There are a large number of confirmed energy coaching methods that you might want to stick with if you wish to acquire muscle mass. The compound actions used for powerlifting such because the bench press, squats and deadlifts are important for gaining muscle mass. However generally you hit a plateau and must make a couple of modifications to push your muscle tissues to new development. One approach that I’ve tried that actually works for me is the FST-7 coaching. FST is an acronym for Fascia Stretch Coaching. The seven is the variety of units you carry out utilizing this system. This system was created by Hany Rambod, coach of {many professional} bodybuilders. There’s rather more to the weightlifting issue of the FST-7 exercise, as Hany covers a number of components each inside and out of doors the health club. For this text, I am simply going to cowl the precise exercise half and the way I carried out this into my routine and what labored finest in my very own expertise.

To start with, you might want to perceive that FST-7 coaching isn’t just about getting a pump, though that is likely one of the results you’ll expertise. Additionally, it should not be seen as simply excessive repetition coaching. These are misconceptions about FST-7 coaching. The primary a part of FST-7 coaching is coaching with heavy weights utilizing straight units. This principally works all of the muscle fibers. The intention is to drive the muscle to develop and form it by stretching the muscle fascia. I cannot go into the small print of FST-7 coaching in its entirety. However I will give an instance of the leg exercise I did this morning.

FST-7 model exercise with legs:

Squats (heavy weights, parallel): 5 units of 10, 10, 8, 8, 8

Recumbent leg curls: 4 units of 10

Leg extensions: 4 units of 10

Standing leg curls: 4 units of 10

FST-7 Leg Press Exercise: 7 units of 12-15 with 30 seconds relaxation between units

As you possibly can see, the above leg routine feels considerably regular (possibly with the exception that once I do legs I wish to alternate quad and hamstring workout routines; additionally, I might usually do one other squeeze train corresponding to hack squats, however I did not do it as a result of I knew I had the 7 units of leg presses on the finish). It might not appear to be as a lot bulk as most legs, however when you’re executed, you’ll undoubtedly really feel it (and days after). Ensure that to stretch afterwards. You possibly can implement FST-7 with any a part of the physique. In my view, it is good to do that for 2-4 weeks after which transfer on for a couple of weeks.


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