Heal your physique, ideas, spirit and crucial energy with Chun Do Photo voltaic Bup Ki Therapeutic


I merely achieved an intensive 4 day teaching in a robust therapeutic modality often called Qigong. One factor was so acquainted. Plenty of years earlier, whereas studying therapeutic therapeutic massage treatment on the Swedish Institute in New York, I had acquired plenty of Qigong teaching courses. Recalling that earlier introduction to Qigong, all I’ll keep in mind was how I found these sluggish and meticulous actions, fully boring and boring. Nevertheless I knew I had studied one factor comparable sooner than this current teaching.

It is fantastic how selective our memory could also be. A couple of years previously, inside the early 90s, I had suffered a extreme once more hurt. The reality is, I was actually lying on the bottom, unable to maneuver on account of indescribably painful contractions, for over 4 hours Very, very, very slowly, I was lastly able to maneuver my physique so that my once more was going by means of to a close-by pendant radiator used on the one hand to stimulate the reflexology components of the alternative hand which corresponded to the spine. As soon as I used to be lastly able to sit down up and get up, I walked straight to an space emergency room. Though I had studied therapeutic modalities and religious consciousness, I’ve on no account been so fully joyful to acquire pill-form medication to loosen up my muscle tissues and ease ache.

After plenty of weeks of painful physiotherapy exercises, the acute ache in my once more had eased. At this degree, I began to acquire private Pilates courses on the machines which helped me restore my core energy and switch further merely using solely the muscle tissues most wished for specific actions. As I acquired stronger I added Pilates floor practice classes and Bikram yoga classes (heated).

Remembering my once more hurt and the therapeutic course of that adopted, I’ve on a regular basis attributed my therapeutic to these nice Pilates courses and to my info and use of Pilates and yoga exercises. I had totally forgotten just a few unusual teaching program that I had been on for almost a yr – a robust therapeutic modality that revitalized my physique and immune system previous merely curing my once more draw back.

All through the weeks and months of slowly recovering from my once more hurt, as soon as I lived in Stratford, Connecticut, I nonetheless felt rigidity, ache and stiffness in my once more. Sooner or later, I handed by a therapeutic center often called Chun Do Photo voltaic Bup. Curious to know further about it, I entered a particular world. I was greeted by a nice Australian lady, the supervisor and a few feminine and male instructors carrying white karate outfits. This center had been opened to convey this extremely efficient Korean Qi therapeutic method to America.

Chun Do Photo voltaic Bup, which precisely means “the heavenly choice to get higher physique, ideas and spirit” depends on a 6000 yr outdated martial arts teaching system that has been secretly handed down for lots of generations. . Dr. Haeng-Yong Mo and his partner, Gui-Dai Park, revitalized this historic customized after studying “The Path of the Taoist Immortals” and attaining extraordinary therapeutic abilities. At current, there are over 200 worldwide non-profit Chun Do Photo voltaic Bup Ki energy services operated by Korean and Western Masters, positioned in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, South Korea and in America.

Chun Do Photo voltaic Bup treats the ideas, physique and spirit, using the life energy spherical us, often called Ki in Korea, the deeply religious notion in relation to our ancestors, Ki Energy Teaching and Ki Energy Therapeutic (Chunsoo or “Heavenly Fingers”). The overarching thought is that we’re all born with a therapeutic power that we’re in a position to solely entry when our ideas and physique are in steadiness and aligned with nature’s energetic frequency. Realigning our minds and harmonizing our our our bodies with nature is a protracted and sluggish therapeutic course of. Nature heals slowly and cannot be rushed, nonetheless nature heals greater and additional totally.

The Chun Do Photo voltaic Bup Ki teaching consists of a sequence of 100-hour classes in small groups. The teachings are divided into 12 ranges. Each class accommodates singing and respiration exercises to cleanse the ideas and revitalize energy, ki actions to strengthen the physique, improve circulation and enhance ki energy, and silent meditation to calm the ideas. and improve religious consciousness. Faculty college students research to acquire, enhance, movement into and retain ki energy.

Ki Energy Teaching and Therapeutic is believed to be a pure, long-lasting reply to many frequent effectively being points. Ki or crucial energy, when it circulates freely, eliminates blockages and impurities in our physique and ideas. As quickly because the blockages are cleared our immune system can take over and full any compulsory therapeutic.

One different part of this extremely efficient therapeutic system is the therapeutic ceremonies of the Ki ancestors and the family. Japanese philosophy attributes just a few of our current bodily, emotional and religious points to energy blockages inherited from our ancestors. These extraordinarily ritualized ceremonies of meals, movement, meditation and prayer are designed to heal our ancestral blockages and to revive the effectively being and well-being of our households along with ourselves.


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