Healthy Weight Loss Through Diet and Fitness


Belly fat, thunder thighs, man boobs, jiggle arm fat and love handles are terms we (those of us who have cried for HELP FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS, please) are all too familiar with. For those of you who have a personal relationship with any/ or all of the above the Turbulence Training Program may just be the solution for you to be able to say “Hit the road Jack and do not come back”.

The Turbulence Training Program is geared toward men and women who don’t have 90 minutes a day for an exercise workout. With just 45 minutes a day 3 times a week you can quickly lose weight (fat) and gain muscle at the same time. All you will need is access to a bench, dumbbells and an exercise ball. If you are so inclined you can also use a chin up bar – but it is not necessary.

OK! Now! What is Turbulence Training?

It is a combination of resistance and interval training that will boost your metabolism so your body burns calories to help you lose fat between workouts. So if you are working, sleeping or eating you will be getting help to healthy weight loss and getting rid of that unwanted fat .

All of the Program’s components can be done just as easily either at home or at a gym. They can be done at any time of the day – in the morning before work or in the evening before bed and only 3 times a week.

There is so much included:

· The Theory of Turbulence Training: Why a Successful Fat Loss Program Depends on Variety (page 3)

· Quick Start FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Turbulence Training To Start getting fat burning results fast to help to lose weight

· TT Weight Loss Lifestyle Review

· The TT Workout Guidelines

· Introductory Level TT Workout

· Beginner Level TT Workout

· Intermediate TT Workout

· The Original Turbulence Training

· TT 2K3

· TT 2K4

· TT 2K5

· Bonus TT 2K6 Workout

· Bonus TT “Total Body Ten” Body weight Workout

· Exercise Photos & Descriptions

There is a deluxe edition: All of the above + the following bonuses:

· The Turbulence Training 6-Month Body weight Manual

· The TT Body weight 500 Workout Challenge

· The TT for Athletes 8-Week Training Program

· The TT Ultimate Advanced Body weight Workout

· The TT Body weight 1000 Fat Burning Challenge

Source by Elizabeth Elison