Hepatitis is an inflammatory situation of the liver. Hepa means “liver” in Latin and the English suffix “itis” means irritation. Hepatitis is characterised by different situations resembling jaundice, belly and gastric discomfort, hepatomegaly, and darkish urine (which is an indication of extreme acidosis).

What causes hepatitis? Reply: Toxemia! When an organ just like the liver turns into too poisonous, it turns into infected and the irritation causes the organ to develop greater.

The liver is without doubt one of the physique’s 5 elimination channels (or six elimination channels if you’re feminine). It’s the primary filtering organ of the physique and performs greater than 500 capabilities. And since the liver secretes sure substances, it’s also a gland. All toxins are first neutralized or attacked by the liver. The liver does a superb job of combating toxicity till it’s overwhelmed and permits much less poisonous substances to enter the physique by way of the bloodstream whereas combating off the deadliest toxins in a divine gesture to avoid wasting the liver. host physique.

Sure toxins resembling cigarette smoke, alcohol / beer / wine, pharmaceutical medicine, so known as vitamin C, unlawful medicine (cocaine, heroin, PCP, and so forth.), contraception drugs, gasoline automobile exhaust and fumes, carbon monoxide, family cleansing merchandise, chemical substances, and beauty and hygiene chemical substances dramatically sabotage liver well being. This stuff make the liver work more durable and additional time.

And let’s not overlook the toxins from SAD (Customary American Weight-reduction plan). Meats are extremely saturated with toxins, together with sodium nitrate and nitrites, artificial feminine hormones, and chemical dyes. Dairy merchandise comprise cow feces and artificial feminine hormones.

Meat (slaughtered animal flesh), dairy merchandise (cow snot / mucus / pus) and starch (stiffening agent) create acids which trigger irritation all through the physique which in flip causes extra manufacturing of mucus within the physique.

The liver is the physique’s first line of protection. That’s the reason it’s crucial that the liver stays wholesome. You can not dwell and revel in optimum well being and not using a clear, functioning liver. The truth is, should you take away the letter “R” from the phrase “liver”, what new phrase do you could have now? Reply: LIVE !!!

Hepatitis is nothing greater than a synthetic medical time period to explain an issue with the liver. And these days there are variants of this illness with alphabets hooked up to the tip of the phrase, like hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, all of that are suspected viruses. And what does the phrase “virus” actually imply? Reply: poison! So for Djehuty, hepatitis is nothing however a joke, as a result of I do know hepatitis means there may be mucus clogging the liver and on the identical time there’s a plethora of saturated toxins within the liver. In a nutshell, that is what hepatitis is.

And God forbid an individual can be naive or ignorant to just accept a hepatitis vaccine to allegedly assist in the combat in opposition to hepatitis as a result of the hepatitis vaccine itself is infused with toxins or poisons. Due to this fact, vaccination or inoculation in opposition to hepatitis defeats the overall goal.

Additionally it is necessary that I point out {that a} poisonous liver might play a job in despair (bipolar dysfunction) if not altogether the reason for despair. Have you ever ever heard of the time period “melancholy”? Melancholy is 2 phrases: “melan” and “choly”. Melan = “black” and “choly” = bile. Melancholy means black bile. Bile is initially inexperienced and really alkaline and is produced by the liver and saved within the gallbladder and launched within the digestive tract to neutralize acids. Nonetheless, black bile is acidic and is saved within the physique’s fourth mind which is positioned on the third chakra (generally known as the fourth chakra) known as the photo voltaic plexus positioned on the stomach degree above the navel (navel). The Fourth Mind (Photo voltaic Plexus) is your “delicate” mind, which explains that “intestine” or “butterflies within the abdomen” sensation that you just get now and again. If the fourth mind is broken, the opposite three brains are additionally broken within the head the place the seat of the nervous system is positioned. The human physique is actually interconnected and holistic.

An necessary observe on bile – darkish inexperienced coloured stool / feces leaking to the underside of the bathroom shouldn’t be a very good or wholesome signal. Folks with despair are very acidic (poisonous) individuals.

Liver transplants? Why you must have been loopy to even think about such a course of and such an operation. How will eradicating an individual’s poisonous liver and giving it to a different individual assist an individual? Fully insanity! Take away a poisonous liver and exchange it with one other poisonous liver! Pure medical insanity! Poor former NFL participant and Chicago Bears working again Walter Payton! He did not should die. Payton is claimed to have died of a single liver illness. Nonetheless, in all actuality Payton died of ignorance of the reality (there’s a remedy for each illness recognized to man).

Liver transplantation is massive enterprise nowadays. They’re completely pointless when you’re conscious of the voluminous quantities of pure liver herbs (belonging to the liver) in nature.

Liver transplantation is massive enterprise nowadays. They’re fully pointless when you’re conscious of the massive quantities of pure liver herbs (belonging to the liver) in nature.

Remedy hepatitis naturally

Wonderful liver or liver herbs embrace: milk thistle seeds, dandelion root, boldo leaves, artichoke, turmeric, Oregon grape, barberry, goldenseal root , bupleurem, gentian, fenugreek seed, chanca piedra, fringetree bark, Wahoo bark, liverwort, blue flag, white peony, celadine, agrimony and quassia chips to keep away from title just a few. By far the three (3) greatest herbs for the liver are milk thistle seeds, dandelion root, and boldo leaves. Milk thistle seeds are the equal of eradicating the liver from the physique and washing it in a washer.

Many individuals at the moment devour artificial vitamin C, which completely does NOT present vitamin C or different vitamins. The truth is, many of the commercially and conventionally offered vitamin C is nothing however lab-made ascorbic acid, and consuming this explicit vitamin C will dramatically poisonous and tax your liver. True vitamin C is present in nature (rosehip seeds, hibiscus flower, acerola cherry, camu fruit, Alma fruit, Capsicum fruit, and so forth.).

Query: In case your vitamin C is derived from ascorbic acid, the place does ascorbic acid come from? God doesn’t produce pure monostructured ascorbic acid. However man does and that is the place your downside lies.

Espresso enema

Espresso enema works wonders for the liver. It may be finished as soon as a month. Espresso (natural, after all) causes the liver to eliminate toxins like a waste field. This course of is without doubt one of the greatest therapeutic strategies for a poisonous liver. Fearful about caffeine? Nicely, when espresso is delivered by way of the rectum, the caffeine shouldn’t be absorbed by the physique. Caffeine is simply absorbed when espresso is drunk by mouth. Singer Janet Jackson performs enemas on the cafe. Janet is aware of one thing very useful about espresso enemas. Additionally, espresso enemas are nice for overcoming hangovers and migraines.

Castor oil pack

The castor oil pack course of is considered one of my favourite liver cleaning strategies. You apply castor oil to your liver (on the skin, after all) then put a bit of plastic on it (which will get very sticky), then you definitely place a scorching compress on it and let sit for about two (2) hours. This course of is carried out mendacity down and beneath a towel or newspaper, because the oil will slide down the aspect of the physique. The castor oil pack course of can be finished month-to-month or each 3-4 months.

Activated carbon (carbon)

Activated charcoal or activated charcoal is the most effective substance on planet Earth that we at present have that cleanses the physique generally and the liver specifically of poisons. Carbon is a really highly effective factor! It is rather alkaline and neutralizes toxins, heavy metals and dangerous gases 2000 instances its weight. That is why we embrace carbon in our full physique detox equipment. The Package could be incomplete with out it.

Olive and castor oil

Olive oil lubricates and purifies the liver and helps dissolve hardened stones (stones) resembling kidneys, bladder, and gallstones. A tablespoon of olive oil could be consumed each day or as wanted. Castor oil performs the identical perform as olive oil however can be anthelmintic (anti-parasitic) in nature as castor oil suffocates worms and parasites within the colon and liver.


Fasting can be a sensible choice and a very good technique to cleanse the liver. Fasting purifies the bloodstream which in flip purifies all organs within the physique, particularly the elimination organs (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and pores and skin).

In closing, the liver is an organ naturally saturated with toxins as a result of voluminous quantities of poison / toxins that we devour every day. The liver at all times incorporates grime. Moms, do you now perceive why youngsters dislike or dislike consuming liver for dinner? As slightly boy, I hated consuming liver and actually by no means ate it. If you eat the liver of an animal, you’re consuming essentially the most poisonous a part of the animal.

And watch out for all these liver merchandise available on the market in well being meals shops. My little brother was taking liver cleaning drugs within the mid-Nineties which had been derived from cattle (cow, beef). He had no concept till I learn the bottle. The primary ingredient on this explicit liver product was “bovine liver”. Now, how can consuming cow liver cleanse your human liver? Pure insanity and asininity! And my little brother paid over $ 60 for this shit.

There are a lot of issues and pure processes that may assist an individual get a 100% remedy from hepatitis, principally herbs. My good pal Bro. Sheikh Mamoud Bey instructed me just a few months in the past how considered one of his good associates who had hepatitis to whom he gave a full physique detox and who accomplished the method and the three week food regimen and is returned to the physician for an examination and was knowledgeable by the physician. that his hepatitis was gone. I’ve helped many individuals with hepatitis with the Full Physique Detox Components or our Liver-Gallbladder-Spleen Components and Vitamin C Mixture Components. So I am saying publicly and to the American public that hepatitis (A, B and C) is straightforward to remedy with herbs and a food regimen modification.

Are you aware why actor / comic George Burns might smoke cigars and drink alcohol whereas residing to be 100? Reply: as a result of along with laughing (which is a good treatment), he was cleansing his liver and colon nearly each weekend with liver cleaning herbs and performing excessive colonics (now known as “colonics” ) and enemas. The person was sensible (on this regard) and knew one thing that the typical individual did not know. Nonetheless, what George Burns knew and utilized, I’ve simply disclosed on this transient article.

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