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How can I strengthen my arm muscle tissue outdoors of puppetry?

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As a director, one of many complaints I hear most frequently throughout puppet observe is, “My arm is drained. I keep in mind making the identical grievance once I began my puppet expertise. Our most important coaching time was Sunday afternoon as we had simply accomplished two packages and have been preparing for an additional that night time. The director did not present a lot compassion and insisted that we hold our arms up. I wasn’t loopy on the time, however throughout performances arm fatigue was not an issue.

This begs the query, “How can I strengthen the muscle tissue in my arms in order that they do not tire so rapidly?”


The primary and finest reply is to take care of weekly puppet practices and through these practices, refuse to slack off. Within the health club throughout coaching, you typically hear the phrase, no ache, no achieve. It really works the identical in puppet observe. In actual fact, once I hear a puppeteer complain about drained arms, I do know there’s reinforcement.


I am not a health knowledgeable so I can solely share what I’ve achieved. Whereas weekly practices are necessary, there are different issues I did the remainder of the week to strengthen my arm muscle tissue. Listed below are 5 that I used.

1. Work on a puppet outdoors of observe. I hold a puppet in my workplace with the purpose of utilizing it for at the very least 10 minutes a day, 5 with my proper arm and 5 with my left.

2. Play the piano. Does it sound unusual? When enjoying the piano (accurately, not the one-finger technique), the palms stretch and retreat as they transfer throughout the keyboard. Many of those actions are the identical as these utilized in puppets. We now have discovered that most individuals who often play the piano rapidly purchase abilities in puppetry.


3. Play with a stress ball. A stress ball is a small ball stuffed with liquid or sand that you just squeeze and work together with your hand. Because you squeeze your thumb and fingers collectively, it really works the identical as utilizing a puppet. As you’re employed with it, maintain your arm up within the air to additional imitate utilizing a puppet.

4. A rubber band. For this observe, I attain out my hand like I am working a puppet, wrap a rubber band round my thumb and fingers, after which open and shut my hand like I am utilizing a puppet. NOTE: In case you are doing this, make sure to use a powerful rubber band and hold your hand away out of your face in case it breaks.

5. A handbook exerciser bought from an area sporting items retailer. The type I’ve used previously is formed like a capital A, and also you squeeze the prolonged elements collectively. Once more, this mimics the working actions of a puppet and helps strengthen your hand.

The important thing to all of that is to make use of your arm muscle tissue through the week the identical manner you employ a puppet. With a bit of further train through the week, it is simpler to work your puppet for longer durations of time and you may focus higher on different necessary fundamentals.



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