There are lots of therapies for hair loss, together with transplant surgical procedure, laser lights, massages, and drugs that inhibit dihydrotestosterone or dilate blood vessels. All of them appear to work to a point, however none of them give very passable outcomes, and none of them have grown new hair on a totally bald scalp.

It’s because they solely deal with half of the true genetic reason for hair loss.

The standard knowledge is that hair loss is attributable to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the type of testosterone after being acted on by 5 alpha reductase. DHT enters the follicles and places them right into a state of dormancy, inflicting them to provide thinner and finer hair till they finally die and cease producing hair, and people follicles can by no means be reactivated. Though DHT performs an vital function, it can’t be the only reason for hair loss as no man goes bald on the perimeters or again of the scalp, solely on the highest. These completely different areas are additionally uncovered to DHT, so it does not make sense to say that DHT is the one clarification. There should be one other unknown issue at work.

There’s truly one thing distinctive concerning the anatomy of the higher scalp and it’s the lacking piece of the puzzle.

It is within the third layer of pores and skin on the high of the scalp and it is known as GALEA APONEUROTICA.

It’s a tendon tissue that exists solely on the highest of the scalp. This GALEA seems like a helmet and its form precisely matches the worst circumstances of male sample baldness, all of this places all of the items of the puzzle in place and it needs to be concluded that it performs a task in hair loss. This GALEA is connected to the muscle tissue throughout the perimeter of the pinnacle and these muscle tissue pull on and stretch it in all instructions. That is why all bald males seem like they’ve a stretched and glossy scalp. This constricted GALEA chokes blood circulate, inflicting DHT to have a extra damaging impact on the highest of the scalp than anyplace else. In truth, we solely get bald in areas the place this GALEA exists and nowhere else on the scalp.

The concept this GALEA is concerned in hair loss has been debated for years however its function was controversial. This new idea explains how this tight GALEA interacts with DHT to trigger hair loss and MPB. He says hair loss is attributable to two issues; firstly, a good GALEA, which blocks blood circulate to the follicles, and solely second, by DHT, which turns into trapped within the follicles attributable to this restricted blood circulate, and which makes the hair follicles inactive and unable to develop new hair. Usually, DHT is crucial for good hair progress, however when it will get trapped and clogs the follicles, it has damaging results.

However theories are ineffective if they do not result in sensible advantages and sensible options, so extra importantly, this idea results in a brand new methodology to cease hair loss and stimulate dormant follicles to develop again hair.

So, to sum it up, this new idea says:

“The true genetic reason for male sample baldness and hair loss is a good GALEA that solely exists on the highest of the pinnacle. This tight GALEA interferes with regular blood circulate to the highest of the scalp and prevents DHT from flowing as freely because it does. on the perimeters and again of the scalp, the place there isn’t a GALEA. DHT, which is often helpful for hair progress, is now trapped in hair follicle receptors on the high of the scalp, and now has damaging penalties that find yourself stopping the follicles from making new regular and terminal hair. .

Primarily based on this idea, the therapy methodology first relaxes this GALEA, after which makes use of a particular electrical system to stimulate the follicles within the rising hair once more. It’s not a laser comb. This explicit system has been utilized in different beauty functions and is a longtime outdated science.

This methodology now makes use of medicine, no lotions, and no surgical procedure.

For youthful males, this methodology ought to work even sooner and higher as a result of their follicles haven’t been forming for as lengthy and should not as clogged with DHT as they do in older males.

Ladies even have GALEA and it’s logical to conclude that it tightens similar to in males, both due to genetics or due to stress. Nonetheless, it’s evident that the overwhelming majority of girls don’t usually lose their hair. Primarily based on this new two-factor idea on what causes hair loss, it is sensible to conclude that almost all ladies do not lose their hair even when they’ve a good GALEA as a result of they do not have it. second downside, which is excessive ranges of testosterone or its by DHT product.

Nonetheless, it’s well-known that many ladies develop larger than regular testosterone ranges, or that their relative ratios of testosterone and estrogen change in some unspecified time in the future of their lives, whether or not after menopause or after menopause. childbirth, and it causes all types of different well being issues for them. issues.

For these ladies, if they’re dropping their hair or if their hair is getting skinny and it isn’t attributable to illness or chemotherapy, then it is sensible to conclude that it’s most likely additionally as a result of mixed results of this GALEA. tight and their newly excessive ranges. of testosterone or DHT, the identical method it causes hair loss in males.


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