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"Goddess remembered" – A movie reflection

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“Goddess Remembered”, a part of the sequence, “Girls in Spirituality” © 1989,

Nationwide Movie Board of Canada

Produced By: Margaret Pettigrew

Directed by: Donna Learn

Distributed by: Wellspring Media, Inc.

Wow, these hairstyles and puffy sleeves! The 80s, I need to love them. Take a look at the distinction 20 years makes in social customs. Now take into consideration what 2,000 years and 20,000 years and extra might imply. This documentary pays homage to religions worshiping goddesses of the traditional previous. With its dinner format, I anticipated Judy Chicago to make an look. It might have been nice to see each girl – Starhawk, Merlin Stone, Jean Bolen and others – sitting within the place of a goddess. In 1979, Chicago had depicted the settings of 39 legendary and historic ladies well-known all through historical past. In 1989, “The Dinner Celebration” had been operational for a decade. This looks like a severe omission to me, though I appreciated the statue of the goddess as a focus on the desk.


The theme of the dinner of “Goddess remembered” appeared acceptable as these are ladies who’ve traditionally grown up, gathered, ready and shared meals, particularly in a social setting. (I do not see why it could not have been each women and men who domesticated animals.) The viewer might see that these ladies particularly are all very clever “heavyweights” within the stratosphere. of the goddess. They usually have not been hanging round for 20 years.


Jean Shinoda Bolen is the girl who stated that when she gave beginning she felt horizontally certain in time to all the ladies who’ve ever been, and that “nothing ready me for this. It harm! ” Bolen is a Jungian creator, analyst and activist. She has written many books that feminists could be accustomed to, together with Crossing to Avalon: A Lady’s Quest for the Sacred Female, Goddesses in Everywoman: Highly effective Archetypes for Girls, and The Millionth Circle: Easy methods to Change Ourselves and the World. Her Millionth Circle, she explains, is a device she makes use of as an “advocate of ladies’s circles with a sacred heart as a method of reaching a important mass tipping level to carry the knowledge of ladies into the world.” .

Starhawk can be the creator of quite a few books that commemorate the Goddess motion, together with her newest, The Earth Path, which talks in regards to the root of our environmental destructiveness and teaches readers the right way to reconnect with Earth. She describes herself as “an activist and coach for peace, surroundings and world justice, a creator and trainer of permaculture, a pagan and a witch”. Curiously sufficient, she and Donna Learn, the director of “Goddess Remembered”, co-produced a documentary on the lifetime of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas known as “Indicators Out of Time”.

Merlin Stone, sculptor and professor of artwork historical past, turned enthusiastic about archeology whereas learning historic artwork. In 1976, she wrote a e book known as When God Was a Lady that delves into the matriarchal and matrilineal social buildings which have been suppressed by Judaism and Christianity. Her different e book, Historical Mirrors of Womanhood, (1990) is a set of tales, myths and prayers in regards to the goddess.

Oh be a fly on the wall at a gathering of such highly effective ladies. I’d have appreciated to see the identify and title of every girl, each time she appeared on the display screen; it might’ve been a great way for viewers to get to know who these ladies are, however the credit did not come till the top of the film, which I discovered bizarre.

The ladies and Olympia Dukakis, the movie’s narrator, mentioned many numerous and fascinating factors. They stated the serpent was an emblem of therapeutic and prophecy. They talked about Malta, the Greek island which is the oldest recognized repository of the tradition of the goddess. The Maltese are actually predominantly Catholic.

The ladies all appeared to share Luisa Teish’s viewpoint who stated she rejected the notion of a “tall bearded white man within the sky”. She laughed: “I frolicked with Mary!” Later, she additionally stated one thing significant to all ladies: “I’m an ancestor of tomorrow”.

Crete was talked about as a spot the place individuals had studied astronomy, mapped the celebrities and saved data. The ladies there may very well be sea captains and tank drivers, in the event that they wished. Creative creation was extremely esteemed and on this peaceable society no proof of male / feminine inequality had been discovered. No private mark has ever been discovered on a murals. Minoan Crete is the place the worship of the goddess was intact for the longest time frame.

The golden age of Greece marked the start of male energy and the top of ladies. Warrior cults have come to the fore then and thereafter, sacking the Earth and exploiting its treasures. Greece as soon as had magnificent stands of timber and vegetation. These have been minimize down to provide warships, and when the timber fall; the sand takes over. The place as soon as generally known as Eden is now a dry, desolate land.

The declare that outdated Europe was woman-centered, cooperative and non-violent appears to be a bone of rivalry (self-proclaimed feminist Cynthia Eller, amongst many others, argues towards it).

Here’s a current assessment of “Goddess Remembered” that I discovered on the Web Film Database (

Unfounded allegations abound …, Could 10, 2007

Creator: thorn101 from USA – (Charles Sheaffer)

This movie is crammed with blatant nonsense and pseudo-scientific nonsense. Numerous claims are made within the movie that don’t have any scientific or archaeological foundation, and are simply assumptions or the results of flawed logic (and wishful considering).

Claims equivalent to (allegedly) outdated goddess worshiping Europe was an egalitarian, woman-centered society. It was cooperative, non-hierarchical and non-violent. This isn’t true, many fortified prehistoric settlements have been present in Europe indicating the presence of struggle.


David Anthony, assistant professor of anthropology at Hartwick Faculty in Oneonta, NY, stated there’s additionally proof for weapons, a few of that are used as symbols of standing, and of human sacrifice, hierarchy and social inequality. There may be additionally no proof that ladies performed a central function, both within the social construction or within the faith of outdated Europe.

The Lengyel and Tiszapolgar cemeteries point out that combating, looking, and buying and selling have been male actions, as males have been buried with flint instruments, weapons, animal bones, and copper instruments. Pottery was most likely made by ladies and used primarily by them in home actions. That is mirrored within the finds of pottery with feminine stays. As well as, no home or wild animal is related to the graves of ladies.

Claims that satellite tv for pc pictures have proven that the Neolithic Goddess monoliths “all stand on vitality strains, which crisscross the earth” are pure pseudo-science. There are not any “vitality strains” crossing the earth. As well as, students now dispute the identification of Neolithic megaliths with any alleged “goddess” worship.

The movie accommodates many different unsubstantiated allegations.

All in all, it is a nice film to look at on a nighttime sleepover for any woman whereas honoring your interior goddess with copious quantities of chocolate. The truth is, this mock documentary has no place in ladies’s research, anthropology, or archeology, and I am dismayed to see it nonetheless taken so severely.

Attention-grabbing, eh? It jogs my memory of an outdated Shakespearean quote: “Man protests an excessive amount of”. I do know neither he nor I have been about 20,000 years in the past, so I believe his argument is moot.

I’d say the primary theme of “Goddess Remembers” is how ladies and nature are one. “As a species, we aren’t separate from nature,” stated Charlene Spretnak, and I believe she is true. It actually comes all the way down to this equation:

Girls = Nature (illustrated by caves, snakes, water, and so forth.)

Man towards nature (which pits man towards girl)

Till Man honors and respects Nature and due to this fact Lady, our downward spiral in the direction of oblivion via struggle and the destruction of the Earth, will carry us all collectively on this swift and vengeful river. And that might certainly be the case on the finish of its historical past and its historical past.



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