Getting A Bigger Penis In 3 Months – Sounds Tempting But Is It Possible?


Let’s be realistic about getting a bigger penis. It’s not going to happen in a few days or a few weeks by taking pills or using contraptions to stretch it out.

There are many options which advertise such, but are simply unobtainable.

Surgery seems to be the only option for somewhat immediate results, but even that consists of several weeks worth of recovery time. That option is way too risky for most guys, and really it is not necessary when you learn about other, more safer, options for getting a bigger penis.

The penis enlargement results which have worked for most guys took a number of months to achieve and the way they got a bigger penis was through exercises called jelqing (and stretching exercises).

While it used to be that it would take several months to achieve these results, in recent years guys have been reporting achieving bigger penis size in only 3 months. As more guys peform jelqing exercises and stretching techniques, more short cuts become clear as to what works and what doesn’t, as well as other ways to speed up size results.

How do they do it? Here are the keys to getting a bigger penis in only 3 months:

Standard Jelqing. As mentioned the jelqing exercise is the primary technique for getting a bigger penis. This involves repeated massaging or “milking” motions performed on the penis with your hands. One hand at a time grips the base and slowly milks forward and releases just before the head. The other hand performs the same and a certain number of sets and reps are performed. The penis must be in a semi-erect (40-60%) erection and lubrication should be used as well.

Reverse Jelqing. This is mainly focused on increasing girth or width size. If you have a specific size goal you after, then you don’t want to waste 3 months trying to get longer if instead your goal is to get thicker. In this case you would want to focus more on reverse jelqing. This is essentially the jelqing exercise in reverse. The hand starts just before the head and slowly moves down to the base. The penis is slightly more erect (60-70%) when performing reverse jelqs.

Stretches. This is done alongside standard jelqing, rather than just doing it alone by itself. And again, this is concerned primarily with length gains (though you could still use it alongside reverse jelqing if you wanted both girth and length). But normally stretching is performed after a standard jelqing session. Basically the penis is gently stretched out with your hand and held there for a moment, then released. You then rest and repeat for a number of sets and reps.

Supplementation. The big advancement in jelqing exercises has been the addition of supplementation. Taking natural body increasing testosterone and/or growth hormone supplements while jelqing and stretching has been reported to speed up results and increase the jelqing results as well.

(Note: this is a different approach than simply taking “penis pills” by themselves. Some programs may recommend certain “penis pills” which increase blood flow, but they only recommend them in conjunction with performing jelqing exercises and penis stretching techniques.)

Penis Enalrgement Exercise Programs. Following a proven penis enlargement exercise program which involves the jelqing exercise (standard and reverse), stretching technique, and supplementation options, is the fastest way to get results within 3 months. It can literally take you 3 months of trial and error otherwise. Guys will fall victim to making up their own routine, or follow some badly put together routine they fournd online, only to not achieve the results they could have if they would’ve gotten on a good program from the get go.

Positive Mindset. This is a big one. Even though getting a bigger penis may only take 3 months, there are still guys who won’t be consistent and will run out of patience after only a couple of weeks. A negative mindset will set in and they will become impatient. They key to size seems to be positive while focusing on consistency and patience.

Healthy Eating Practice. Eating right will maximize your energy levels which will ensure you complete the necessary exercising required for growth. A healthy diet will also regulate your mood ensuring the positive mindset necessary for growth.

All these factors combined can make getting a bigger penis in only 3 months a reality.

Source by Chess McDoogle