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Horse Gram – A Nutritious And Miraculous Lentil

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It’s rightly mentioned that if individuals wish to change into wholesome, they need to incorporate loads of fluids, inexperienced greens, fruits, legumes, and entire grains into their each day routine and food plan on account of their excessive content material of protein and nutritional vitamins. Horse gram is among the lesser recognized beans and may be very helpful as feed for cattle. It’s also a preferred ingredient in Indian delicacies, particularly in South India.

Horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) is a wholesome and nutritious lentil and is available in most shops. It has many names all around the world, which proves that it’s recognized and used all around the world. It is named cowpea, Bonnavista bean, hyacinth bean, kulatha kalai in Sanskrit, bian dou in Chinese language, habbul kulth in Arabic, kuntikali in Bengali, kulthi in Hindi, kollu in South India and gahat / muthira / kulath in different components of India. This will go a good distance in making our high quality of life richer and extra fulfilling.


Horse gram is wealthy in style and on the identical time supplies us with many well being advantages.

• It has miraculous properties which may remedy kidney and gallstones.

• The horse gram plant displays astringent, diuretic and antioxidant properties.

• It’s prescribed to individuals affected by jaundice or water retention, and as a part of a weight reduction food plan by decreasing the ldl cholesterol degree within the physique.

• It’s thought of helpful for iron deficiency and is taken into account helpful for sustaining physique temperature through the winter season; and prevents and cures arthritis.

• It helps remedy menstrual issues like irregular durations and heavy bleeding, leucorrhoea and bleeding throughout or after the being pregnant interval.

• The excessive quantity of dietary fiber it comprises balances blood strain, sugar and glucose ranges.

• Its plant treats sufferers with liver failure, enlarged spleen and colic because of its medicinal properties.

• It has been utilized by Ayurveda as a treatment for issues reminiscent of conjunctivitis, worm elimination, rheumatism and hemorrhoids.

• Some assessments have additionally proven that lipids extracted from grams of horses are recognized to remedy rats with peptic ulcers.


Soak two or three tablespoons of horse gram in a single day in enough quantity of water, the subsequent day make it right into a paste and eat it twice a day. You can too drink the soaked water for the added advantages. Add it to your each day food plan whether or not within the type of sprouts, soups or boiled water to see outcomes.




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