’s dry.

You possibly can stop scalp oil buildup on artificial wigs by carrying a wig cap. Wig caps are cheap and could be bought at magnificence provide shops. Simply make certain the cap just isn’t too tight as you’ll now be carrying two rubber bands. One within the base of the wig and one within the cap.

Additionally, by no means use heated styling instruments corresponding to blow dryers, curling irons, or straightening irons on artificial hair. Heated instruments, even on the coldest setting, will soften artificial hair. Until it is simply chilly air, I do not counsel utilizing a blow dryer on artificial hair. Additionally watch out to not go close to the warmth of the kitchen. Reaching the oven to sear that pretty lasagna or salmon dish you’ve got ready would be the finish of your piece.

Now for Human hair Wigs:

You possibly can observe the identical washing directions as above solely there might be just a few further merchandise wanted to guard this kind of hair. This course of mustn’t take greater than 5-6 minutes.

Human hair being a bit of extra delicate, it requires extra delicate merchandise. Most individuals assume child shampoo is essentially the most delicate when in reality it’s the worst product as a result of it dries out the hair. As with artificial hair, you solely want to scrub your wig if you really feel the necessity to. When it begins to look a bit of too raveled, greasy, or soiled, now could be the fitting time. Girls … everyone knows when it is time.

To begin with, I counsel you purchase wig shampoo. Common shampoo might include an excessive amount of alcohol, which, if used constantly, can slowly break down the wig. It is very important get the protein again into the hair after washing and earlier than conditioning, so buying protein wig spray is crucial to stop strands of hair from turning into brittle. Shopping for shade retention product will assist shield your shade from washout.

Moreover, wig conditioner, wig hairspray, and wig detangler are important to stop hair from tangling and tangling, creating breakage.

Right here is a few Product solutions I like to recommend:

When drying human hair, fastidiously take away the hair from the block and dry it with a big dry towel. Once more, by no means ring or twist the hair as this may promote breakage. There’s a great, frictionless towel that can soak up water from the wig 3 times quicker. I like to recommend that you just place human hair on a wig head or wig stand the place air can flow into out and in.

It’s good to permit the half to partially dry – till it’s only damp – earlier than blowing it off. By additionally inserting a thermal spray protector on the hair earlier than making use of a heater, the hair might be shielded from burning or drying out.

So that is it! Haven’t any worry – you’ll do very properly if you happen to observe these confirmed steps.

Good luck!



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