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Cabbage might be made into tea and a poultice for house cures for sure sicknesses. Cabbage is full of highly effective antioxidants, which forestall and stop illness and most cancers. It’s notably helpful for colon most cancers. Cabbage strengthens the immune system and is subsequently a beautiful winter meals for combating colds and flu.

Cabbage is wealthy in nutritional vitamins C, E, fiber, iron, calcium and potassium. Additionally it is excessive in sulfur, which helps the physique struggle micro organism. It removes impurities from the physique and makes the hair sturdy and glossy. Should you endure from poor blood circulation in your arms, legs, or ft, embody extra cabbage in your weight-reduction plan. Attempt these 3 cabbage cures to spice up your immune system.

Cabbage tea:

2 tablespoons of dried cabbage

Sprigs of basil or thyme

Non-obligatory – add a drizzle of soy sauce, a pinch of black pepper

Put the dried cabbage and basil or thyme in a mug and pour 1 cup of boiling water out of your kettle over the cabbage. Steep till the cabbage is tender. Drink the tea (and eat the cabbage) to calm your nerves, heat you from chills, relieve nausea, and clear up colds and congestion in your chest. Cabbage tea is fantastic to heat you up anytime.

Cabbage plaster:

Cabbage plasters are used for rheumatism and arthritis.

Crush and mash a number of outer leaves. Wrap the bruised leaves across the painful space. You’ll be able to maintain the plaster in place utilizing a chunk of flannel.

Cabbage plasters shortly relieve swollen and painful joints. The coating has warming properties that cut back ache and swelling. Use for sprains, sore knees, twisted wrists and ankles.

Different exterior makes use of for uncooked cabbage leaves are to assist enhance circulation, cut back irritation, lung infections, sciatica, and tonsillitis.

Cabbage poultice:

Shred a handful of collard greens and use a pestle and mortar to pound it till it’s mushy. Use the poultice for contaminated wounds to clear the an infection.

Wrap the world with a material and go away the poultice on for half-hour to 1 hour. Rinse the wound with cooled boiled water.

Repeat this course of, utilizing clear cabbage every time, till the pus is faraway from the wound.

This poultice works to extract shards, thorns, thistles and splinters.

Cabbage is an entire meals that’s used for its dietary and medicinal advantages. Poultices, teas and plasters are simple to learn to make and use at house. Discover ways to make these cures for your loved ones and revel in a wholesome life-style.

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