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Well being dangers of extended sitting

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It’s a well-established incontrovertible fact that sitting for lengthy durations of time will be dangerous to your private well being. World research present that on common we sit 7.7 hours a day. Whereas some research have proven that a lot of folks sit as much as 15 hours a day. The issue solely will get worse with age. Adults aged 60 and over spend between 8.5 and 9.6 hours per day in sedentary time.

Researchers have discovered that despite the fact that we train frequently, extended sedentary time may negatively influence the well being of our coronary heart and blood vessels. Moreover, a sedentary life-style might also be related to an elevated threat of diabetes, altered insulin sensitivity, and a better threat of dying from any trigger.


The precise mechanisms behind the opposed results aren’t but clear. Some specialists consider {that a} higher sitting place results in a discount in insulin sensitivity, whereas others consider that internet calorie expenditure decreases because the sitting place will increase.


The precise pointers suggest that for each 30 consecutive minutes of sitting, rise up and transfer / stroll for 3 to 5 minutes to cut back the well being dangers related to sitting.

Well being dangers of extended sitting –

Its well being dangers have been listed under:

Reduces power expenditure – It will possibly trigger low power expenditure, leading to obese and weight problems.

Decreases insulin sensitivity – It will possibly trigger a lower in insulin sensitivity, resulting in full-blown sort 2 diabetes.

Causes metabolic syndrome – It contributes to metabolic syndrome.

Will increase heart problems – It enormously will increase the chance of heart problems. Researchers discovered that males who reported> 10 hrs x wk (-1) driving a automobile or> 23 hrs x wk (-1) mixed sedentary habits had an 82% and 64% greater threat of dying from heart problems. than those that reported <4 or <11 hx wk (-1), respectively.

Promotes most cancers – Just a few research have documented greater charges of most cancers and cancer-related deaths in very sedentary folks. A sedentary life-style has been persistently related to an elevated threat of colon most cancers, however the proof for its affiliation with breast and different gynecologic cancers is proscribed.

Causes despair – This will trigger loneliness and despair, as being caught on the desk or chair means not getting outdoors sufficient. Subsequently, it reduces the social circle of individuals. Coupled with this, lack of daylight may cause vitamin D deficiency, resulting in despair. This underlies the Web paradox that an advance in social expertise results in well being issues.

Unhealthy for the again, neck, legs and arms – Extended sitting is ergonomically dangerous for the again as a result of it excessively will increase again strain, which may result in persistent again ache. Additionally, it could actually result in elevated stress on the again, neck, arms, and legs.


Will increase all-cause mortality – Extended sitting will increase all-cause mortality no matter common bodily exercise. One examine discovered that extended sitting time was liable for 6.9% of deaths.

Tricks to scale back sedentary time –

· Take a break of about three to 5 minutes each half hour through the day to face, which burns twice as many energy as sitting, or to maneuver.

· Watch TV whereas standing or exercising.

· Attempt to stand and transfer each time you might be speaking on the cellphone.

· Standing desks may also assist those that are caught in a cubicle or desk all day. Such desks supply the consumer the opportunity of simply switching from a sitting place to a standing place, thus with the ability to transfer freely all through the working day.

The knot –

The scientific group has coined a phrase – sitting illness, which is often used to confer with metabolic syndrome and the opposed results of a very sedentary life-style.

There’s a widespread false impression amongst people who in the event that they have interaction within the really useful 150 minutes of reasonable to vigorous exercise per week, they will make up for extended sitting. Conversely, they at all times undergo the adverse influence of sitting too lengthy, which has been discovered conclusively.

However the excellent news is that if we select to rise up, sit much less, and transfer extra, there are a variety of achievable well being advantages that we are able to expertise.



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